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Past articles by April:

How we cope with the pandemic — and how it could change us forever

In the midst of an international viral outbreak that has people worldwide physically distancing out of social solidarity, so much about our cultural norms and lifestyle practices is off the table. Many are out of work for an indeterminate while. Many of us have paused the daily practices we are accu → Read More

6 of the Most Historic Moments from Saturday's March for Our Lives

Millions marched to protest gun violence and demand reform. Across the world Saturday, March for Our Lives brought millions of people out to the streets in protest of gun violence, school shootings and the lack of U.S. gun regulations. At the main event in Washington, D.C., organizers estimated 850,000 people or more attended the event. → Read More

Noam Chomsky and Danny Glover Condemn U.S. and Canada Over Venezuela Sanctions

Chomsky and Glover are among 154 signatories asking the U.S. and Canada to reconsider the sanctions. After the U.S. and Canada imposed sanctions on Venezuela’s socialist government Friday, Noam Chomsky and Danny Glover joined 154 signatories in an open letter to Washington and Ottawa condemning the sanctions. The letter explains that the sanctions will worsen political tensions and make life… → Read More

Flu Deaths Are the Latest Example of People Dying In America Simply Because They Can't Afford Medicine

More and more lives are in danger because people can't afford their prescriptions. This week a 38-year-old second grade teacher and mom in Texas named Heather Holland died of the flu after she’d delayed picking up her prescription medication because couldn’t afford the $116 copay. By Friday night, Holland's condition worsened and she was taken to the hospital and she died on Sunday morning. → Read More

Experts Predict 4 Surprising Ways Jeff Sessions' Reefer Madness Pot Decision Could Shake Out in 2018

A backlash against the new war on weed could tip the scales to favor federal legalization. Days after California’s first new adult-use pot shops opened their doors this week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced he would allow federal prosecutors to crack down on marijuana operations in states that have legalized marijuana. → Read More

Patagonia Joins Native Tribes and Environmental Groups to Sue the Trump Administration Over Utah Land

Trump's massive land grab is the largest elimination of protected land in U.S. history. The outdoor retailer Patagonia announced this week that it intends to join forces with a coalition of Native American tribes and environmental groups and file a lawsuit against the Trump administration. → Read More

Brazil Is Giving Its Prisoners One of the World’s Most Powerful Psychedelics as Part of the Rehabilitation Process

Ayahuasca may be helping to reduce rates of recidivism at Brazil's prisons. Some of Brazil's violent offenders are being offered the opportunity for radical rehabilitation via the powerful psychedelic experience of the ayahuasca ceremony. → Read More

Unfounded Pot Hysteria Spreads on the Internet

Headlines declaring the "first marijuana overdose" are sensational and misleading. A local Colorado NBC-affiliated news station recently ran a misleading and irresponsible story with the headline “Colorado doctors claim first marijuana overdose death.” In reality, experts have drawn no scientific or otherwise solid correlation has been drawn between cannabis and the death in question. → Read More

Why Thousands of New Moms Around the World Breastfed Their Babies In Public This Week

Breastfeeding isn't just healthier for infants—it's better for society. Women across the world have been busting out their nipples this week to do one of the most natural and life-giving things female animals can do: nurse their babies. Happy annual World Breastfeeding Week. → Read More

3 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Humans' Ancient Relationship with Dogs

Here are three key scientific theories about dog-human co-evolution. Dogs were the first animal to cohabit with humans, and modern research increasingly reveals the many ways in which humans and dogs have grown in tandem for thousands of years. New research out this week reveals that has likely been the case since the Early Neolithic period in ancient Europe, which dates the canine-human… → Read More

The Best and Worst Countries to Be a Kid—The U.S. Isn't Even In the Top 20

For 700 million kids around the world, childhood ends too soon. Norway is the best place in the world to be a kid and Niger is the worst, according to a new report by the international children’s rights organization Save the Children. → Read More

WATCH: Psychedelics Could Impact the Future of Humanity

The potential for psychedelics to aid humanity's future was a major theme at Psychedelic Science 2017. In a new mini-documentary (posted below), researchers, artists, therapists, students and other participants in the international Psychedelic Science Conference stepped aside to talk about the larger implications of psychedelics research and the historic conference. I worked with a small team to… → Read More

It's So Much Harder to Escape Poverty Than You Might Think—It Can Take Decades and an Incredible Streak of Good Luck

The U.S. economy is so divided we now have a two-class system, often divided by race, Peter Temin argues in his new book. In order to get out of poverty, you have to basically be extremely lucky for almost 20 years, according to a new book The Vanishing Middle Class: Prejudice and Power in a Dual Economy, by economist Peter Temin. → Read More

Why You're Probably Better Off Eating Regular Vegetables Than Juicing

The juicing fad may not be so healthful after all. It turns out that juicing may not be the nutritional breakthrough it was touted as, and you’re likely better off just eating the right portions of whole fruits and vegetables. → Read More

Don't Be So Sure About That 'Connection' You Felt on Tinder: People Are Hiring Ghostwriters to Do Their Online Flirting for Them

Ghostwriters chat with women online in order to tempt them into dates with their clients. → Read More

Happy Halloween: Here's How Witches Could Save the Planet

Modern witch Sarah Durham Wilson explains why women are "coming out of the broom closet" en masse. → Read More

Goat Yoga? One Woman's Hilarious Solution for Handling Stress and Modern Life

Lainey Morse found an innovative way to alleviate the stress and debt of chronic illness. → Read More

Why Good Fats Aren't So Healthy When You're Stressed Out

Another reason to keep the stress out of your life. → Read More

The Women of the Obama Administration Came Up With a Clever Strategy to Make Themselves Heard

They used "amplification" to combat a subtle, common form of sexism. → Read More

Some Ultra-Marathoners Now Swear by Marijuana to Help Their Training

More athletes are coming out publicly about their pot use. → Read More