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Past articles by Emily:

‘Immunity Passports’ Could Create a New Category of Privilege

Being infected with the virus could come with more freedom. → Read More

Trump’s DNA Is Reportedly For Sale. Here’s What Someone Could Do With It.

The idea isn’t as outlandish as it may seem: An anonymous organization called the Earnest Project is offering the chance to own DNA samples of a handful of world leaders and celebrities. The group… → Read More

Despite Calls for a Moratorium, More ‘Three-Parent’ Babies Expected Soon

Clinics in Europe say they will continue offering a controversial IVF procedure → Read More

You Can Now Get Your Whole Genome Sequenced for Less Than an iPhone

But will people buy it — and is all that genetic information actually worth it? → Read More

Gene therapy is saving children’s lives—but screening to discover who needs it is lagging behind

States in the US have been slow to test newborns for genetic conditions. → Read More

FDA halts one of the first human CRISPR studies before it begins

A trial planning to use the gene-editing tool CRISPR on sickle cell patients has been put on hold due to unspecified questions from US regulators. → Read More

A stem cell transplant in the womb appears to have saved a baby girl’s life

A critically ill fetus that received an infusion of her mother’s stem cells was outwardly healthy when born, suggesting a new way to treat disease before birth. → Read More

Congo aims to stop its Ebola outbreak with an experimental vaccine

For the first time, health officials will use an experimental vaccine in an effort to stop an Ebola outbreak in its early stages. → Read More

Here comes a more precise version of CRISPR

Beam Therapeutics is the first company to go after disease with a more precise genome-editing tool, called base editing. → Read More

Before he died, this biohacker was planning a CRISPR trial in Mexico

Aaron Traywick and his company, Ascendance Biomedical, are connected to a website advertising a gene therapy trial for lung cancer. → Read More

This year, the US government plans to start collecting genetic data from 1 million people

The National Institutes of Health said today that it’s launching a huge research study with the aim of making precision medicine available to people of all backgrounds. → Read More

Billions of dollars are at stake, so the fight over who owns CRISPR is back in court

Credit for a game-changing breakthrough in biotechnology, a potential Nobel prize, and oh yes, gobs of money have proven motive enough for the University of California, Berkeley to keep up its all-but-lost dispute with the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard over who owns the rights to the gene-editing tool CRISPR. → Read More

These DNA testing companies are mainly trying to sell you other stuff

Beware of tests offering to make “personalized” lifestyle recommendations. → Read More

A worldwide conservation effort aims to sequence the genomes of 1.5 million organisms

Akin to what the Human Genome Project was for medicine, an international group of researchers is launching a massive DNA collection effort called the Earth BioGenome Project to help save endangered species around the world. → Read More

Gene therapy could free some people from a lifetime of blood transfusions

Correcting a genetic mutation lets beta thalassemia patients make healthy blood cells. → Read More

FDA approves AI-powered diagnostic that doesn’t need a doctor’s help

Marking a new era of “diagnosis by software,” the US Food and Drug Administration on Wednesday gave permission to a company called IDx to market an AI-powered diagnostic device for ophthalmology. → Read More

CRISPR trials are about to begin in people—but we still don’t know how well it works in monkeys

Monkey studies look encouraging but show there’s still a lot to learn about the gene-editing technology. → Read More

23andMe CEO says consumer genetics will be as normal as at-home pregnancy tests

23andMe CEO and cofounder Anne Wojcicki says consumers don’t need experts to interpret results from genetic risk tests, and compared the information her company offers to at-home pregnancy tests. → Read More

300 genes found at the root of cancers could spur more personalized treatments

A 10-year-long study called the PanCancer Atlas is releasing a trove of genetic data in an effort to help doctors treat a wide variety of cancers more precisely. → Read More

This stem-cell implant could halt an incredibly common cause of blindness

The dream of a stem-cell revolution hasn’t yet materialized—but a small study appears to have used the technology to ward off macular degeneration. → Read More