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Past articles by Kim:

How Does America Perform On Biden’s Test?| Countercurrents

A slice of president Joe Biden’s State of the Union address that calls for closer analysis: → Read More

China Eliminated Absolute Poverty; Now Works Toward Common Prosperity For All| Countercurrents

China declared victory against poverty in 2021. And it is not just China lauding its victory. UN secretary-general Antonio Guterres commended China on its → Read More

What Is The Rules-Based Order?| Countercurrents

In fits of, what might well be termed, masochism, some of us now-and-then tune in to the legacy media. When doing so, one is likely to hear western-aligned → Read More

China Is Not Capitalist And It Is Not Yet Communist| Countercurrents

There are many western commentators who, apparently in profound dismay that a country which holds up the banner of socialism could be so economically → Read More

Whither Musk’s Twitter| Countercurrents

Musk finds Twitter threatened with an advertiser boycott. As I previously alluded to, the boycotters of free speech on Twitter could well find themselves → Read More

Justice In The Land Of The FreeTM: The Cases Of Griner And Assange| Countercurrents

I feel for American basketball player Brittney Griner. Did she break the law? Yes, she did, and she pled guilty at trial. But a sentence of nine years — to be → Read More

The US Boxes Itself In Over Taiwan And Ukraine| Countercurrents

To underscore the sincerity of China about the Pelosi trip to Taiwan, another Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said, “We mean what we say.” → Read More

It Is Not Love That Abandons Its Treaties| Countercurrents

The Tsilhqot’in Struggle On 26 March 2018, Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau spoke of the six Tsilhqot’in chiefs who were arrested during a sacred peace-pipe ceremony and subsequently hanged for their part in a war to prevent the spread of smallpox by colonialists: “We recognize that these six chiefs were leaders of a nation, that they acted in accordance with their laws and traditions and… → Read More

NATO: Whose Security?| Countercurrents

Case in point, Ukraine was seeking NATO membership to bolster its security. This membership would have come at the expense of Russian security, as Russian → Read More

A Comparison Of Who The New York Times Deems Worthy And Unworthy Of Propping Up| Countercurrents

The New York Times continues to selectively promote news that fits the Establishment narrative. The NYT portrays the nine-year sentence of the Russian → Read More

The Imperialists’ And Proxies’ War Against Syria| Countercurrents

On 30 August 2021, the United States’ 20-year military occupation of Afghanistan came to an end when the removal of American forces was completed. Although the withdrawal was botched, it was the correct move. The withdrawal is ignominious because it turns out that the much ballyhooed US fighting forces were, in the end, defeated by Afghan peasants. Has the US learned anything from its debacle in… → Read More

The Battle At Lake Changjin: An Anti-war War Film| Countercurrents

The major Chinese film of 2021 was a war epic, The Battle at Lake Changjin. It was produced at a cost of $200 million and grossed $905 million worldwide. It → Read More

Canada’s Head-of-State Honors A War Criminal| Countercurrents

The only place I want to hear him speak is in the dock at the Hague at the International Criminal Court facing trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity. → Read More

What Does It Mean For The Dispossessor To “Compensate” The Dispossessed?| Countercurrents

Settlers enjoyed a seeming free permission: to dispossess natives at will of all the best land, turn them out of traditional fishing locations, disrespect → Read More

Have British Politicians No Shame?| Countercurrents

The UK government is considering boycotting China’s winter Olympic Games to be held in Beijing. The British foreign office cites “international efforts to → Read More

The Baghuz Massacre Underlines The Necessity For Freeing Julian Assange| Countercurrents

The implications of the Baghuz Massacre should deeply underscore the integrity, morality, and vital importance of WikiLeaks and its heroic publisher and → Read More

Planning For A New, Better Future

Albert’s latest book on parecon is No Bosses: A New Economy for a Better World. The title might lead one to assume that the book would focus more on → Read More

Does Repeatedly Calling China A Threat Reify It?| Countercurrents

In an article on 2 November, Foreign Affairs (FA) continues to demonize China, but it also cautions against the US putting all its militaristic eggs in the → Read More

Should One Stand Up For Western Values?| Countercurrents

What are western values? One often hears a representative of a western country praising its western values. In a 2017 statement Canada’s prime minister Justin → Read More

Human Rights Are For Everyone! Including Julian Assange| Countercurrents

The incarceration of Kavala bears similarities with that of WikiLeaks publisher Julian Assange. However, a glaring difference stands out. → Read More