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Past articles by Nikita:

6 Quick Reminders To Change Your Perspective On Your Life Right Now

The way you view your life is usually the way your life turns out to be. By this I mean if you see your world is a dark, bleak place and use negative connotations to describe it, the more likely it… → Read More

‘No’ Is The Single Most Powerful Gift You Can Give Yourself

I would tell them it would be learning how to say the word “no”, loud, proud and without letting the look on someone’s face dictate how I feel about myself after. → Read More

The Real Tragedy In Loving Someone Who Cannot Love You Back

People have a habit of wanting things they cannot have. The advertising world calls it aspiration and giving us all something to aspire to. The trouble is, you cannot aspire to other people. Just t… → Read More

The Most Beautiful Thing We Can Ever Have

It is the dancing in the moonlight, cannot wait for the next day kind of love. It is the “oh my God, I don’t know what I did to deserve you but here you are” kind of love. → Read More

Take Heart, Your Wounds Will Soon Become Memories

The good news is, this is the worst part and it only gets easier from here. The bad news is, this is the worst part and your recovery is deeply unclear. → Read More

Here’s How You Know If You REALLY Love Them

So when you say you love them, do you really? Have you seen them at their deepest truth? All the layers stripped away and sheer primitive emotion? → Read More

25 Literary Geniuses Empower You To Live The Fullest Life Possible

“Don’t let the bastards grind you down.” – Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid’s Tale → Read More

10 Powerful Reminders For When You Start Comparing Yourself To Other People

In a single minute, 288,000 stars are born, and each and every one of those stars is unique and has a unique purpose. Nothing comes into being without this purpose. In the same way, every human wal… → Read More

6 Times You Thought You Were A Wreck (But You Were Actually On The Right Track)

Disappointment in yourself is usually what leads to self love and an unforgettable journey into the real you, and all the things you can achieve, if you just get out of your own way. → Read More

7 Types Of People You Meet When You’re Trying To Heal

People heal at entirely different rates and you are allowed to feel broken for as long as those feelings are inside your system. There is a reason for them being there. In these negative emotions y… → Read More

15 Minimum Effort Self Care Tips For A Busy Day

Create a new small daily habit. Whether it is the way you lay your pencils so they’re easy to access, whether it is the cup of tea you make before you work, or simply changing from work to comfy cl… → Read More

Anything 2018 Throws At You, You Will Survive

This is the year you change the world and you break out. This is the year you gain your freedom. → Read More

Falling In Love Is The Scariest Thing I’ve Done In 2017

It’s taken me some time to understand this, but feelings were made to be felt in full. Hearts were made to break so they could resurrect stronger from the wreckage. → Read More

This Is Why People With Depression Are Actually The Strongest

Depression is a dark thing lurking inside your brain, slowly shutting every single light out till you have nothing but the abyss. → Read More

Hate To Break It To You But You Met Him For A Reason

He was a storm. That’s the best way to describe him. He came into your life with the gale force passion, your whole heart was his from the moment you two decided this was it. → Read More

14 Positive One-Sentence Reminders About Your Negative Emotions

Anger is a valid, justified, human emotion and just needs a healthy release. → Read More

We Need More Kindness In 2018

Being a decent human being is the rent you should be paying to exist in this world. Being a kind human being is putting good things back in the world in hopes of making it better for the children w… → Read More

15 New Year’s Resolutions For A Happy And Healthy New Year

Spend more time building friendships instead of looking for love. → Read More

Please Stop Doubting Yourself When You Are Happy

I want you to know this. YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY. → Read More

In 2018, I Hope You Turn Being Alone To A Blessing

In 2018, I hope you learn how to be alone. Better yet, I hope you learn to love being alone. There is a big difference between alone and lonely, and I hope you find that being alone is a brilliant … → Read More