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Recent articles by Shawn:

Tesla is the proxy for a stock market gone mad

No enterprise in the history of equity markets has ever staged such gigantic jumps in market cap in such a brief period as the electric carmaker. → Read More

B of A’s earnings show 4 reasons to be optimistic about the economy

B of A's fourth quarter results suggest that the consumer's demise is greatly exaggerated. → Read More

Biden’s economic plan rests on a daring wager that rates stay low. But watch out if they don’t

Don't get spooked when our debt-to-GDP soars over 100%, say proponents of Biden's plan. Forget about it. The new metric that counts is interest as a share of GDP. → Read More

The good news and ominous warnings in JPMorgan’s earnings call

One of the best ways to get an overview of how consumers, Wall Street, and the broad economy are faring in the COVID economy is listening to Jamie Dimon's quarterly earnings calls. → Read More

The U.S. now has a debt level that rivals Italy’s

The spending explosion designed to combat the ravages of the pandemic is on track to raise our federal burden alarmingly close to Italy-like proportions. → Read More

Wall Street wins again: Affirm IPO leaves $1.23 billion (at least) on the table

The shift in share pricing leading up to Affirm's IPO illustrates the principal problem with traditional IPOs. → Read More

How a data scientist beat the polls by nailing the Georgia senate race

Looking for the signal among the noise. → Read More

Investors Carl Icahn and Jeremy Grantham see a stock market bubble

Two very different investors come to the same conclusion. → Read More

Betting odds heavily favored Georgia's GOP candidates, then suddenly collapsed. What went wrong?

Gamblers were hot on Georgia Republicans Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, until they weren't. → Read More

Georgia Senate races: Democrats predicted to take both seats, according to data scientist

A mix of polling and betting data predicts wins for Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff over Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue in Georgia's Senate runoffs. → Read More

Georgia runoffs: A data scientist, using a blend of poll and betting numbers, sees odds favoring the Dems

Thomas Miller used lessons from the presidential election to tweak his methodology for the Georgia Senate runoffs, and his findings favor the Democrats. → Read More

COVID treatment: How FujiFilm pivoted fast with Sonosite ultrasound machines, a key coronavirus health care tool

The pandemic has helped make the scanners-on-wheels the fastest-growing segment in the medical imaging industry. → Read More

The 21 best stocks to buy for 2021

These companies and industries should rebound as the economy recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, giving investors a reason to rejoice. → Read More

What the Democrats can learn from Biden’s narrow win in Pennsylvania

Only 2 of the Keystone State's 67 counties changed colors. But Biden still managed to pull off a win. → Read More

Meet the new highest-ranking female CEO in the Fortune 500

Karen Lynch, the newly named CEO of CVS, harbors a rare combination of data-crunching analytical skills and marketing moxie for winning customers. → Read More

Investing advice: With a Biden presidency, is gridlock really 'nirvana' for stocks? Investors should be wary of these perils

With the S&P at 3518, it now boasts a P/E that has been matched only twice: just before the crash of 1929, and during the tech bubble of 2000. → Read More

Trump fancies himself an incredible closer—but is it enough to make him a winner?

It looks like Trump's closing offensive dramatically lifted his odds in no fewer than six major swing states. → Read More

Trump v Biden betting odds: Trump's chances of winning 2020 election have jumped according to one data scientist's model

From Saturday to Monday afternoon, Donald Trump's odds jumped from one-in-six to nearly one-in-four says Northwestern professor Thomas Miller. → Read More

To win, Trump needs 11 million more votes than he got in 2016

In 2016, Trump benefitted from the historically large group of voters who didn't like either candidate. That's not happening this time around. → Read More

Who will win the 2020 election? Trump needs to win Arizona, Pennsylvania to get 270 electoral college votes and beat Joe Biden

Which states does Trump need to win to hit 270 electoral college votes? His path to victory runs through the must-win states of Arizona and Pennsylvania. → Read More