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Recent articles by Sean:

Google’s Sonos lawsuit dodge might let other phone makers do what Pixel cannot

Google’s actions have potentially opened the door for other manufacturers to do what the Pixel legally cannot: control the volume of a multi-zone speaker group, Sonos-style. → Read More

School employee stole 3,000 Apple iPods earmarked for Native American kids

She ran a program that used iPods to teach reading and math to underprivileged Native American schoolkids living on tribal land. Now, 46-year-old Kristy Stock of New Mexico is getting 18 months in prison for stealing 3,000 of them. → Read More

The Expanse season 6 makes me worry about the future of touchscreens

The Expanse’s sixth and final episode of its sixth and final season airs Friday, January 14th. It’s funny to think that a lot of the plot revolved around buttons on touchscreens. → Read More

Alleged Apple App Store scammer AmpMe says it’ll lower prices and investigate its ‘consultants’

AmpMe has been accused of being an App Store scam due to its exorbitant subscription price and fake reviews. AmpMe isn’t denying the fake reviews, and it’s halving the subscription price. → Read More

It fills me with glee that Canon printers now think Canon’s own toner is fake

Canon is teaching its own customers how to break ink DRM. → Read More

Halo Infinite is getting a hotfix for the game’s epic but frustrating 12-player matchmaking

343 believes it has “a fix in hand for the core issue” with Halo Infinite’s Big Team Battle matchmaking, and will release a special hotfix specifically for it. → Read More

Google exec says Apple is ‘holding back’ customers who text

“By not incorporating RCS, Apple is holding back the industry and holding back the user experience for not only Android users but also their own customers,” says Google Android boss Hiroshi Lockheimer. → Read More

Google launches Ripple, an open standard that could bring tiny radars to cars and more

Google has launched an open-source API standard called Ripple that could theoretically bring the tech to additional devices — perhaps even a car, as Ford is one of the participants in the new standard. → Read More

Black + Decker’s $300 Bev vacuums up a Keurig-shaped hole in the robot bartender space

Just add five liquor bottles and your pods of choice → Read More

The Samsung Odyssey Ark is its largest curved monitor yet — and you can turn it on its side

Samsung’s Odyssey Ark has an even bigger 55-inch curved screen than the G9, with a special stand that lets you flip the gigantic monitor vertically. → Read More

You can now watch the Uncharted movie’s entire plane fight scene

You can now watch the entire Uncharted movie recreation of the famous Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception plane fight scene, in a new trailer out of CES 2022. → Read More

Nvidia’s GeForce Now will be limited to 1080p on Samsung and LG TVs — for now

Samsung and LG have embraced cloud gaming this winter with support for Google Stadia and Nvidia’s GeForce Now in their television sets — but neither brand of TV will include Nvidia’s best quality streams at launch. → Read More

Nvidia announces 3080 Ti and 3070 Ti laptop GPUs, says they can control your CPU, too

Nvidia’s mobile versions of the RTX 3070 Ti and RTX 3080 Ti will appear in laptops starting at $1,499 and $2,499, respectively, on February 1st. Also, some laptops might let them optimize your Intel or AMD CPU for better balanced performance. → Read More

Skydio announces $1,099 Skydio 2 Plus, turns drones into programmable cameramen with free update

Skydio, the US company building self-flying, obstacle-dodging drones, is fixing the Skydio 2’s single biggest shortcoming with the Skydio 2 Plus — and adding KeyFrame, a free update for both drones that turns them into programmable cameramen. → Read More

The solar roof could finally become a reality thanks to GAF’s nailable solar shingles

Tesla has struggled to deliver solar roofs, but GAF Energy says the physical labor is now as easy as nailing down shingles with its new Timberline Solar option. → Read More

Samsung’s new 2022 TVs bring Nvidia GeForce Now and Google Stadia gaming

Samsung is revealing a new lineup of smart TVs at CES 2022; “select” 2022 models will explicitly come with Nvidia’s GeForce Now, Google Stadia, and the Utomik cloud gaming service. → Read More

Square Enix promises ‘decentralized games’ in 2022

Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda has revealed the company’s New Year’s resolution is to release "decentralized games" starting in 2022. Final Fantasy NFTs? → Read More

Apple’s new ad invites you to imagine dying alone without a Watch on your wrist

Apple wants you to know that buying a $400 smartwatch could be a matter of life-and-death — and it’s brilliantly, gruesomely captured that feeling in a one-minute ad titled “911.” → Read More

BMW, IBM, Panasonic, and Mercedes are among the latest to abandon in-person events at CES 2022

The latest big names to announce they will not have an in-person presence at CES 2022 are BMW, IBM, Panasonic, and Mercedes. Rising numbers of COVID-19 infections have made many exhibitors and media cautious about attending. → Read More

PSA: You’ll miss 25 minutes of The Expanse’s final season if you don’t pause it

The Expanse Season 6 is now airing on Amazon Prime Video each Friday, but you aren’t watching the whole season unless you’re watching the hidden X-Ray episodes. → Read More