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Past articles by Geoff:

Severance agreements just became more favorable to workers. Here’s what that means for employers

Employers must be careful in drafting severance agreements. → Read More

Tesla stock is down 50% from its high—but it may not be low enough to buy

Tesla’s stock is one of the most volatile among companies of its size. → Read More

Can you make money following an activist investor into a stock? It depends

The strategy might not offer as big a financial win as expected. → Read More

‘We’re in a frenzy to be more agile’: How Kraft Heinz’s CEO is reviving Jell-O, Kool-Aid, and other famous longtime brands

The company now sells more than 20 types of ketchup. → Read More

Mass layoffs come with surprisingly large hidden costs

CEOs pondering a reduction in force may want to look closely at the surprising reality of layoffs. → Read More

From planning to execution: A step-by-step guide to conducting layoffs the right way

How you conduct layoffs can make or break employee morale and loyalty. → Read More

The CEO of Amazon Web Services likes to hire people who are ‘restless and dissatisfied.’ Here’s why

Adam Selipsky, who runs Amazon's massive cloud computing business, says "If you’re not dissatisfied with what you see around you, you’re usually not compelled to reinvent something." → Read More

Insulin’s deadly cost: Ultrahigh prices in the U.S. mean many diabetics can’t afford the medication they need to survive

In a drug-pricing system driven by perverse incentives and greed, everyone wins but patients suffering from America’s most expensive chronic disease. → Read More

Global trade’s new playbook: 3 lessons for winning in a world transformed

The pandemic hasn’t killed globalization. But the radical changes it has wrought will have long-term implications for businesses worldwide. → Read More

What Mark Zuckerberg, Barack Obama, and MLB umpires can teach us about making better decisions

We just can’t give full attention to all the decisions we make—some 35,000 a day, says one study. → Read More

Keeping tabs on climate promises: 2050 is closer than it appears

With just 28 and a half years to go, many companies that have pledged to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 are running out of time. → Read More

3 strategies for winning the post-pandemic war for talent

Employers worldwide are entering the most tumultuous turnover environment in memory. → Read More

Last year 55 Fortune 500 companies paid no U.S. income tax. How can they get away with that?

The first thing to understand is that the statement “profitable U.S. corporations paid no U.S. income tax” can be misleading. → Read More

Everything to know about how President Biden wants to change the corporate tax code

Biden is proposing a multi-part system to make escaping U.S. tax more difficult and make U.S. corporations pay more tax no matter where their profits are. → Read More

Chart: Corporate tax rates around the world—and how Biden wants to change them

President Biden is pushing an increase in the U.S. rate, and for 139 countries to agree on a global minimum rate to stop corporate profit-shifting. → Read More

AT&T’s Warner Media debacle broke the two most fundamental principles of M&A strategy

Strategy consultant Roger L. Martin made three specific predictions to Fortune in 2019: “The Time Warner acquisition will be a disaster. The CEO will lose his job. AT&T will get back half what it paid for Time Warner.” He was right on all counts. → Read More

How the World’s Greatest Leaders respond to unexpected crises

In the face of a challenge like the COVID pandemic, leaders can arise from anywhere among us. Here's what those leaders have in common. → Read More

AT&T Q1 earnings: HBO Max had a strong first quarter, but it remains at a disadvantage against rival streaming services

It’s tough to compete when you have to pay a middleman that your competitors don’t have to pay. → Read More

The overlooked report from the U.S. Treasury you should know about

And we can’t resist mentioning that this supremely useful document exists because of a 1973 Fortune article. → Read More

Derek Chauvin was found guilty. What will companies say about it?

Commenting on a verdict, whether praising or condemning, remains beyond what most companies and CEOs are willing to do. → Read More