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Past articles by Letters:

Was COVID-19 released from a Wuhan lab?: Letters

We will never really know the origin of the virus We will never know conclusively if the virus originated at the Wuhan lab because the MSM will continue to say, “inconclusive.” The me… → Read More

Huntington Beach housing mandates: Letters

Re “Surf City goes all in to push NIMBY agenda” (March 2): The people of Huntington Beach made their voices loud and clear: we will not be bullied by the state and its overreach. We w… → Read More

Is Biden visit to Kyiv just grandstanding?: Letters

This trip to Ukraine was just a publicity stunt Of course, this was a publicity stunt, something he can flash on the TV screen during his reelection campaign. The moment he walks out … → Read More

California’s homeless crisis: Letters

Re “Newsom set to release $1B for homelessness” (Nov. 20): The state of California currently has the highest homeless population in the U.S., followed by New York. California and New York al… → Read More

Proposed new medium duty and heavy-duty trucks zero emission by 2040: Letters

Re “Regulators unveil plan to phase out gas and diesel semitrailers, trucks” (Sept. 17): Mr. Patricio Portillo, the clean transportation advocate from the Natural Resources Defense Council s… → Read More

Columnists Wilson and Shelley’s opinion on Prop. 1: Letters

Re “Should Prop. 1 be approved?” (Sept. 18): It is interesting to compare the opinion pieces for and against Prop. 1. Mr. Wilson hurls invective at the Supreme Court and those who understand… → Read More

Proposed gun control: Letters

Re “Supes propose ban on selling .50-caliber handguns and bullets” (Sept. 14): So, the L.A. County Board of Supervisors want to ban the sale of .50 caliber handguns and their ammunition, do … → Read More

Mass exodus of teachers: Letters

Re “Teachers leaving because of burnout” (Sept. 4): Your article on the mass exodus of classroom teachers is not unique to LAUSD. The problem is pervasive across the nation. As your article … → Read More

CSU’s students: Letters

Re “Black students fall behind in CSUs, a fact hidden in data” (July 25): The people trying to increase the number of minority students (i.e., Black students) in colleges by using race as a … → Read More

Newsom’s Montana trip: A yay or nay?: Letters

Newsom’s Montana trip A typical Nusulini hypocritical action. He lambasts Montana for anti-LGBTQ laws and then takes his family there on vacation. He may have paid for the trip, but o… → Read More

Gann spending limit and what the law really says: Letters

Re “Gann refunds — what is legal?” (May 29): Jon Coupal once again points out that excess tax revenue is by law to go to education, transportation and refunded in some way to the taxpayers … → Read More

Great Replacement Theory and Claremont: Letters

Re “Evil that ‘great replacement’ has wrought” (May 22): Your editorial wrongly accused the Claremont Institute of categorically opposing immigration, citing its Feb. 14 American Mind piece … → Read More

Newsom fails to save California drivers: Letters

Re “Why can’t Sacramento get things done?” (April 28): If the consequences weren’t so dire, the ineptness of Gavin Newsom and his social Democrats to save Californians from the highest gasol… → Read More

California’s legislative power and its balance: Letters

In politics, real change can only be made if you reach the other side of your platform with hard cold facts. Not typical election year hyperbole and rhetoric. Unfortunately, great articles,… → Read More

California death penalty: Letters

Re “Newsom is right on death penalty” (Feb. 13): I take exception to the above article, as I recall Proposition 62 (abolish the death penalty) was rejected by California voters with 53.1% vo… → Read More

Jan. 6 and the Republican National Committee: Letters

Re “GOP: Jan. 6 riot ‘legitimate political discourse’” (Feb. 5): By calling the events of Jan. 6 a legitimate political discourse, and censuring Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, the Republican… → Read More

Riverside’s $21 million homeless project: Letters

Really, Riverside City Council? I’m not feeling too warm and fuzzy about your $21 million decision to fund a special interest housing project in the middle of downtown, especially after slap… → Read More

Kyrsten Sinema and the filibuster in the Senate: Letters

Re “Democratic flailing over Kyrsten Sinema“ (Jan. 27): Calling Democratic efforts to remove the filibuster “mob rule” is the height of hypocrisy. Did you accuse Mitch McConnell of causing … → Read More

Should California have single-payer?: Letters

Oppose universal healthcare in state I believe single payer universal health care takes the medical decisions for the patient out of the hands of the doctor and into the hands of boar… → Read More

John Seiler on Kelly Ernby’s death: Letters

Re “L.A. Times columnist’s sick, cruel attack on Kelly Ernby” (Jan. 13): I am sorry that she died. I am also sorry that others are needlessly dying of COVID. There is no credible scientific … → Read More