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Recent articles by Jordan:

No, Nadine Dorries is not inciting violence

Calling Rishi Sunak a ‘backstabber’ is a statement of fact. → Read More

Who’s afraid of Hooters?

The campaign against the US chain is deeply patronising to the women who work there. → Read More

I may have found a creative solution to unwanted dick pics – NFTs

Women who have been subjected to cyber-flashing are being encouraged to turn unsolicited images into a digital asset, and I for one think it’s an interesting proposition → Read More

What the focus on 'Beergate' and birthday cake tells us about the state of our politics

When did British politics become so deeply unserious? On a continent at war, with the price of just about everything surging, swathes of our media remains transfixed by the crucial question of ‘who ate and drank what during the pandemic?’. The circus has now arrived at Labour’s door, and Keir Starmer apparently enjoying a perhaps-somewhat-against-regulations […] → Read More

JK Rowling is being made out to be a hate preacher – it is as absurd as it is troubling

I think we should all get over the fact that a 56-year-old woman has dared to air a legitimate opinion over a deeply divisive issue → Read More

Let’s call out Russia’s attacks on Liz Truss for what they are: rank misogyny

Of course it must be Truss, rather than Putin, edging us ever closer to the brink of mutual destruction → Read More

Don’t cancel Whoopi Goldberg – her Holocaust comments need to be discussed openly

Goldberg’s views are shocking but I don’t believe they come from a place of malice, rather from deep and profound confusion → Read More

This is what local voters think of Bury South’s defecting MP

Labour voters are happy to have Christian Wakeford on board – we should all accept that people can change → Read More

On 20 May we promised my grandmother we’d see her when the pandemic was over – we never did

She was at the lowest ebb of her life: locked up indoors, a widow living on her own – lonely and scared → Read More

Dear Twitter: hating Coldplay doesn’t make you quirky

There’s nothing wrong with standing out from the crowd, but professing to loathe something because it’s popular reveals a depressing touch of insecurity → Read More

While Sex and the City celebrated women’s voices, And Just Like That seeks to silence them

The creators seem to be embarrassed of the well established female trio, with the show a lesson in atonement for the characters and audience alike → Read More

Don’t let schools cancel Christmas

The traditional nativity play is being sacrificed in the name of fighting Covid. → Read More

Labour's reshuffle underlines how far it has drifted from its former heartlands

Is Labour’s new look Shadow Cabinet a government-in-waiting or a misjudged attempt to appear relevant? On a first pass, it certainly seems more likely to be the latter. Keir Starmer seems to have concluded that the best way for Labour to get back in the game is to promote some of his better known faces […] → Read More

The far left should form their own party and let the grown-ups get on with running Labour

The average working-class voter has nothing in common with far-left ideals which can be both abstract and, at times, extreme, writes Jordan Tyldesley → Read More

We need a bold new type of NHS – the National Housing Service

Many will never have the ability to save for a deposit for a privately owned home but that needn’t be an issue if, as a country, we spoke about the benefit of secure, publicly owned homes → Read More

Kathleen Stock and the culture of entitlement on campus

Students now see themselves as customers who have paid to be protected from offence. → Read More

My first Conservative conference was surreal – a Tory Disneyland where Boris Johnson is Mickey Mouse

By the end, I no longer saw the conference area as a glamorous world but a sort of prison, and I felt heartily sad for those who live this one dimensional trap on a daily basis → Read More

Tories are delusional if they think the Red Wall will wait to ‘level up’ when they can’t put the heating on

Rishi Sunak and others speak endlessly of ‘the future’, but they fail to realise that the future is a privilege to ponder → Read More

Angela Rayner wants to take working class women like me down with her

I try my very hardest to be patient with Angela Rayner. I don’t particularly care for her politics – or the current state of the Party she represents – but for a woman from such humble beginnings to rise to the shadow cabinet is a remarkable and incredibly rare achievement. It isn’t easy leaving ‘the […] → Read More

Boris Johnson’s biggest mistake? Propping up the NHS

The NHS is a sinking ship and as the captain, at some point, the prime minister must go down with it → Read More