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Past articles by Zach:

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“Even now, I don’t know whether it was right or wrong.” → Read More

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Streamin’ King: ‘Doctor Sleep’ Is A Spectacular ‘Shining’ Successor, As Well As A Surprising Sequel

Doctor Sleep was based on the 2013 book by Stephen King, the first sequel that the prolific author ever penned. → Read More

Streamin’ King: Drew Barrymore Is The ‘Firestarter,’ Twisted Firestarter

The father-daughter relationship between David Keith and Drew Barrymore still resonate, as do the themes of lost and unfulfilled family. → Read More

Streamin’ King: ‘IT’ The Miniseries Was Seen By Over 20 Million People When It Premiered On ABC Back In 1990

It's a piece of horror (and TV) history that's more endearing than scary. → Read More

Streamin’ King: ‘Creepshow 2’ Is A Mixed Bag, But Features One Knockout Segment

Only one published Stephen King story made it into this film (“The Raft”), but the other two segments came from story ideas he developed. → Read More

Streamin’ King: ‘Stand By Me’ Nails Many Aspects Of Adolescent Friendship

"The Women's Auxiliary barfed all over the Benevolent Order of Antelopes." → Read More

Streamin’ King: ‘Graveyard Shift’ Is An Old School Gross Out Frightfest

The New York Times wrote that the film's actors “deserve special credit for working alongside a large and lively army of rodent extras.” → Read More

Streamin’ King: ‘Silver Bullet’ Is An Unfortunate Misfire

Stephen King + Gary Busey + Corey Haim + Werewolves. What could possibly go wrong? → Read More

Streamin’ King: ‘The Dead Zone’ Is A Showcase For Vintage Christopher Walken

Did Stephen King predict the rise of Trump in The Dead Zone? Many would argue yes. → Read More

Streamin’ King: The Bloody Barnyard Centerpiece Of ‘Cujo’ Retains Its Power To Terrify

You could easily gnaw half your fingernails off without even realizing it during the film's harrowing last 45 minutes. → Read More

Streamin’ King: ‘Christine’ Finally Revs Onto Netflix On Its 35th Anniversary

Arnie, a sexually frustrated high school reject, falls hard for his self-repairing car: an autonomous, vindictive murder machine. → Read More

‘Castle Rock’ Episode 9 Recap: “Henry Deaver”

"God turned his back on this place," opens Matthew Deaver's narration in Castle Rock Episode 9 ("Henry Deaver"), studiously recreating Lacy's suicide letter verbatim at points. → Read More

‘Castle Rock’ Episode 8 Recap: “Past Perfect”

The genius execution of “The Queen” forced us to leave Henry hanging in “the filter,” being blasted with schisma. Or into the schisma. Something. Despite Odin Branch’s… → Read More

‘Castle Rock’ Episode 7 Recap: “The Queen”

CASTLE ROCK has been laying all this mythological groundwork so in its most dazzling hour we can step completely into Ruth's bathwater-filled shoes. → Read More

‘Castle Rock’ Opening Credits: A Complete Guide To All The Stephen King Easter Eggs For The Constant Readers

Although Hulu's King/J.J. Abrams–executive produced show isn't a full-on adaptation of any individual stories, the title credits are a series of pages snagged from King's actual work, most flying by faster than Christine mowing down a victim. → Read More

‘Castle Rock’ Episode 6 Recap: “Filter”

What. An. Episode. → Read More

‘Castle Rock’ Episode 5 Recap: “Harvest”

It's time for a "Harvest" on Hulu's Castle Rock, and several characters take some dangerous leaps forward. → Read More