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Recent articles by George:

Police thought his cash was suspicious. So they took it. And won’t give it back.

Jerry Johnson says he flew to Arizona for a truck auction. Instead, he ran into a Kafkaesque tutorial in government power and civil forfeiture. → Read More

Why toxic politics thrives in an age of plenty

Toxic politics might derive from the fact that humanity has solved what had been its perennial, dominating problem. → Read More

Be thankful for the pugnacious Zelensky’s magnificent resistance to suppression

Churchill thought modern warfare obliterated the "personal factor." He later disproved that. Now we have another example of the power of individual fortitude. → Read More

Sometimes a gadfly like this one in East Cleveland is just what democracy needs

William Fambrough campaigned for a mayoral candidate in a step van outfitted as a sound truck. Soon the police came calling. The vehicle was towed. Now he's suing. → Read More

50 years later, the bell-bottomed zombie Equal Rights Amendment staggers on

With a tenacity inversely proportional to their credibility, the ERA's bitter-enders insist it is "one signature away" from becoming the 28th Amendment. → Read More

The flummoxed Federal Reserve deserves a new variation on the Peter Principle

Having bungled their main job by letting inflation soar, the central bankers assign themselves a noble task that cannot expose them as failures: fighting climate change. → Read More

Echoes of Youngkin as another parental revolt stirs in Virginia

A congressional race is roiled by another controversy involving parental fury over what they consider government hostility to their primacy in raising children. → Read More

Why the West must stop Putin’s drive to export Russia’s cruel pathologies

Moscow wants to be the collectivist alternative to open societies of rights-bearing individuals fulfilled through private rather than nationalist aspirations. → Read More

Ukraine needs advanced U.S. drones that can instantly transform a battle

These unmanned aerial vehicles can be force-multipliers. No wonder a bipartisan group of 17 members of Congress has urged President Biden to expedite delivery. → Read More

Biden’s slapdash, election-season student loan gambit may be in trouble

A promising legal challenge has arisen. But how else does the loan forgiveness violate statutory and constitutional law, and justice? Let us count the ways. → Read More

Sometimes, as with the college football conference upheavals, worse is better

Realignments in the Big Ten, SEC and elsewhere were produced by cold economic reasoning. → Read More

While Oz campaigns about campaigning, Fetterman sells a synthetic authenticity

If the Oct. 25 debate in the Pennsylvania Senate race occurs, it could help the Republican by changing the subject from his opponent's medical condition. → Read More

Elizabeth II’s death underscores continuity in an era of disjunctions

Her power consisted in her example of behaving responsibly toward duties she inherited. → Read More

Gorbachev’s reputation rests on the world’s amnesia

Like Christopher Columbus, who accidentally discovered the New World, the former Russian leader stumbled into greatness by misunderstanding where he was going. → Read More

Garland has a political duty to explain the circus perpetrated at Mar-a-Lago

Try to imagine a justification for this flamboyant exercise of – what? law enforcement? → Read More

Josh Hawley, senator-as-symptom of a broken news business

An absurd vote against NATO expansion landed a cable news invitation — illustrating what Chris Stirewalt deplores in his new book about journalism today. → Read More

How the news business’s economics altered the news itself

Essayist Andrey Mir says media in a “post-journalism" world supply not news but “news validation.” → Read More

Blaming social media for academia’s ruin misses a larger, darker truth

Many academics are not 'captured by' Twitter; it is their 'safe space.' Their febrile shallowness is not 'Twitter-induced'; Twitter is a response to it. → Read More

Now we see the wisdom of the high court’s ‘vulgar cheerleader’ ruling

A high-school student's puerile joke could have gone unremarked, but not in this age of social media and dithering adults. → Read More

How millennials became aggressively illiberal, censorious young adults

In his most recent book, Mark Bauerlein describes today's millions-strong youthful cohort of the sour, humorless and disappointed (with America, and everything else less perfect than they). → Read More