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Past articles by Cole:

Can a French Shipping Giant Make Marseille the Capital of the Mediterranean?

The Saadé family has raked in huge profits, turning CMA CGM into a strategic asset for Paris and a potential economic lifeline for France’s impoverished second city. → Read More

The left has finally got its act together – in France. Watch out, Macron and Le Pen

A new alliance led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s party will fight June’s legislative elections – and threatens the established order, says Paris-based journalist Cole Stangler → Read More

The French Left Is Uniting Around Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s Radical Agenda

After years of division, left-wing parties are in talks to run together in June’s French parliamentary elections. Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s strong presidential bid has placed him at the heart of the Left — and an alliance that could deny Emmanuel Macron a majority. → Read More

In French Presidential Election, Thousands More Vote from Prison

While incarcerated people in France have had the right to vote since 1994, outside pressure and new reforms have made it easier for them to exercise their rights. → Read More

A Mélenchon vs. Macron Runoff Would Be Good for France

The grizzled left-wing populist’s campaign focuses on economics and climate rather than immigration, injecting sorely needed proposals into the national debate. → Read More

With Macron’s eyes on Ukraine, the far right is dominating the French election

Debates are focusing on crime, immigration and culture wars – but most voters are worried about the cost of living, says Cole Stangler, a journalist based in Paris → Read More

France’s Presidential Election Is a One-Sided Culture War

Emmanuel Macron has often warned that France shouldn’t imitate US-style culture wars. But ahead of April’s election, the liberal president and his far-right challengers are all obsessing about what they call an “Islamo-leftist” threat to French national identity. → Read More

Europe’s Big Polluters Want to Ensure the EU Doesn’t Limit Their Polluting

The European Union is weighing major climate legislation to scale back emissions across the continent. But there’s a familiar foe mobilizing to scale back the legislation: lobbyists for corporate polluters. → Read More

Big Pharma’s EU Lobbying Could Spell Disaster for Global South Vaccine Waivers

Pharma giants have spent big on lobbying European Union officials over vaccine waivers. It’s paid off: now key European power brokers oppose suspending global vaccine patents to fight the pandemic in the Global South. → Read More

Emmanuel Macron Is Creating a Liberalism Without Civil Liberties

On Tuesday, France's National Assembly passed a bill effectively banning citizens from posting videos of police officers. Emmanuel Macron is trampling on historic press freedoms in order to prove himself as a → Read More

Macron has enjoyed wielding his authority during Covid – and the French don't like it

Citizens frustrated by the president’s top-down approach to crisis management are chafing against the latest restrictions, says Paris-based journalist Cole Stangler → Read More

How French Workers Took on Amazon in the Middle of a Pandemic and Won

Yes, it’s possible. → Read More

These pension strikes may be historic, but French unions are weaker than they seem

Their fight against Macron’s pension reforms highlights the need for unions to turn public support into active membership, says journalist Cole Stangler → Read More

French workers cherish their welfare state. That’s why they’re striking

Macron’s proposed retirement reforms are his latest attempt to erode the safety net. Tomorrow the people are fighting back, says journalist Cole Stangler → Read More

The Labour Left Is Poised to Take Power If It Can Move Past One Roadblock: Brexit

The Labor Party's left flank is preparing for its best shot at governing in a generation. But the Brexit dilemma threatens to fracture the party's electorate. → Read More

Macron’s national debate on immigration plays into the hands of the French far right

The French president is trying to beat Marine Le Pen at her own game, says Paris-based journalist Cole Stangler → Read More

Emmanuel Macron’s Presidency Is Still Doomed

Emmanuel Macron’s many loyal outriders in the media are trying to paint the picture of a “comeback” in his fortunes. But rising labor disputes and challenges to his environmental record show that the French president is anything but popular. → Read More

Rebuilding France Insoumise

France Insoumise’s future is in doubt. But disputes over its internal structures mask a bigger problem — the party isn't tapping into popular anger. → Read More

What the Yellow Vests Have in Common with Occupy

Inside the mass protests that are rocking France. → Read More

Millennials: Unions Good, Corporations Bad

Leftists should be heartened by recent US poll data showing that 68 percent of people aged 18-29 have positive views of unions. Just 46 percent said the same of corporations. → Read More