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Past articles by Courtney:

Buffy Summers Had The Worst Dating Record In TV History

There are plenty of toxic relationships on TV, but Buffy had reliably terrible taste in boyfriends. → Read More

Marvel's 'Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings' Trailer Has Dropped — All Of The Easter Eggs Explained

Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings Has Incredible Fight Sequences, A Ton Of Energy, Asian Representation, And, Of Course, A Ton Of MCU Easter Eggs. → Read More

The Complicated Reason Demi Lovato Was 'Triggered' By Sugar-Free Frozen Yogurt

Demi Lovato Was Quick To React On Instagram After Finding Herself Feeling Trigger By Sugar-free Cookies And Other Desserts In LA's Iconic Frozen Yogurt Shop, The Bigg Chill. Here's Why, From Someone Who Gets It. → Read More

Puberty Blockers — The Hormone Treatment Banned In Arkansas — Explained

A New Arkansas Law Will Ban Trans Youth From The Choice To Pause Puberty. What Are Puberty Blockers, How Do They Work And Are They Reversible? → Read More

What Is Fridging? 'Law & Order' Gave Us Another Unfortunate Example Of This Tired, Sexist Trope

The Crossover Event Of Law & Order: SVU And Law & Order: Organized Crime Killed A Beloved Character We've Known Since The Beginning, All To Further Elliot Stabler's (Christopher Meloni) Story. → Read More

How Woody Allen Weaponized PR, Power, And Popularity Against Mia And Dylan Farrow

For Woody Allen, Money And Power Kept Him Untouchable For Far Too Long. Here's How He Weaponized PR And Popularity Against Both Mia And Dylan Farrow. → Read More

'Promising Young Woman,' Sarah Everard, And The Reality Of Women Being Blamed For Their Own Deaths

Promising Young Woman, Now Nominated For Five Academy Awards, Holds Strikingly Similar Lessons And Parallels To The Killing Of Sarah Everard And The Way Women Are Blamed For Being Attacked And Killed By Men. → Read More

Paul Rudd, the saving grace of the worst Halloween movie

"On a weirdness scale of one to 10, he rates about a 13." That's how enthusiastic exposition provider Beth introduces us, the audience of the truly horrendous Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, to Tommy Doyle as played by Paul Rudd in his first starring role. Do not mistake me: Everything about the sixth entry in the Halloween franchise is utterly abysmal, save for a couple of sweet kills. → Read More

Book vs. Flick: I'm Thinking of Ending Things

Charlie Kaufman's I'm Thinking of Ending Things dropped on Netflix in early September, a very Kaufman exercise in mood and memory. While definitely an adaptation, it is markedly different from author Iain Reid's novel, and both are complex in their own and somehow unique ways despite telling what is ostensibly the same story. Spoilers below for both the book and film versions of I'm Thinking of → Read More

Chosen One of the Day: Connie the Hormone Monstress

Oh, are we talking about Maya Rudolph? TRICK QUESTCH, we're always talking about Maya Rudolph. But fill up your tub for a nice buh-bull baatth because today we're celebrating Connie the Hormone Monstress from Big Mouth. Because in a show about the most relatable moments of adolescence, Connie, a literal monster made of pubescent horrors, is the most relatable character. → Read More

Chosen One of the Day: The plants! from The Happening

In M. Night Shyamalan's Crucial and Important and Very Best Film, The Happening, some manner of "event" has taken over the East Coast, causing people to violently kill themselves. Ways of doing so include, but are not limited to: casually letting lions rip one's arms off, stabbing oneself in the neck with hair chopsticks, laying down and letting a lawnmower do its thing, and so on. The dialogue → Read More

Chosen One of the Day: The reunited cast of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

The cast of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World reunited for a live read of the film's script to raise money for Water for People and it was A DELIGHT. Tragically not everyone could make it (no Brie Larson and apparently Kieran Culkin got into a fight with a canoe and the canoe won) but the ones who did brought the thunder. Chris Evans? THERE. Mary Elizabeth Winstead? THERE. Brandon Routh? THERE IN → Read More

Chosen One of the Day: BRAAAM (from the Inception score, obviously)

Ten years ago this week, Christopher Nolan's Inception was released into theaters. The beautiful and often perplexing film was known for its visuals, its performances, and — BRRRAAAAAAAM Ahem. Excuse me, please, I was trying to — BRRRAAAAAAAM As I was saying, Inception had a unique visual style that would inspire and inform many films that followed, winning an Academy Award for Best Visual → Read More

Chosen One of the Day: Cake

The internet has been obsessed with cake the last few days, because frankly WE HAVE EARNED CAKE. But, because 2020, the cakes are demonic trickery that don't look like cake because they have been ruined with fondant and betrayal. Everything old is new again. The cake remains a lie. Fire up your favorite Feist tunes and slap on your skinniest scarf. We're going back to 2007, y'all. → Read More

Shirley is a master class in power dynamics and toxic relationships

SYFY FANGRRLS spoke to Elisabeth Moss and Michael Stuhlbarg about their film Shirley and the power dynamics at play. → Read More

Chosen One of the Day: Mac's parents from Mac and Me

If your only familiarity with the movie Mac and Me is when Paul Rudd shows up on Conan with that wheelchair clip, consider yourself fortunate. Because this mess of a film is SOMETHING ELSE INDEED. Mac and Me, which is unfairly touted as an E.T. ripoff (unfair because how dare you even utter this lumpy nightmare's name in the same breath as our Patron Saint of Perpetual Reese's Pieces), features → Read More

Chosen One of the Day: Father Stewart from VelociPastor

First of all, VelociPastor is art. That's all you truly need to know. It is art about a pastor who moves to China... Credit: Wild Eye Releasing ...where he gains the power to turn into a dinosaur, using this ability to fight crime. Like I said, art. But the real star of the film is Father Stewart (Daniel Steere), specifically during his Vietnam flashback wherein we learn the man has seen some → Read More

Chosen One of the Day: Deanna Troi-cake

According to experts, quarantine dreams are a real and terrifying thing. Living through weird, stressful times can result in vivid dreams during longer-than-usual REM cycles. But like the influencer that he is, Data did it before it was cool. In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Phantasms," Data is having increasingly bizarre dreams involving tummy phones and shoulder mouths, but most… → Read More

Chosen One of the Day: Arthur the horse from Doctor Who

Around these parts, we love all our Doctors equally, like children or mimosa add-ins (just kidding, grapefruit is clearly superior), but we will always have a special spot in our hearts for David Tennant's 10th Doctor (the grapefruit mimosa of Doctors). His frown, his hearts, his shoes, we love our fluffy-haired boy. But one episode and one very helpful companion reminded us that the man loves → Read More

Chosen One of the Day: President Thomas J. Whitmore

Apropos of literally nothing and for no reason at all, let's talk about President Thomas J. Whitmore, as portrayed by Bill Pullman in the Oscar-winning (seriously!) film Independence Day. President Whitmore was a Gulf War veteran and a fighter pilot, initially beloved by the people but then turned upon by an UNGRATEFUL PUBLIC, FRANKLY. His public image is that of a wimpy puny boy baby. So sorry → Read More