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Strategic petroleum reserve oil release unlikely to make pricing difference: Letters

Re “Biden says oil release order should ease high gas prices” (Nov. 24): The news of President Biden releasing 50 million barrels of oil from. the strategic oil reserve is a bit misleading i… → Read More

Large corporations are big contributors to our economy, like small ones: Letters

Re “Proposed minimum tax targets large corporations” (Nov. 19): Report say Sen. Elizabeth Warren wants to impose taxes on large corporations. This article doesn’t address what large corporat… → Read More

Corona-Norco school Trustee Jose Lalas: Letters

Re “School trustee faces recall over pandemic mandates” (Nov. 18): In your article about the proposed recall of CNUSD Trustee Jose Lalas, only community members in support of this effort wer… → Read More

Superintendent James Hammond: Letters

Re “School chief cashes in on paid leave” (Nov. 14): I hope everyone whose tax dollars have been stolen is as outraged as I am about the amount of money that is being paid to the superintend… → Read More

SEIU scandals: Letters

Re “SEIU scandals shine light on union politics” (Oct. 24): Your recent editorial, “SEIU scandals: time to limit union politics,” states it’s time government unions “stay in their lane and s… → Read More

The endgame is zero COVID-19, not liberty: Letters

Re “Washington State fires coach over COVID-19 shot” (Oct. 19): I think all agree zero COVID-19 deaths and illness is an ideal goal in every way. Vaccine mandates seem to be one of the faste… → Read More

AB 1346: Letters

I just read the article “State’s gas lawn equipment ban affects the little guys,” Oct. 19. Although the bill has its merits, I’m not sure any thought has been given to the disposal of the mi… → Read More

Public Policy Center and the ‘myths’ of income inequality in our state: Letters

Re “The many myths of income inequity” (Oct. 10): Jon Coupal was not the only one to mention right-wing, corporate-sponsored think tanks tied to a nationwide network sponsored by ALEC (see K… → Read More

Mandates are what works to get the vaccine: Letters

Re “Persuasion, not mandates, should boost vaccination” (Oct. 7); The authors believe the unvaccinated can be persuaded and mandates are unnecessary. They base this off a single survey with … → Read More

Vaccine passports are not an affront to liberty: Letters

Re “How much liberty must be given up for safety?” (Sept. 5): My response to Susan Shelley’s anti-vaxer rant: It’s not just about you, Susan. Refusal to get vaccinated against COVID-19 affec… → Read More

A recall is really about democracy in our country: Letters

This recall is not a Republican takeover as claimed by the vote-no-on-recall ads. Many, many people had to sign those petitions to get them on the ballot. Not all were Republicans. Not many … → Read More

‘Code red’ story on last chance to fix climate misses the extreme weather events of past: Letters

Re “UN report sounds ‘code red’ to leaders” (Aug. 10): The U.N.‘s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued its latest report. As expected, the mainly left-wing media and polit… → Read More

Delta variant and whether it requires that we again mask up in public in state: Letters

Re “Shot or not, virus amount same” (July 31): while the latest findings that the COVID-19 Delta variant viral load can be similar in vaccinated folks as those who aren’t is disappoin… → Read More

Freedom and responsibility: Letters

Re “The blessing of liberty” (July 4): Susan Shelley seems to think all of our problems would be over if we all had complete freedom. I believe there has to be responsibility with that free… → Read More

Praises be, HR1 has been blocked from passage: Letters

The Republican 50 senators remained firm on a vote to stop moving forward with the voting atrocity. The “mess with the people act,” not “For the People Act” couldn’t muster the 60 votes it n… → Read More

Riverside senior condos: Letters

Re “Opening salvo is fired against senior condos”(June 22) Calling this a senior housing project is misleading; the only senior feature is that it is age-restricted to 55+. The development d… → Read More

Union membership rights: Letters

Re “Freedom of association belongs to teachers, too” (May 9): Big business has outspent labor in political contributions by 30 to 1, and in individual donations by corporate interests versus… → Read More

Facebook is a social network, not a news source: Letters

Facebook’s decision to continue banning Donald Trump acknowledges the sorry fact that millions of gullible people believe what they see posted by influential persons as truth and that some p… → Read More

Securing California’s water future with infrastructure: Letters

Re “Newsom’s drought plan lacks vision” (April 25): We completely agree with your editorial calling for infrastructure investment to help secure California’s water future. As you pointed out… → Read More

Pension bailout?: Letters

Re “Stimulus wrongly bails out pensions” (March 23): The title of a recent editorial indicates that the “stimulus” wrongly bails out pensions. I’m confused by the editorial. I reviewed the r… → Read More