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Past articles by Emily:

If You’re Frightened Of Post-Roe, Consider How Liberating Dobbs Is

Everything from biology to psychology to common sense indicates that most women are not made to have sex without commitment. → Read More

6 Times A Stronger Civil Society Might Have Prevented Tragedy In Uvalde

Many people knew from different information the failing high school senior in Uvalde was clearly volatile and arming himself. → Read More

How To Decode The Sudden Boom Of Start-Up Failures On TV

What’s with the rapid influx of dramatized series on collapsing start-ups? In the last couple of months, prestige series have exploded on it. → Read More

EXCLUSIVE: GOP Senators Slam Schumer For 'Slandering’ Justices

Blackburn, Lee, and Cruz asked Schumer to condemn threats against justices and 'respect' the court's independence. → Read More

Will Dobbs Splinter The GOP's 'Barstool Conservative' Coalition?

In a country where abortion hadn't helped shift sexual dynamics, Dave Portnoy wouldn't find so many women willing to throw themselves at him. → Read More

As Roe Hangs, An Ugly Class Blindspot Distorts Abortion Discourse

When the political class carries on as though support for Roe translates into broad public support for abortion, their blindspot is showing. → Read More

The Media’s Tinx Takedown Relied On Shoddy And Dishonest Excuses

What actually seems to have happened is that a lot of center-left women discovered someone they really like holds views they don’t like. → Read More

Twitter Is Bad But Elon Musk Can Use It To Clean Up Silicon Valley

The world would be better off without Twitter, but if we have to have it, Musk just might be able to minimize the damage. → Read More

The Reason CNN Plus Failed Isn't What You Think

CNN+ is a casualty of the network's identity crisis, which is in and of itself a casualty of our national identity crisis. → Read More

Workers Caught Between Big Business And Big Labor Need Support

Democrats are beholden to Big Labor. Republicans, who now find more support from working-class Americans, need to fill the void. → Read More

'Life And Beth' Accidentally Underscores The Failures Of Feminism

'Life and Beth' is a testament to the necessity of values Amy Schumer doesn’t quite seem to know she holds. → Read More

Sen. Blackburn Sells ’Define A Woman’ Shirts Amid Media Attack

Blackburn took heat from the media last week for asking Kentanji Brown Jackson whether she could provide a definition of 'woman.' → Read More

Will Smith Only Stalled The Oscars’ Descent Into Obscurity

The reason Will Smith captivated the country in his reaction to the Oscars is also the reason awards shows are in trouble. → Read More

Is Praise For Will Smith Woke Hypocrisy?

'When did physical violence become okay? If it had been Liam Hemsworth to jump on stage and do that, what would the headlines be like then?' → Read More

Marsha Blackburn Previews GOP Strategy To Vet Kentanji Jackson

The effort to vet Ketanji Brown Jackson is an 'all-hands-on-deck operation for us,' Sen. Marsha Blackburn explained. → Read More

Maria Bartiromo Is Right: The Biden Administration Is Partnering With Putin

Whether or not you agree with these decisions, the Biden administration is openly treating Russia as a 'partner' on climate and Iran. → Read More

Kanye Isn’t Just Clashing With Pete Davidson, He’s Clashing With Culture

One struggle seems to be Kanye's concerns over leftist and secular influences introduced to his children when they’re with their mother. → Read More

SOTU Previewed Dems’ Fake Attempt To Walk Back Their Culture War

Until Democrats are willing to drop truly radical policies like the Equality Act, it’s all smoke and mirrors meant to distract voters. → Read More

Leave Sam Elliott The Heck Alone

If a person can't debate art on a podcast without becoming a news cycle that threatens his career, we're in trouble. → Read More

There's Hope In '1883' And The Dawn Of The 'Yellowstone' Universe

'1883' is a triumph of American art, a rare positive contribution from Hollywood to our culture, and a promising sign of things to come. → Read More