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Past articles by Sara:

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How to trick your brain into keeping a New Year’s resolution

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Who gets COVID boosters? The FDA's expert panel says it's complicated.

An FDA advisory committee met on Friday amid an ongoing debate about the potential value of COVID booster shots. In an unanimous vote, an outside advisory committee to the FDA recommended booster shots those 65 and older and other high risk groups. → Read More

Greenland is racking up historic climate events

The Greenland ice sheet saw rain and a tropical cyclone in the past month, both dire signs of the climate crisis hitting the island. → Read More

What are calories?

The difference between energy in and energy out is not as simple as it sounds. We see them everywhere on food label, but exactly is a calorie? → Read More

On the anniversary of Katrina, New Orleans braces for Hurricane Ida

The Category 3 storm will drop up to 20 inches of rain when it makes landfall. Ida will drop enormous amounts of rain when it reaches landfall in the southern US this weekend. → Read More

All your COVID booster shot questions, answered

Do I need a booster shot? How effective are booster shots anyway? What if I got the J&J vaccine? These questions and more, answered. → Read More

This protein may hold one of the secrets to predicting muscle growth

Researchers have discovered a new mechanism behind how our bodies actually build muscle—and maybe the optimal load to lift for muscle growth. → Read More

The three strength exercises everyone should do

We asked an expert what he'd recommend absolutely everyone do in the gym, even if impressive musculature isn't their goal. → Read More

The first mRNA-based HIV vaccine is about to start human trials

Moderna is about to begin human trials for an HIV vaccine based on the same technology used in its COVID-19 vaccine. → Read More

The COVID-19 delta variant is almost as contagious as chickenpox

COVID-19 is constantly evolving, which means its contagiousness is too. The delta variant, for example, is at least twice as transmissible as the original. → Read More

Is Gatorade actually better than water?

Few of us understand why we might be consuming sports drinks in the first place. → Read More

CDC update on masks for vaccinated people

The CDC now recommends vaccinated people wear masks in many parts of the country as the Delta variant spreads rapidly. → Read More

Muscle memory is real, but it’s probably not what you think

When scientists study muscle memory, they mean two slightly different things. → Read More

What makes gluten-free oats different from regular ones?

Gluten-free oats have wheat, rye, or barley seeds in them, which might make them unsafe for those with celiac disease. → Read More

Wet bulb globe temperature is the vital weather stat you’ve never heard of

Wet-bulb globe temperature is like a more nuance heat index. You may be hearing more and more about it, so here's how to understand it. → Read More