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Washington, DC, United States

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Past articles by Dan:

New York is America's Least Free State, Which is the Most Libertarian?

I wrote a couple of days ago about America’s best and worst cities for pro-market policy, and I noted that there are several rankings of economic liberty for states and nations. → Read More

Philadelphia's Soda Tax Was a Win for Politicians, A Loss for Everyone Else

I’ve periodically opined about why politicians should not try to control people’s behavior with discriminatory taxes, such as the ones being imposed on soda. And I’ve cited some examples of how these taxes backfire. → Read More

Piketty Urges Higher Taxes in Response to French Tax Revolt

Less than 10 years ago, many European nations suffered fiscal crises because of a combination of excessive spending, punitive taxes, and → Read More

We Need Tax Havens to Protect against Greedy and Corrupt Governments

The people need tax havens to protect against greedy government officials, which has both financial and moral significance. → Read More

Mainstream Economists Whitewashed the Evils of Communism

To “commemorate” the 100th anniversary of the Bolshevik revolution in Russian, I’ve been sharing a series of columns on the evil of communism. → Read More

Republican Plan to Overhaul the Wretched US Tax Code Is A Good Start

House Republicans have unveiled their much-anticipated tax plan, but what do Senate Republicans need to do to improve it? → Read More

What the U.S. Can Learn from Canada's Economic Freedom

Canada is now one of the world’s most economically free nations thanks to relatively sensible policies involving spending restraint and corporate tax reform → Read More

When It Comes to Paying Taxes, the Left Won't Put Its Money Where Its Mouth Is

Whenever someone in favor of paying taxes is asked to cough up more money on a voluntary basis, they almost always back out. → Read More

This Is What Happens When You Ask Pro-Taxers to Pay More

I think people who deliberately over-pay to government are very misguided, but it’s better to be naive than to be hypocritical. → Read More

In Just Six Minutes, Everything You Need to Know about Spending Caps

Spending caps are the most prudent and effective way of achieving good fiscal results. → Read More

Don't Believe the Left: There Are No Cuts to Medicaid in the New Healthcare Bill

Senate Republicans have produced their Obamacare repeal legislation, though it’s really more a bill about Medicaid reform than Obamacare repeal. → Read More

Why the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Does More Harm than Good

Why the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development does more harm than good: taxes and high spending proposals. → Read More

What Other US States Can Learn from Illinois' Imminent Fiscal Meltdown

What other US states can learn from Illinois' imminent fiscal meltdown caused by poor tax codes and overspending. → Read More

Why a "Tax War" in the US Could Help the Global Economy

The mere prospect that the United States may try to improve its tax rate policies is already reverberating around the world. → Read More

How Big Government Begets Cronyism No Matter Who's In Charge

Just as crime is bad for society but good for criminals, it’s also true that cronyism is bad for the economy and good for cronies. → Read More

Shadow Bureaucracy: How the US Government Hides Its True Size

The US government may not look bigger than it did in the 1960s, but it has stealthily grown larger over the years, with the burden falling on taxpayers. → Read More

If Trump Is So Serious About Tax Cuts, Why Doesn't He Cut Spending?

If Trump really wanted a big tax cut, he would have a comprehensive plan to restrain the growth of government spending. He doesn’t. → Read More

Lessons from the Reagan Tax Cuts

Neither Reagan nor his administration claimed that the tax cuts would be self-financing. → Read More

How the Republican Tax Plan Could Crush US Growth

Most of the discussions focused on how tax laws, tax treaties, and tax agreements can and should be altered to extract more money from the business community. → Read More

New Video Shows the Simple Recipe for Poor Nations to Become Rich Nations--in Spite of Bad Advice from International Bureaucracies

Adam Smith provided a very simple formula back in the 1700s. → Read More