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Past articles by Peter:

Not a Joke, the Pentagon Wants to Name a Warship the USS Fallujah

Why is the U.S. choosing to celebrate its most murderous and merciless battles in Iraq? → Read More

When We Talk About Fox News, We Need to Talk About the Murdoch Family Too

The Murdochs own Fox News but rarely get the scrutiny they deserve for bankrolling racism and hatred. → Read More

The Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature Should Refuse to Accept It

The Swedish Academy, which selects the Nobel winner, is a corrupt institution that has tolerated genocide denial and sexual assault. → Read More

The Nobel Prize, a Rape Camp in Bosnia, and Peter Handke

When Peter Handke visited Bosnia in 1998, he stayed at a horrifying landmark: a hotel used by Serbs during the war as a rape camp. → Read More

Peter Handke Won the Nobel Prize After Two Jurors Fell for a Conspiracy Theory About the Bosnia War

The Nobel jurors relied on two books that defend Handke by citing a theory that the Serb genocide of Muslims was a myth created by a PR firm. → Read More

How the Nobel Prize Succumbed to the Literary Art of Genocide Denial

Peter Handke, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, niftily stops just short of outright denials of the Serb genocide of Bosnia’s Muslims. → Read More

How Lachlan Murdoch Went From Studying Philosophy at Princeton to Exploiting White Nationalism at Fox News

Rupert Murdoch's oldest son has taken charge of Fox News. The family's role in the far-right network is coming under greater scrutiny. → Read More

Fox News Is Poisoning America. Rupert Murdoch and His Heirs Should Be Shunned.

The Murdoch family is warmly received in the hallways of power and money. But they should be ostracized in the same way as Steve Bannon. → Read More

Max Boot Is Very Sorry for Backing the GOP and the Iraq Invasion. Why Is He Being Praised for This?

The conservative intellectual is forgiven by his media peers for errors of immense and tragic consequence. Boot's new book is a problem. → Read More

Dear Senators: The Opposition to Brett Kavanaugh Includes Churches, Law Professors, and Conservatives — Even His Own Friends

The National Council of Churches and former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens are among those asking that Brett Kavanaugh step aside. → Read More

Why Brett Kavanaugh’s High School Friends Try to Protect His Reputation — and Theirs

Brett Kavanaugh’s portrayal of his high school years as innocent depends on confirmation — or silence — from a handful of men in a position to know. → Read More

Here Are Five Questions the FBI Should Ask Mark Judge About Brett Kavanaugh

Mark Judge is accused of aiding a sexual assault on Christine Blasey Ford. He knows Brett Kavanaugh well and has agreed to talk with the FBI. → Read More

The Closer You Look, the Worse Brett Kavanaugh’s Relationship With Mark Judge Appears

Brett Kavanaugh, the Supreme Court nominee, was close to Judge at their prep school. Mark Judge is connected to drunken aggression against women. → Read More

Mark Judge’s Memoir About Brett Kavanaugh’s High School Portrays a Culture of Aggression and Excessive Drinking

Supreme Court nominee says he did not sexually assault a teenage girl in 1982. But the party culture at his school was tumultuous, a book says. → Read More

America’s War Narrative Focuses on Its Soldiers. Afghans and Iraqis Are Brushed Aside.

American soldiers are at the center of a crop of new books about Iraq and Afghanistan. This contributes to an incomplete narrative of those wars. → Read More

Trump Finds a New Weapon for His War on Journalism — Leak Indictments Aimed at Smearing Reporters

The Justice Department emphasized a romance between reporter Ali Watkins and alleged leaker James Wolfe. The spotlight on Watkins was intentional. → Read More

Paul Manafort Has Inadvertently Helped America by Showing the Absurdities of Its Bail System

Paul Manafort’s indictment has drawn attention to one of the great travesties in the way America treats people accused of crimes: its bail system. → Read More

Reality Winner Has Been in Jail for a Year. Her Prosecution Is Unfair and Unprecedented.

Winner is accused of leaking a classified NSA document that helped alert Americans to Russian hacking attacks against the U.S. voting system. → Read More

Donald Trump Has Liberated Koreans From the Illusion That America Is Helping Them

By cancelling (for now) his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, Trump has emphasized how the U.S. is an impediment to peace. → Read More

Ten Journalists Were Just Killed in Afghanistan. Please STFU About the White House Correspondents Dinner.

The White House Correspondents Dinner touches on everything that is lucratively diseased in Washington journalism. → Read More