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Recent articles by Shawn:

The mathematical impossibility of Coinbase justifying a $100 billion valuation

"When you do the numbers, there's no way to make an argument for owning this stock with a straight face.” → Read More

A new SPAC offers a way to bet on the company that powers many of the apps in your phone

Israeli app developer IronSource handles 87 of the top 100 games downloaded in February. → Read More

Is now a good time to buy stocks? Not according to this famed metric

History shows that when Robert Shiller's CAPE hits these levels, a pullback is inevitable. → Read More

Coinbase direct listing: 6 things to know about the company's business before deciding to invest in IPO

A blowout quarter will rally crypto-obsessed investors ahead of the company's direct listing next week. → Read More

These are the largest cyber thefts of the past decade—and 80% of them involve Bitcoin

Mt. Gox stood as the biggest crypto scam ever until January of 2018, when North Korean hackers snatched $534 million from another leading Japanese exchange, Coincheck. → Read More

With the S&P 500 above 4,000 the 'Buffett Indicator' is wildly out of whack

In the past, when the S&P's market cap leaps far above Buffett's benchmark, it has always retreated back to the normal range. → Read More

5 reasons to be wary of the S&P 500 near 4,000

The bulls' great hope is that earnings leapfrog the 2019 summits. That's the only way today's prices would look remotely reasonable. → Read More

Bitcoin is ‘the new gold’ says La La Anthony—and it could go to $150,000

"I've invested 2% to 3% of my net work in crypto," says the entertainer and entrepreneur. → Read More

Everything we know so far about Robinhood’s path to an unusual IPO

Robinhood is planning a novel IPO—but it's still not likely to put Main Street investors on the same footing as Wall Street's favored funds. → Read More

U.K. stocks are the ‘trade of the 2020s’ says markets sage Rob Arnott

U.K. stocks are a bargain at current prices and may be the right place for your investments if the economy recovers as expected. → Read More

Tesla stock (TSLA) at $3,000? How it could make or miss Cathie Wood's new price target

Could Tesla stock (TSLA) hit $3,000? ARK's predictions are based on a Monte Carlo model—using 34 inputs to generate 40,000 possible outcomes. → Read More

Will $1,400 checks stimulate the economy? No, and here’s why not, say three prominent economists

Three prominent economist contend that stimulus checks are all about shifting money from savings to consumption, but that what's subtracted from the former erases any boost from the latter. → Read More

The real ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ has some thoughts about the stock market—and Bitcoin

What born-again Wall Street rogue Jordan Belfort, whose life inspired the Leonardo DiCaprio movie, thinks about Reddit stocks, payment for order flow, and who is really looking out for the little guy. → Read More

3 ways you'll feel the pain of the shocking rise in interest rates

The view housing will keep surging, stocks will boom, and that America can afford trillions in stimulus is all based on the assumption that rates stay low. → Read More

As the Dow closes above 33,000 for the first time, skeptics see red flags

We've never seen the stock market's total valuation reach this ratio in comparison to projected GDP before. → Read More

Elon Musk net worth: Tesla CEO's compensation plan on track for biggest stock option award in history

The daring architecture of Musk's comp plan means he doesn't automatically collect a heap of options by just meeting the market cap goals. For a grant to vest, he also must achieve one revenue or EBITDA target. → Read More

Famed economist Jeffrey Sachs rails against Bitcoin: Highly polluting and ‘almost like counterfeiting’

For Sachs, Bitcoin is an environmental and financial blight born of sophisticated science. → Read More

A stock market metric that bulls love is turning bearish

Rising bond yields are making pricey stocks look like a much less attractive bet. → Read More

This may be the future of farming, say Bill Gates and the founder of Impossible Burger

Some big names believe that genetically modified seeds and chemical herbicides, in the right doses––and not land-intensive organic farming––are crucial to curbing carbon emissions. → Read More

Who will pay for the stimulus? If you’re 25, the new plan will strap you with $1,750 in annual interest by age 35

Chances are good that you'll be paying for the Biden agenda either in far higher taxes, or spiraling inflation. → Read More