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Past articles by Aimee:

This Guy Posts Fake Ads All Over His Neighborhood And They're Hilarious

This comedian posts fake ads and hand made signs around his neighborhood. → Read More

This Little Dog "Ruined" Every Frame Of A Google Street View By Chasing The Camera

This dog just ruined every frame of a Google Street View by chasing the camera — and by ruin, we mean made it so much better. → Read More

Girl Takes on School's "Sexist" Dress Code, Shoulders Not Allowed in Senior Photos

Grace Goble in Illinois was allegedly told on Monday that she'd have to retake her high school yearbook photo. → Read More

Everything I Smoked Before Cigarettes

As a teenager, I knew one thing for sure about smoking without even feeling the stimulating power of nicotine: It looked cool as hell. The... → Read More

Learn To Sext With a Bot if You're Nervous About Doing It With a Person

Sexting, much like sex, is more of a learned skill than an intuitive talent. You may find yourself throwing sexual word spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks, to mixed results. If you want to spread your sexting wings in a safe space, why not text a bot? → Read More

Don't Feed Bread to Birds

Feeding bread to birds is a pastime as old as extra bread. But while birds are happy to scoop up your stale offerings, there are a lot of reasons why this is a bad idea. → Read More

Hot to Get Free Ice Cream at Ben & Jerry's Today

Spring is here, which means it’s once again for the most wonderful day of the year: Free Cone Day at Ben & Jerry’s. → Read More

How to Take a Flattering Pic of Someone When They Hand You Their Phone

This seems like it should be basic knowledge, but I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve asked someone to take my picture, handed them a phone, and then stood there frozen as they turn it towards me...and nothing happens. Are they taking a picture? Are they looking through my email? What’s going on over there? Later, when I check the camera roll, there will be about 50 pics that look exactly… → Read More

You Might Be Procrastinating Because You're Anxious

Procrastination may be the reason you’re reading this post, but the reason you’re procrastinating in the first place might actually be anxiety. → Read More

Learn What You're Bad at to Find the Thing You're Really Good At

Dan Levy is best known right now for his portrayal of David rose in the beloved hit Schitt’s Creek, about a once-rich family living in the town they bought as a joke. Levy is also the series’ showrunner and creator, and he has some advice for how to amp your creative talent. → Read More

If You Find a Lost Wallet You Can Return It By Dropping It in a Mailbox

If you find someone’s lost wallet on the ground, you can be a good Samaritan and lazy: just drop it in the blue box. → Read More

How to Translate Languages With Google Sheets

There are more efficient ways of keeping track of important foreign language vocabulary than a hand-held dictionary. If you’re learning a new language or making basic translations, try using the Google Translate formula in Google Sheets for an easy access list of what you know—or want to know. → Read More

Use a Text to Voice Reader to Check for Written Mistakes

When you want to make a good impression in a cover letter or written submission, it’s incredibly frustrating to discover later that you left out a word in the very first sentence. Our brains don’t always catch simple mistakes, so it can’t hurt to enlist a little digital help as well. → Read More

How to Protect Yourself From a Nesting Goose

The goose: friend or foe? This depends mostly on whether or not it’s nesting season. If a goose has something to protect, it will defend itself—and a goose can mess you up. → Read More

If You Can't Have Pets, Volunteer to Hang Out With Animals Instead

Maybe you live in a house that outlaws animals, maybe you have a partner with allergies; that doesn’t mean cats and dogs can’t be a part of your everyday life. Volunteering at an animal shelter is the perfect hack for the pet-starved. → Read More

How to Stay Safe as a Female Solo Traveler

Traveling on your own is an incredibly rewarding experience, but it has its dangers. The number of women traveling alone has been on the rise in recent years, and the tactics for staying safe while on the road have gotten increasingly sophisticated—and important. → Read More

Substitute a Bad Habit For a Good Habit

Here at Lifehacker we talk a lot about how to form good habits and how to break bad habits. But this tip is about how to switch out the latter for the former and streamline the whole process. → Read More

How to Start Figuring Out if You Want to Have Kids

Being able to make an active decision to have or not have kids is an enormous privilege. It can also be one of the most difficult decisions you make. Ann Davidson is a marriage and family therapist who works as a “Motherhood Clarity Mentor” for people struggling with this choice, and she shared some of her tips on the process with Lifehacker. → Read More

How to Make Internet Searches Easier for Older Relatives

Setting up a computer for your grandparent or parent can be frustrating, especially if you’re trying to do it over the phone with them. If you can actually get your hands on the computer, though, you have an opportunity to make their Internet experience way better. → Read More

How to Accept an Apology

Heartfelt apologies can be tough; admitting you were wrong requires introspection, humbling yourself, being vulnerable. But the gracelessness of the person accepting the apology too often exacerbates an already uncomfortable situation. Redditor u/shakakhon posted in r/LifeProHacks about the worst way to react to an apology: → Read More