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Past articles by Natalie:

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Air travel is the safest form of transportation, but 40 percent of people experience some form of anxiety related to it. These tips can help. → Read More

What to do if you find a turtle in the road

If you live near water, you're likely to encounter a turtle attempting to cross the road. Use this guide to know what to do when you see one. → Read More

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When you feel the need to stockpile gasoline, keep these recommendations in mind. And don't risk using makeshift containers. → Read More

How to tell science from pseudoscience

Science reporting is complex, which means it can be easily faked. Know what to look for and you won't get fooled. → Read More

How to help birds avoid crashing into your windows

It's important that we help birds migrate safely. → Read More

6 ways to magically regrow vegetables in only water

You don't need lots of dirt and land to grow a usable crop of vegetables. These veggies will grow right out of a glass of water. → Read More

The best ways to wrangle, repel, and just get snakes out of your home

Snakes may find their way into your home in search of food, shelter, or warmth. Follow these tips to get the snake out safely. → Read More

How to keep fat bears (and other bears) out of your trash

Hungry bears will track down food by smell, and they will tear open trash cans to get to it. Use these tips to keep them away from your property. → Read More

Can you really use foil to fireproof your house?

The foil-wrapped homes you may have seen surviving wildfires probably aren't covered with store-brand stuff. Here's how it would work if you tried. → Read More

How to turn your garden into a tortoise sanctuary

Depending on your location, you may be able to catch a glimpse of these majestic reptiles and make your property a prime spot for them. → Read More

How to not get pricked by a North American porcupine

Porcupines aren’t looking for trouble. As long as you keep a respectful distance, you’re very unlikely to receive a nasty tail swipe. → Read More

Can you handle these fat, fluffy DIY marshmallows? Let's find out.

Marshmallows are a quintessential fall and winter treat, and these DIY puffs come out thick and delicious. Try them for yourself. → Read More

Make natural fabric dye with vegetable scraps

People have been dying fabric for thousands of years. You can, too, with ingredients you can buy for cheap at your local grocery store. → Read More

How to temper chocolate—even in hot weather

Tempered chocolate is about more than looks—it's solid at room temperature and it’s tougher than candy you melt and recool with no precision. → Read More

Make a custom rubber stamp to leave your mark on everything

Craft store rubber stamps are cliche, but custom stamps are expensive. Avoid all that hassle and make your own to add a bit of flair to all your paperwork. → Read More

What do the numbers on plastic mean? And 3 other trashy questions, answered.

The numbers on plastic products can be hard to understand, and so can other terms such as "bioplastic." Read this guide to sort them out. → Read More

Exude power and confidence with better body language

If you want to look like you know what you're talking about, use these body language tips to appear confident. → Read More

How to escort a bat out of your home

A bat in your home can be stressful and chaotic. Follow these tips to make sure you get the animal safely outside. → Read More

A 'memory palace' is your secret tool for remembering information

A 'memory palace' doesn't have to be elaborate—it just has to be a place you know well. That and other tips will help you remember all kinds of stuff. → Read More

How to protect wild animals from heat

Wild animals can suffer in extreme heat just like humans do. Follow these tips to make your home an oasis for wildlife in need. → Read More