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Recent articles by George:

Think about this when judging race-based college admissions

The Supreme Court’s duty is to exercise its judgment, not defer to presumptions. → Read More

America’s abortion debate has non-debatable parameters

Americans must consider not only what abortion policy ought to be but also how U.S. policy has been an extreme outlier. → Read More

She dreamed of becoming a nurse, but then ran afoul of a Texas court

Erma Wilson hopes to penetrate the shield of immunity that protects prosecutors from paying financial damages when they violate defendants’ constitutional rights. → Read More

Why the Supreme Court told Boston its ‘Christian’ flag ban won’t fly

City Hall had allowed hundreds of groups to display their flags but then balked at one request, citing constitutional establishment clause concerns that the justices found unwarranted. → Read More

Alito’s argument is less a refutation of Roe than a starting over

The leaker — probably full of passionate intensity, as the worst usually are — will leave a lingering stench in the Supreme Court building. → Read More

Mike Pompeo ponders entering the presidential marathon

Pompeo is exploring a 2024 election run in the orthodox way, campaigning for Republican candidates hither and yon, falling in love with Iowa’s vistas and Iowans’ wisdom, etc. → Read More

Amend the Constitution to bar senators from the presidency

The Senate has become a theater of performative behaviors by senators decreasingly interested in legislating, and preoccupied with using social media for self-promotion. → Read More

Biden has a tawdry new scheme to cripple charter schools

The administration puts the priorities of teachers unions over those of children, even though this tawdry fidelity to a funder will exacerbate Democrats’ growing problems with Black and Hispanic voters. → Read More

Unsettled governance and political loathing are as French as brie

Sunday's contest between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen is as unpredictable as it will be consequential. → Read More

A tantrum by infantilized French populists could elect Marine Le Pen

A demagogue is implicitly promising to wield the French state's gigantic redistributive power to somehow redistribute esteem, thereby assuaging grumpy voters' resentments. → Read More

$1.6 trillion in student debt is a monument to destructive assumptions

Instead of rethinking many assumptions and practices, President Biden is poised to use student loan difficulties as an occasion for political opportunism on a grand scale. → Read More

Unlikely, but here’s how Illinois could escape its fiscal abyss

The blue-state governance model has made the mess: the Democratic Party and government employee unions, bound together with hoops of steel. → Read More

George Will's 2022 MLB Opening Day baseball quiz

It's that time of year once again. Take Will's annual baseball quiz. → Read More

Clarence Thomas and his wife’s texts: A kerfuffle over appearances

What, exactly, is the problem with Virginia Thomas's mad-as-hatter politics? Appearances, apparently. → Read More

Toomey rightly wants to rein in mission gallop at ‘Boeing’s Bank’

The Export-Import Bank has been reauthorized 17 times, despite evidence that it is unnecessary. → Read More

To avoid nuclear calamity, Biden makes a delicate calibration about Putin

Suddenly the most sophisticated of weapons might be used by a moral primitive because of Russia’s 10-thumbed mishandling of its conventional forces in Ukraine. → Read More

Questions for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

How to make the confirmation hearings for Biden's Supreme Court nominee instructive. → Read More

Tobacco: Still troubling, even for a tobacco company

Covid-19 has quickened interest in public health policies, including this: The most efficient thing government does, in terms of social benefits per dollar spent, is disseminate information. → Read More

The lockout was the least of baseball’s problems

Longer games with less action is an atrocious recipe for an entertainment business. → Read More

How America became a nation of the woke and the wary, walking on eggshells

For the sensitivity industry, the concepts of microaggressions and zero tolerance have become gifts that can never stop giving. → Read More