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Past articles by Jacob:

Are America and China Headed for Military Conflict?

Two experts discuss whether a U.S. conflict with China is inevitable, or if it can be headed off through strategic cooperation. → Read More

Is Nikki Haley Too Hawkish for the GOP?

The former UN ambassador is going up against her old boss for the Republican presidential nomination. → Read More

Donald Trump's Reelection Strategy Was the Real Winner Last Night

Here’s the deal: whether he wins or loses the 2020 election, Trump’s campaign strategy has been vindicated. His critics declared that Trump’s polarizing message would rebound on him. Not so. The results from Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin may not have arrived, but Trump and the GOP’s showing looks to be quite impressive. → Read More

Donald Trump's Coronavirus Diagnosis: A Nightmare for Him and the GOP?

Without Trump at the helm as impresario, his campaign and presidency, more than ever, are in danger of completely unraveling. → Read More

Why Did the New York Times Seek To Silence Bari Weiss?

The New York Times is enmeshed in a fresh controversy over political correctness, editorial standards, and freedom of expression. Is Bari Weiss too radical for the Times? → Read More

Interview With Russian Ambassador Antonov: Where are U.S.-Russia Relations Headed?

Ambassador Anatoly Antonov participated in a Webinar with National Interest editor Jacob Heilbrunn. They discussed a variety of issues including the current controversy over Russia’s role in Afghanistan and alleged bounties. Antonov declared, “We are in close contact with our American official colleagues and we are of course discussing all issues regarding this provocation → Read More

The Significance of Owen Harries

The Welsh-born Australian was a master controversialist who played a key role in Washington foreign policy debates. → Read More

The Coronavirus and the US-Russia-China Triangle

How might the coronavarius reshape relations between America, Russia and China? Four leading experts discuss the possible answers. → Read More

Intervention or Restraint: Ruger and Posen Debate Kristol and Flournoy

A new debate questions America's place in the world. → Read More

Why Joe Biden Should Fear Donald Trump

Trump has shown that he is the ultimate political survivor. Biden should beware. → Read More

Where Are Geopolitics Headed In The Era of the Coronavirus?

In this video, Joseph Nye, emeritus professor at Harvard and author of the new book Do Morals Matter? Presidents and Foreign Policy from FDR to Trump, and Dimitri K. Simes, President and CEO of the Center for the National Interest and author of a new cover story in the National Interest, The Perfect Storm, discuss the future of geopolitics in the era of the coronavirus. They → Read More

China Bashing Won't Help Trump Get Re-Elected

Attacking Biden over China is not the president's best bet to win in 2020. → Read More

Trump's Greatest Threat Remains Joe Biden

As he heads into Super Tuesday, Biden may be in an ideal position. → Read More

Trump's Decision To Strike Iran Could Backfire Big Time

Only time will tell. → Read More

Trump’s Reckless Iran Strike Could Be A Sarajevo Moment

Trump ran as the candidate in 2016 who would extricate America from the misbegotten wars of the Middle East. Now he is starting a new one, performing the equivalent of stepping on a landmine to cure a headache. The sinister Suleimani, who functioned as the enforcer of the mullahs ruling Tehran, will not be missed. Tehran’s despotic rule is a cancer in the Middle East. But why → Read More

Mitt Romney's Revenge: Working to Impeach Donald Trump?

Will Romney lead a crusade to topple Trump and restore the old guard of the Republican party? → Read More

The Battle Over the Mueller Report is Just Starting

As Robert Mueller sends his report to Congress, Washington braces for the fallout—or the lack thereof. → Read More

‘The Weekly Standard’: a Record of Failed Regime Change

For most neocons, however, journalism has never been more than a Leninist means to an end—to form an intellectual vanguard. For it is political influence that the neocons crave. Kristol worked to destroy the 1993 Clinton Healthcare bill and sought to mold first Dan Quayle, then Sarah Palin, into his political homunculi. During the 2016 primary, he desperately cast about for a viable candidate to… → Read More

Will Trump Really Break with Saudi Arabia?

Will the Trump administration be forced to alter fundamentally the traditional ties with Saudi Arabia that have prevailed ever since Franklin Roosevelt met with King Ibn Saud? → Read More

A New Powell Doctrine at the Federal Reserve

President Trump should stop attacking the modest rise in interest rates. → Read More