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Past articles by Emily:

The ‘Top Gun’ Oscars: Too Little Too Late

It’s unclear if Hollywood can recapture the monoculture of 'Top Gun,' but the Oscars was more proof it realizes there’s money on the table. → Read More

Down Syndrome Actor Gets ‘Happy Birthday’ Chorus At Oscars

Actor James Martin, the 31-year-old star of 'An Irish Goodbye,' joined the film’s producers on stage at the Academy Awards on Sunday. → Read More

Hamilton 68 Saga Illustrates Scope Of America’s Institutional Rot

Thanks to Taibbi’s recent contribution to 'The Twitter Files,' we know the full extent of institutional corruption wrapped up in Hamilton 68. → Read More

Emails: Twitter Misled Public On ‘Hamilton 68’ Russia Hoax

Hamilton 68 concocted junk science and concealed parts of their methodology to bolster a narrative against their political opponents. → Read More

In McCarthy Negotiations, GOP Landed On ‘Most Significant Win'

The real story of McCarthy’s winding road to the speakership is bigger than he is, bigger than the GOP, and bigger than the 118th Congress. → Read More

Is HBO's 'White Lotus' A Reactionary Masterpiece?

Writer and creator Mike White deploys his ample resources to do something very simple: tell a great story that honors beauty and nature. → Read More

Trump Won’t Be Defeated By Media, Conservative Or Otherwise

It’s not our job as political professionals to coronate leaders from the top down, and if we didn’t learn that in 2016, we never will. → Read More

How McCarthy Rebuilt Trust As Pelosi Went Scorched Earth

Pelosi's band of Democrats burned down the House. But Kevin McCarthy is standing in the rubble, and he's making plans to rebuild. → Read More

Loretta Lynn Was The Best Of Us

Loretta Lynn represented the best of country music and the best of the country itself. → Read More

Health, Tech, And Addiction: Glaring Omissions From GOP Politics

There is almost no discussion in our politics of these subjects and yet they make the average American’s daily life less fulfilling. → Read More

GOP’s Unifying Midterm Strategy? Green Agenda As Culture War

Amid the GOP's struggle to bridge pre-Trump establishment politics with post-Trump populism, Democrats' class warfare makes that task easier. → Read More

Missouri Mom's Memoir Adds Working-Class POV To Trump-Era GOP

Thompson Rehder's perspectives on institutions, addiction, media, Trump, and classism are underrepresented in our national discourse. → Read More

TikTok's 'Elections Center' Is A Massive Threat To National Security

TikTok just unveiled an 'Elections Center' that will put detailed voter profiles in the hands of a company based in Beijing. → Read More

It's Time To Treat Social Media As A Public Health Emergency

Jashinsky and Harris discuss everything from TikTok and national security to the psychology of social networks and their incentives. → Read More

If You’re Frightened Of Post-Roe, Consider How Liberating Dobbs Is

Everything from biology to psychology to common sense indicates that most women are not made to have sex without commitment. → Read More

6 Times A Stronger Civil Society Might Have Prevented Tragedy In Uvalde

Many people knew from different information the failing high school senior in Uvalde was clearly volatile and arming himself. → Read More

How To Decode The Sudden Boom Of Start-Up Failures On TV

What’s with the rapid influx of dramatized series on collapsing start-ups? In the last couple of months, prestige series have exploded on it. → Read More

EXCLUSIVE: GOP Senators Slam Schumer For 'Slandering’ Justices

Blackburn, Lee, and Cruz asked Schumer to condemn threats against justices and 'respect' the court's independence. → Read More

Will Dobbs Splinter The GOP's 'Barstool Conservative' Coalition?

In a country where abortion hadn't helped shift sexual dynamics, Dave Portnoy wouldn't find so many women willing to throw themselves at him. → Read More

As Roe Hangs, An Ugly Class Blindspot Distorts Abortion Discourse

When the political class carries on as though support for Roe translates into broad public support for abortion, their blindspot is showing. → Read More