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Recent articles by Jayson:

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7 Ways to Maximize Productivity During Your Daily Commute

Under most conditions, your daily commute is a waste of time. You have to drive to and from the office, accomplishing zero tasks, for a set amount of time. While the length of a commute varies wildly, the average person drives 20-30 minutes one way, resulting in nearly an hour of unproductive time each day, or 5 hours of unproductive time each week. If you’ve worked from home during the COVID-19… → Read More

10 Proven Strategies to Increase Employee Productivity

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What advice do you have for other small businesses to stay afloat duri

What can small businesses do during the COVID-19 shutdown on such short notice? → Read More

How Long Should Your Blog Posts Be?

There isn’t one true answer to this question, but understanding the purpose of your blog can help you determine the optimal length of your posts. → Read More

7 Conventional Pieces of Social Media Advice That Don't Work

We’re all looking for that next hot tip on how to improve our social media performance, whether we’re just getting started or you’re a seasoned veteran running multiple accounts. The problem is, I see the same pieces of advice circulating on a consistent basis. These fragments of strategic insight are somewhat valuable on the surface, … → Read More

5 Best-Kept Secrets of People Who Work Faster Than You

There are many factors that enable people to work quickly, but most are within your control. Here are the best-kept secrets of fast workers. → Read More

How Busy Are You, Really? Here Are 5 Ways to Find Out

In today's always-connected world, many claim they are too busy. Are you really busy, or just busy bragging? Learn five ways to get a more accurate picture. → Read More

Is Technology Improving or Sabotaging Your Productivity?

To improve your productivity using technology and limit its productivity downsides, put these five strategies into practice. → Read More

Tech stocks are overvalued and it’s killing innovation

We’re entering an unprecedented era of advanced technology and behemoth tech companies driving its development. Earlier this year, Apple became the first company to reach a one-trillion-dollar valuation, and Amazon followed suit, reaching a one-trillion-dollar market cap in September. Alphabet (Google’s parent company), Facebook, and Netflix are similarly dominant over the S&P 500, together… → Read More

7 innovative website strategies to adopt in 2019

2018 is almost over and that means the clock’s ticking for your 2019 website strategies. Check out 7 innovative website strategies to adopt in the new year. → Read More

Our lack of interest in data ethics will come back to haunt us

When was the last time you saw a creepy ad on Facebook, which seemed to know about a product you were discussing with a coworker? Or when was the last time you noticed that your Google search had been modified to suit variables like your current location and personal interests? These micro-events happen on a … → Read More