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Past articles by Omer:

Opinion: Canada needs to get real about the threat that Beijing poses to our values

Our new Indo-Pacific strategy needs to view China through the cold lens of economic and strategic competition → Read More

Opinion: Queen Elizabeth, for all her grace, could not redeem a disgraceful legacy

The Queen held a legal office that stretched back in time and perpetrated violence against the people it subjugated – the complex grief of those subjects’ descendants shouldn’t be easily dismissed → Read More

Opinion: What’s happening in Ottawa is an assault on democracy

The images from the capital will be hard to forget, but they do not represent Canada → Read More

Opinion: The many masks of Justin Trudeau

Apologies are not enough, Omer Aziz writes. What we need now is a national reckoning of the sort we have never had → Read More

Opinion: The real meaning of the Toronto Raptors’ run to the NBA finals

Toronto has proved that it is intent on becoming a basketball mecca, and on taking the crown from the reigning champions → Read More

Liberals Are Wrong to Reject Trump’s Immigration Plan

No amount of multicultural sloganeering will assuage Americans’ concerns that the immigration system is broken. → Read More

America Through Nazi Eyes

The most radical Nazis were the most aggressive champions of U.S. law. Where they found the U.S. example lacking, it was because they thought it was too harsh. → Read More

Our Brother, Our Executioner

Racism begins with ideas. It ends with violence. → Read More

After the SNC-Lavalin affair, we must strip the influence of political staffers

Too much power in the hands of political staffers, not Parliament, is ultimately bad for democracy in Canada. → Read More

I’m Muslim, and the Christmas spirit moves me

To be without the holiday’s celebrations as a child was to live in a void of darkness → Read More

Aziz Ansari and Me

What his sexual misconduct scandal means for young South Asian men → Read More

Omar Khadr and the Shame of the Canadian Press

Anger over the settlement has never been about law or even policy. It’s about how we see the crimes of people who do not look like us → Read More

To Defeat Jihadists, Remember the Anarchists

Late one evening in Paris, a young man was scouring the elegant cafes and bistros of the Avenue de l’Opera. He settled on the Cafe Terminus. It was a February → Read More

Dear Kellie Leitch: If You Think Immigrants Don't 'Work Hard,' You Haven't Met My Family

You made this personal, so let me offer you a personal response. → Read More

To Defeat Jihadists, Remember the Anarchists

Late one evening in Paris, a young man was scouring the elegant cafes and bistros of the Avenue de l'Opera. He settled on the Cafe Terminus. It was a February night, the 12th to be exact, and the man in question was a bearded 21-year-old student who was dressed in an overcoat and tie. Upon entering the cafe, he ordered → Read More

My secret debate with Sam Harris: A revealing 4-hour dialogue on Islam, racism & free-speech hypocrisy

When I wrote an essay critical of the famous atheist, he asked me to debate the issues. Now he refuses to air it → Read More

Dear Obama, Assad Is the Problem

By refusing to address his fate, the United States is dooming the current round of peace talks to failure. → Read More

Sam Harris’ detestable crusade: How his latest anti-Islam tract reveals the bankruptcy of his ideas

Harris' haughty ignorance & chauvinism are on full display in his new book, a "dialogue" with a former radical → Read More

Trudeau is discriminating against single, straight male refugees. Why is he afraid?

I write this not as a man born to a Muslim family, nor a law student, but as the son of immigrants → Read More

The Soul of a Jihadist

The radical evil behind the terrorist attacks on Paris. → Read More