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Past articles by Max:

In Vietnam, Biden discovers the limits of democracy promotion

The challenge for Biden is to cooperate with illiberal regimes on common goals without turning a blind eye to their transgressions. → Read More

Why liberals protesting cluster munitions for Ukraine are wrong

Kyiv needs all the help it can get to win the war. → Read More

Ukraine in NATO? My heart says yes. But my head says no.

The West can safeguard Ukraine even without NATO membership. → Read More

It’s way too early to write off the Ukrainian counteroffensive

Instead of second-guessing the Ukrainian push, the West should be supporting it → Read More

Putin let slip the dogs of war. Now they’re coming back to bite him.

The Wagner rebellion shows how Putin’s war is backfiring. → Read More

The GOP claims to be strong on defense. Tommy Tuberville shows otherwise.

A senator’s devotion to the culture wars imperils the ability of the United States to fight real wars. → Read More

A Chinese spy station in Cuba is no scandal

We shouldn’t let reports of a Chinese listening station derail efforts to improve relations. → Read More

The Ukrainian offensive is beginning. David Petraeus is optimistic.

The retired general says Ukraine has a chance to break the Russians. → Read More

The United States needs to rethink its addiction to sanctions. They’re backfiring.

Washington has sanctions on nearly 12,000 entities. Does the policy make sense? → Read More

An Army command like no other seeks to master the future of war

The Army Futures Command aspires to harness the power of innovation. → Read More

Chat with Max Boot on his trip to Ukraine

Max's Q&A with readers starts at 12 p.m. ET on Friday, June 2. Submit your questions now. → Read More

I was just in Kyiv under fire. I saw why Ukraine can win.

Ukrainians are convinced that "victory is the only option." They're right. → Read More

India just passed China in population. That’s good news for America.

India’s demographic rise creates a potential counterweight to China. → Read More

As a post-American Middle East dawns, Iran and China rush to fill the void

Pretending that the power shift isn’t happening isn’t going to work. The administration needs to get out of denial and start coping with the new reality. → Read More

How a tech executive uses the ‘Silicon Valley playbook’ to equip Ukraine

When the invasion began, Andrey Liscovich rushed from San Francisco to his homeland. The military said he'd be more help scrounging supplies than fighting. → Read More

Should South Korea go nuclear? That’s a decision for Seoul, not Washington.

Given North Korea's growing threat, popular support in South Korean for developing a nuclear deterrent is no surprise. The Biden administration opposes it. → Read More

In the U.S.-China competition, the real ‘existential’ danger is nuclear war

The danger of a catastrophic escalation is one that China hawks don't pay enough attention to. → Read More

As Ukraine prepares its spring offensive, Russia goes from defeat to defeat

The West still must do more to ensure that Ukraine will win the next stage of the war. → Read More

Netanyahu is doing lasting damage to the U.S.-Israel relationship

Israel can’t afford to squander U.S. support. → Read More

Yes, TikTok is a threat to America. But so are U.S. social media companies.

TikTok isn’t the only popular social media platform beholden to China. → Read More