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Past articles by Ginni:

Ask a Literary Lady: Help, I've Lost Interest in Reading?

Dear Literary Lady, I used to love to read, but lately, I haven’t been able to get into the books on my reading list. I’m frustrated that I haven’t been able to finish any of them. I find myself easily distracted when I’m reading, and I end up playing with my phone, staring blankly at the TV, or d → Read More

7 of the Best Author-on-Author Burns of All Time — Barnes & Noble Reads

Long before there were Twitter feuds and fire emojis, insults were an art form. These days, you can reflexively rage-type whatever you want, but back then? → Read More

8 Famous Authors Who Were Never Full-Time Writers — Barnes & Noble Reads

Do you ever feel the itch to write, but just can’t seem to find the time? We’ve got some inspiration for you. History is full of wildly successful writers who were just as short on time as you. They clocked in at their day jobs, they commuted, they supported their families and themselves, and they p → Read More

15 Ridiculous Inventions That are a Must for Every Book Nerd — Barnes & Noble Reads

We book nerds have it rough. It’s true, we really do, and no one knows it. Throughout the history of mankind there have been 68 notable inventions in transportation, 129 notable inventions in medicine, 267 landmark inventions in telecommunications, 542 earth-shattering inventions in kitchen applianc → Read More

I’m Sticking to a New Year’s Resolution to Read More—But I’m Not Sure I Like It — Barnes & Noble Reads

Dear Literary Lady, My New Year’s resolution is to read more, but I’m not a big reader and I'm not even sure I enjoy it. I want to learn to love books, → Read More

16 Unexpected Book Quotations To Use In Your Proposal — Barnes & Noble Reads

There’s a lot going on right now. It’s pumpkin spice everything season, it’s decorative gourd season, it’s football season, it’s the holiday season, it’s the holiday shopping season, it’s winter-is-coming season. The list of this season’s attributes go on and on, but let’s not forget the most exciti → Read More

6 Book Nerd Holidays That Need to Exist — Barnes & Noble Reads

Being a book nerd is hard work. You have to either be an excellent multi-tasker or never sleep (or both!) to squeeze in some meaningful reading time amid all of life’s other obligations. Every day you struggle with a life vs. reading dilemma: Do you steal away during your lunch hour to read a few p → Read More

How Do You Convince an Avowed Fiction Reader to Read Nonfiction? — Barnes & Noble Reads

Dear Literary Lady, I'm trying to convince an avowed fiction reader to try nonfiction, to no avail. What do I do to open his eyes? –N.G. Dear N.G., Tell me if this sounds familiar to you, “You should really check out this book about _______.” “Mehhh, but I’m not really into non → Read More

Can Reading Help the New York City Blues? — Barnes & Noble Reads

Dear Literary Lady, I’ve grown weary of New York City over the years, but I’m trapped here because of work, family, and other obligations. What can I read to help me get over my disenchantment with where I live? I want to love the City again and stop being miserable here. –T.C., New York, NY → Read More

Ask a Literary Lady: My Friend Wants to Wait for the Movie — Barnes & Noble Reads

Dear Literary Lady, One of my favorite books is being made into a movie. I’ve been recommending this book to a friend for ages, and now she says she’ll just wait for the movie to come out or read it after. How do I convince her to read the book BEFORE the movie opens? The clock is ticking and I’m → Read More

Ask a Literary Lady: I Keep Rescuing Old Books – Is That Ok? — Barnes & Noble Reads

Dear Literary Lady, Whenever a library is getting rid of its old books for free, I manage to pack my car with 90% of the books they were getting rid of. → Read More

Ask a Literary Lady: Why Do We Mourn Writers? — Barnes & Noble Reads

Dear Readers, A few days ago, one of my favorite writers passed. It is with that in mind that I write with no answers for you this week, just questions. Every avid reader has been struck at one time or another by the death of a writer they admired and perhaps even loved deeply. It’s a lonely s → Read More

Ask a Literary Lady: Best Hiding Places for My Books? — Barnes & Noble Reads

Dear Literary Lady, My wife requested I get rid of some of my books when we moved. I didn’t. Now I have to unpack them without her knowing I brought them all along with me. Where should I hide them? –P.C., Hartford, CT Dear P.C., You’re a man after my own heart, and that of many other b → Read More

Ask a Literary Lady: How Do I Stop Missing My Stop? — Barnes & Noble Reads

Dear Literary Lady, Whenever I read on the train or the bus, I get so absorbed I miss my stop, I’m late to wherever I’m going, and then I have a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Help! - B.F., Washington D.C. Dear B.F., Oh the Curse of the Commuter Bookworm! Every → Read More

20 Things That Would Happen if a Book Nerd Were President — Barnes & Noble Reads

All this talk of the 2016 presidential election and political party candidates has us wondering—what it would be like if a book nerd were POTUS? Sure, there have been great lovers of the written word in the White House before, but what if a true book nerd had the power to make any literary legislati → Read More

What Life Would Be Like if You Lived in a Bookstore: a Poem — Barnes & Noble Reads

Have you ever walked into a bookstore and thought, "I never want to leave?" Almost every bookworm has daydreamed about staying in a bookstore forever, spending their days nose-deep in novels, drinking in their fill of words, and basking in an endless array of literary wonders. But have → Read More

10 Creative Ways to Find Your Next Read at the Bookstore — Barnes & Noble Reads

If you’re an avid reader, you probably have your book-buying routine nailed down. You know exactly how many laps of the store you need to take, what display tables to browse (all of them), and how many sentences you need to read on the first page to decide if this book is The One. Some of you might → Read More

Ask a Literary Lady: How Do I Stop Snacking While Reading? — Barnes & Noble Reads

Dear Literary Lady, I grew up reading a lot and eating snacks while I read. Now that I'm an adult, whenever I get really into reading a book, I crave snacks to eat along with it, but I no longer have the metabolism of a 10-year-old. How do I kick the reading and snacking habit? –M.S., N → Read More

The 8 Sneakiest Place to Bring Books — Barnes & Noble Reads

Book nerds, we have a problem. There are places in this cold, cruel world where we aren’t supposed to bring books. Places where we’d be disapproved of, scoffed at, and thrown some serious side-eye if we were caught with our noses in our books But what do they expect us to do? Carry on withou → Read More

Hardcovers vs. Paperbacks? — Barnes & Noble Reads

Dear Literary Lady, Hardcovers vs. paperbacks? –V.S., Charlotte, NC   Dear V.S., Oh that’s a tough one! I’ll answer that question like any good lawyer—it depends. I prefer hardcovers: When I've been desperately awaiting the release of the book for months and I can → Read More