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Past articles by Sally:

Why was the Bernie v Biden debate so absurd? It might have to do with the coronavirus

Not having an audience made the angry old man shouting match antics feel all the more sad. → Read More

Trump got some bad news on Super Tuesday: Democratic voters are eager to show him the door

In a crazy, crowded primary election, Democrats show their ultimate goal with high turnout across the country. → Read More

Citizens United paved the way for Trump. Ousting Trump will let us end Citizens United.

Impeachment is how we defend our Constitution. Ending Citizens United is how we take democracy back. → Read More

Elizabeth Warren is a friend to capitalists, at least those who see revolution coming

Elizabeth Warren is not opposed to a market economy. She just thinks that those markets need to work for everyone. → Read More

Take Trump impeachment off the table. Voters can decide in 2020.

Instead of seeing the Mueller report as the end of impeachment, we should see it as a beginning of the end for Trump’s re-election prospects in 2020. → Read More

Campaign 2020: I really like Joe Biden, but he shouldn't run for president

I really, really like Joe Biden. But I don’t want him to run for president. He’s the wrong candidate for the populist political moment. → Read More

The right's revealing hypocrisy over Rep. Ilhan Omar's comments is painful to watch

The right wing's response to Rep. Ilhan Omar's comments show it is the single greatest source of hypocrisy in modern American life. → Read More

9 things you should know before Trump starts spewing lies in Tuesday address to the nation

It would be nice if Donald Trump would stick to the facts in his address to the nation, but that's not likely. → Read More


What Bernie Sanders should have done about sexism in his campaign

Bernie Sanders' apology for sexual harassment allegations made against individuals who worked on his 2016 campaign doesn't go nearly far enough, writes Sally Kohn → Read More

Why the Hell Are We Locking Up Migrant Kids at All?

There is no jail humane enough to hold these children. → Read More


The border wall GoFundMe page sums up the Trump presidency

Sally Kohn writes that the GoFundMe page for Trump's border wall is yet further evidence that Trump has deceived his base and cannot deliver on the promises he has made them. → Read More


Why does it take a voice from the hereafter to make Republicans do the right thing?

Out of deference to the late president, Republicans have reportedly taken a pause in their threat to shut down the government--and furlough 800,000 workers-- if Congress doesn't fund Trump's $5 billion border wall, says Sally Kohn. But if they don't think it's appropriate to extort stupid funding in this moment, is it appropriate ever? → Read More


Protest at Tucker Carlson's home went too far

I get it: protesters want to speak out in a way that feels commensurate with this new era of injustice. But as a progressive, I'm going to try to be the change I want to see in the world, writes Sally Kohn. And this includes treating other people, leaders on the right and especially voters and followers on the right, with respect and kindness. → Read More

Identity politics isn’t always divisive. After Pittsburgh, it can help us heal.

If my people are in pain, it should make it easier to understand others’ pain. → Read More


Michelle Obama is still right

Her motto is "when they go low, we go high" -- and the moral values contained therein hold even in Trump's America, and even ahead of crucial midterm elections, no matter what Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton say, Sally Kohn writes. → Read More


THIS is what democracy really looks like

Mitch McConnell should consider this: If confronting Senators in elevators seems outrageous, perhaps he should focus more on the outrage that people are feeling -- and the mounting sense of frustration that Republicans have so hamstrung this process, and the progress of our nation in general, that protest is the only avenue left, writes Sally Kohn → Read More


The GOP is right to be worried about Kavanaugh

Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation process threatens the Republican Party, which is already struggling to win the female vote in the midterms, writes Sally Kohn. → Read More

Kavanaugh isn’t entitled to a Supreme Court seat, just as men aren’t entitled to sex

Trump saying the judge is “born” for the high court is part of the air of male entitlement embedded in this debate. → Read More


The cowardice of the 'Sheep Throat' op-ed

We're supposed to think that Sheep Throat and his or her herd are brave for fighting the good fight, despite a craven claim to anonymity in an NYT op-ed -- when in truth this person is promoting conservative policies that roll back rights and protections, while complaining that Trump's style is distasteful and a threat, writes Sally Kohn. → Read More


The royal wedding mania paradox

Sally Kohn writes that the royal wedding is highlighting a cultural paradox, in which we worship the rich elites while simultaneously raging against the rampant inequality that produces them. → Read More