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Recent articles by Napier:

YouTube finally adds built-in timestamps with 'Chapters'

One of the most annoying about YouTube is trying to find the right time for the specific content you're looking for, especially in long videos. It's become something of a tradition ... → Read More

Hulu is testing an official Watch Party feature (for some viewers)

In this era of social distancing, online watch parties -- watching online content in sync with friends -- have become commonplace, but doing so usually requires specialized third party ... → Read More

Google Maps makes it easier to share your location with Plus Codes

When you need to give someone your location, you usually point them to an address. Here in NYC, you often point them to an intersection instead. But sometimes an address is just difficult ... → Read More

Microsoft brings Edge's hidden Surf Game to everyone

Back in February, Microsoft hid a nifty little surfing game into its Edge browser, which started out as an easter egg to celebrate the browser's new logo. At the time, it was only available ... → Read More

Google Maps can now highlight wheelchair-accessible businesses

Google today announced a major accessibility update for Maps in recognition of Global Accessibility Awareness Day: the app now makes it much easier to find wheelchair-accessible locations.   To ... → Read More

Facebook announces Workplace Rooms, basically Messenger Rooms for work

Facebook recently launched Messenger Rooms, one of its biggest new products in years, in an attempt to provide an alternative to Zoom for large groups of people who want to video chat ... → Read More

The RadWagon 4 is a car replacement e-bike at a great price

Rad Power Bikes' Radwagon has long been one of the most popular cargo bikes on the market for its versatile hauling capabilities at an affordable price (for ebikes, anyway). Today the ... → Read More

Apple's next iPhone may not come with EarPods so you can buy AirPods instead

Apple's EarPods are perhaps the most iconic accessory ever included with a gadget. The white headphones have been through a few revisions, but they've been a staple ever since the original ... → Read More

Apple's next iPhone may not come with EarPods so you can buy AirPods instead

Apple's EarPods are perhaps the most iconic accessory ever included with a gadget. The white headphones have been through a few revisions, but they've been a staple ever since the original ... → Read More

Microsoft's new PowerToys Run launcher is like macOS's Spotlight for Windows 10

Win+R. It's a command any Windows power-user is familiar with, but the Run launcher has remained basically unchanged for generations. Today at its online-only Build 2020, Microsoft ... → Read More

Razer made a surprisingly classy pair of $200 noise-cancelling headphones

I’m always a little skeptical when there’s a new challenger to the noise-cancelling headphone market because the current popular options — Sony and Bose, primarily — are so good. But Razer may have just figured out the formula for a good noise cancelling headphone at a decent price. For $200, the new Razer Opus is a […] → Read More

Lumen, the fitness tracker that claims to ‘hack’ your metabolism, is now available

It was nearly two years ago that we first covered Lumen, a gadget and app combo that claims to track your metabolic flexibility — how good your body is at switching between energy sources. It does so by measuring how much carbon dioxide you’re exhaling, which indicates whether your body is currently burning carbs, fats, […] → Read More

Google’s Pixel 4a is reportedly abandoning squeeze-based Assistant activation

Pixel 4a leaks have been coming non-stop as the phone approaches launch date. Though the phone looks set to offer much of the more expensive Pixel‘s features at a lower price, we now know one thing you won’t be able to do with the 4a: squeeze to activate the Google Assistant. Multiple sources have confirmed […] → Read More

Review: The Revolo Thinstem makes most bikes take up way less space in your home

Bicycles are probably the best way to get around New York City, especially during these days of empty roads and social distancing. There's just one problem every aspiring city ... → Read More

The Pixel 4a might be cheaper than anyone expected

The Pixel 3a was arguably the best Pixel of its generation, providing so much of what makes Pixel phones great — the camera and software, mainly — at a far cheaper price of $399. And though almost every rumor so far has pointed to a $399 price point for Google’s budget phone, one rumor making […] → Read More

Messenger Rooms, Facebook's 50-caller Zoom competitor, is now available

Messenger Rooms is now available and rolling out globally, supporting up to 50 video callers at once. Here's how to use Facebook's Zoom competitor. → Read More

Microsoft will detail how it plans to unify UWP and Win32 apps at Build 2020

The Universal Windows Platform, UWP for short, was supposed to be the future of Windows. Back when Microsoft still had aspirations to be major Mobile OS, UWP apps were supposed to be ... → Read More

Sprint will disappear this summer as T-Mobile takes over

T-Mobile and Sprint officially became one last month, and the two networks have already begun merging their networks. We've known for a while that the Sprint brand would be phased out ... → Read More

Trump extends the Huawei ban to 2021

In case you were hoping the Donald Trump‘s government would ease its restrictions on Huawei anytime soon, I’ve got some bad news for you. The president today extended the May 2019 executive order barring US complaining from using Huawei telecommunication equipment, according to Reuters. The extension will last until May 2021. Though the renewed order […] → Read More

The brain behind the Google Pixel’s amazing camera has left the company

Unlike Huawei, Samsung, and Apple, Google’s Pixel phones have historically had some of the best cameras on the market despite their hardware, not because of it. Google’s image processing is, to this photographer’s eye, second to none, compelling me and others choose it over competitors with more and better sensors. I have some bad news, then: […] → Read More