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Recent articles by Dave:

Are police association charities on the level? Or are they a scam?

A Frisco resident asks if the Frisco Police Officers Association Charities is legit? Here’s how you can tell. → Read More

Five things to know about your Texas property tax appraisals

The Watchdog has had a lot to say about your tax appraisals over the years. He has a long history of teaching you how to navigate Texas’ tricky property tax... → Read More

What to do when a survey from your appraisal district asks what you paid for your house?

More hijinks as Denton appraisal district asks homeowners how much their homes are worth → Read More

For this local face mask company, the struggle to survive continues

The owners of an Arlington face mask company are finding that breaking into the national supply chain is next to impossible. That's why they continue to... → Read More

Can the PUC promise a reliable grid? Not without these fixes, report says

The flaws in our electricity system are laid bare for all to see. We’re the energy capital of America. That’s some kind of joke. → Read More

The Texas agency that helped expose ‘King of Crypto’ Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX empire

Sam Bankman-Fried’s story is Shakesperean. One of the world’s richest men takes his FTX crypto empire from riches to rags, leaving investors with huge losses → Read More

Texas bill would say a fetus can legally be a second passenger in HOV lanes

From a bill allowing a fetus to count as a second passenger in an HOV lane to a ransomware attack, here are stories from The Watchdog you need to know. → Read More

Your Texas electric bill is going up. And your gas bill. But how much?

Is there a list somewhere that shows Texans how much their utility bills will increase to pay back companies that lost money during the February 2021 freezeout? → Read More

You may pay money for decades for our electricity failures. It didn’t have to be that way

Texas state government is buying $6.3 billion in bonds to pay electricity and gas companies the millions of dollars many of them owe from the 2021 February... → Read More

Richardson police change pursuit policy in wake of woman’s death during car chase

EXCLUSIVE: Did Richardson police hide news of a police chase that resulted in an innocent driver's death? Police there can no longer chase after suspects for... → Read More

Texas DPS Director Steven McCraw should resign immediately

After 13 years on the job, it's time for Texas DPS Director Steve McCraw to step down, Watchdog Dave Lieber argues. → Read More

Google is changing search results (bad) but offering a new privacy tool (good)

Some changes are coming to Google, the advertising and search giant. They may not be great for consumers, Watchdog Dave Lieber says. → Read More

Mark Davis of 660AM and his employer avoid a trial over Doc Gallagher’s Ponzi scheme

A civil lawsuit presents evidence that popular area radio host Mark Davis helped Doc Gallagher recruit people for what turned out to be a ponzi scheme that... → Read More

Why won’t banks clean up their problems with Zelle fraud? A powerful senator wants to know

Top U.S. bankers refuse to cave in to demands by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts, that they do a better job protecting their customers from Zelle scams. → Read More

Two whistleblowing Richardson cops say they were frozen out of the department

The story of how two Richardson police officers lost their careers because they pointed out wrongdoing in their department. → Read More

You were supposed to complain to elected officials by email about your property tax rate

Maybe if thousands or even hundreds of people contacted elected officials to protest rising property taxes, the movement to lower taxes could have succeeded.... → Read More

Readers praise and condemn a report on how smart devices affect heart pacemakers

Watchdog readers praise and condemn a report on how some smartwatches and other electronic devices can harm wearers of pacemakers. → Read More

By 2024, electric and hybrid cars may get to drive with one occupant in HOV lanes

Dallas County sheriff deputies set up traffic stops on an exit ramp off Central Expressway to fine HOV lane violators. One ticket recipient researched this so... → Read More

The PUC, one of Texas’ most maligned agencies, creates a new Office of Public Engagement

Watchdog Dave Lieber reports that the Public Utility Commission has created an Office of Public Engagement which is designed to provide more balance between... → Read More

Texas DPS doesn’t provide your data anymore — except to 2,400 entities

The goal of the new Texas Consumer Privacy Act is to protect the personal information of Texans. Will it work? Too early to tell. Here are the details. → Read More