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Past articles by Michael:

The End of Buttigieg’s Campaign Was a Warning Against Fake Progressivism

Mayor Pete’s efforts to thwart the growing movement for democratic socialism makes him a threat to systemic change. → Read More

MSNBC’s Anti-Sanders Bias Was on Display in Nevada, But It Hasn’t Hurt Him

The attacks have become more cartoonish and frequent but have not hurt Bernie Sanders in the polls. → Read More

In New Hampshire and Beyond, Medicare for All Is Fueling Sanders’s Rise

If Sanders does well in New Hampshire, it will likely be due largely to his unwavering support for Medicare for All. → Read More

Don't Let Corporate Media or DNC Fool You

In fourth place, presumptive front-runner Biden failed to meet the 15 percent viability threshold in much of the state. → Read More

Media Attacks Aren’t Slowing Sanders’s Surge — They’re Showing His Independence

Corporate media outlets are trying desperately to shape public opinion as the efficacy of their propaganda wanes. → Read More

On Voting Rights, the US Is Behind Much of the World

The United States continues to deprive many people of this basic civic tool. → Read More

Presidential Debates Reflect All That Is Wrong With Dominant Media

The shallowness of the debates is designed to serve the financial interests of Big Media and its wealthy patrons. → Read More

‘Government-Run Healthcare’ Is a Product of Health Industry-Run Media

At the first of two Democratic debates (6/26/19), MSNBC host and moderator Lester Holt asked the presidential hopefuls, “Who here would abolish their private health insurance in favor of a government-run plan?” He asked the same question the next night (6/27/19), and prefaced another question to Sen. Bernie Sanders: “You basically want to scrap the private health insurance system as we know it… → Read More

Corporate Media Enable Industry War Against Medicare for All

The health care industry feeds corporate media a steady diet of "alternative facts" about Medicare for All. → Read More

As Single-Payer Gains Traction, Industry Launches Attack Ads

The insurance and drug lobbies are attacking Medicare for All and pushing to keep the massively profitable ACA. → Read More

Shunning Corporate PACs Won't End Corporate Influence in Elections

Industry will still find ways for money to reach the candidate through "individual donations." → Read More

WaPo’s ‘Hard-Line’ Stance Against Medicare for All

Medicare for All, which the Washington Post describes as “hard-line” and “far left,” is actually a very popular position. → Read More

Establishment Democrats Are Undermining Medicare for All

The number of co-sponsors is decreasing despite that Medicare for All has never been more popular. → Read More

Trojan Horse Legislation Could Derail Single-Payer in Massachusetts

Legislators have found a way to appear pro-single-payer while implementing a death-by-task-force tactic. → Read More

Warren Is Not a Socialist, But She Still Makes Wall Street Squirm

Can Warren win over Democratic voters with the language of regulation, rather than revolution? → Read More

The Limits of Social Democracy Will Test the US Left

Social democracy exposes social programs to the power of private capital, even as it tries to protect them from it. → Read More

Red-State Senate Democrats Are Top Recipients of Wall Street Donations

Senate Democrats who helped roll back Obama-era financial regulations have received millions. → Read More

Meet the Health Care Industry’s Favorite Democrats

If Democrats are going to control the House, the health care industry wants to control these Democrats. → Read More

Why a National Health System Is Needed to Slow the Opioid Crisis

A system that views health care as a commodity and patients as consumers will never overcome the crisis. → Read More

With Primaries Over, Advocates Fight to Keep Single-Payer in Spotlight

Keeping the fight for health care as a human right front and center in the general election is an uphill battle. → Read More