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Mary Sauer

Kansas City, MO, United States

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Past articles by Mary:

We're Still Not Being Completely Honest About Motherhood

Even our struggles are curated and filtered these days → Read More

I Took a Pregnancy Test in a Really Unexpected Place

"I awkwardly checked the stalls to make sure they were empty and locked myself in the back stall... I took the .test -- right there in the grocery store bathroom." → Read More

Mom Has Cops Called on Her After Telling Doctor She Has Postpartum Depression

It shouldn't be this hard for a new mom to get care for herself. → Read More

Here's Why Sundays Are So Hard for Moms

Feeling some dread at the start of the week? You're not alone. → Read More

Hey, George and Amal, Stop Apologizing for Your Kids

Shouldn't we let our kids be kids? → Read More

I Dress to Show Off My Bump, and You Should Too

Whether my bump is barely pushing its way over the waist of my pants, or has stretched and grown to hold a third trimester baby, you will typically find me wearing clothes that proudly show off the life growing inside of me. → Read More

Mom Shamed Online for Being on Her Phone Tells Her Side of the Story

Last year, when a picture taken by a stranger of Molly Lensing and her child was posted online and went viral, she kept silent. This week, the mom broke her silence, speaking out against the shaming in an interview with Today. After her picture was taken without her permission in an airport in Colorado in 2016, the photographer shared the photo online. It shows Lensing sitting and looking at her… → Read More

I Stopped Apologizing for Being a Working Mom

I have finally stopped apologizing about being working mom.I have had to sort through a lot of complicated feelings about working since my two daughters joined our family. → Read More

The Lie That Parenting Comes 'Naturally' Is Hurting Moms

It isn't easier to for moms, we just don't have any other choice. → Read More

Is the Middle Child Syndrome a Myth or Do Parents Need to Take It Seriously?

Left out and overlooked or simply misunderstood? → Read More

Stop Calling My Breastfeeding Son a 'Boob Guy'

Come on guys, it's creepy. → Read More

You're Not Going to Like What This Report Says About Kids' Shows

My oldest daughter’s go-to when negotiating a little extra screen time is usually something like “I won’t watch anything stupid!” She knows how I feel about certain shows and that she’s more likely to get a "yes" if she promises to watch something smart or creative like "Magic School Bus" or "Mouk." Television is an ever-evolving discussion in our house. We even gave up screen-time altogether… → Read More

I'm a Stay-at-Home Mom, But I Still Don't Spend Enough Time With My Kids

The invisible work of motherhood is keeping me from my most important task → Read More

I'm Banning All Visitors From the Hospital

And now, with the birth of my third child just around the corner, I am considering banning visitors from the hospital altogether. → Read More

Why do we revert to old habits around old friends?

Weirdly, it has a lot to do with evolution. → Read More

What Moms with Postpartum Depression Need Most From Their Friends

I hate to admit it, but I've come to expect giving birth and taking care of a newborn to take a toll on me emotionally. The birth of my first child brought with it mood swings and an intense anxiety over my struggle to breastfeed. My second birth was still followed by a season of depression even though the birth itself and breastfeeding were much easier. When my third child arrived, I adjusted… → Read More

LinkedIn Just Fixed a Really Big Problem For Stay-At-Home Moms

Nearly half of all women quit their jobs after giving birth. For some moms, it was always a part of the plan. For others, those few weeks on maternity leave was way too short—commutes, daycare costs and added stress made the prospect of going back to work break-even at best in terms of finances and time. It's not secret: maternity leave in the U.S sucks. 12 or fewer (unpaid) weeks simply isn’t… → Read More

Help! My Breastfeeding Baby is Biting Me!

A few teeth don't have to end your breastfeeding relationship → Read More

Art heals (especially when you don’t know what you’re doing)

Somebody get me a paintbrush! → Read More

Moms, No More Excuses For Not Getting Treatment for Depression

New research finds major benefits for the kids of moms in therapy → Read More