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Recent articles by George:

This is who should be Biden’s secretary of state

Chris Coons is equipped to repair the recent damage to our prestige and security. → Read More

California shows how unchecked progressives inflict progress

California’s progressive laboratory serves as warning to the rest of the country. → Read More

The fourth branch of government is on its way to evicting Congress

The Centers for Disease Control assumes such sweeping executive power that one wonders what Congress is for. → Read More

This is who Joe Biden should nominate as defense secretary

Michele Flournoy would be an excellent defense secretary for a Biden administration because she understands the threat China poses. → Read More

Biden’s first test could be the tensest U.S. moment since the Cuban missile crisis

Joe Biden’s 2001 stance on U.S. commitments to the island is no longer tenable. → Read More

The U.S. is facing many old European anxieties

Democracy hinges on the illusion that “the people” are in charge. → Read More

Biden needs a Sister Souljah moment

Biden needs to emphatically prove to voters he is not intimidated by the arson-inclined inhabitants of the wilder shores of American politics. → Read More

Here’s one election that is not dismaying

This candidate for Yale’s governing board could help save a great university from its worst impulses. → Read More

A President Biden’s first priority must be restoring foreign confidence in the U.S.

Forces and events beyond U.S. shores get a vote, and they might test a Biden administration early and gravely. → Read More

Progressives want a new New Deal. The old one failed at its main task.

For the sake of the economy, let’s hope a “new” New Deal doesn’t come to pass. → Read More

Why Harris’s criticism of Biden for opposing busing was especially peculiar

The vice-presidential hopeful’s support for busing runs contrary to experience and evidence. → Read More

Tariff Man punishes the Canadian bullies

By imposing tariffs on Canadian aluminum, Trump shows who the real socialist is these days. → Read More

One of humanity’s remarkable achievements is the absence of a third nuclear weapon

This Sunday marks the 75th anniversary of the second, and hopefully last, use of an atomic bomb against another country. → Read More

George Will: The end of national nightmare 2.0

WASHINGTON — Moments after becoming president on August 9, 1974, Gerald Ford said, “Our long national nightmare is over.” Having served a → Read More

This is what national decline looks like

2020 will decide whether we continue on our unserious trajectory. → Read More

The Supreme Court should remind New Jersey why the U.S. discarded the Articles of Confederation

Is this America’s “critical period” redux? → Read More

A 1946 lynching is still haunting us

The most lurid crime in the year that lit the fuse that blew up Jim Crow. → Read More

The military officers aiding Trump’s stunt have been promoted to the level of their incompetence

Sometimes it does seem that history is not one damn thing after another, it is the same damn thing over and over. → Read More

No one should want four more years of this taste of ashes

With Trump, there is no such thing as rock bottom. So, assume the worst is yet to come. → Read More

A disturbing draft opinion is an attempt to exclude conservatives from the legal debate

The opinion, regarding codes of conduct for judges, seems tailored to injure the Federalist Society. → Read More