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Recent articles by William:

Covid comeback raises scythe over Asia’s recovery

TOKYO – Western economies and populations were hammered far harder than East Asia as the world struggled to contain Covid-19 in 2020. But in the → Read More

OPEC pours inflationary fuel onto Covid fires

TOKYO – If OPEC’s plan is to derail economic recoveries from China to the US, then this relic of the 1970s is off to a smashing start to 2021. Even deflation-plagued Japan is at the statistic… → Read More

China’s next 100 years relies on the next 10

As the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) turns 100, the late Milton Friedman is trending in cyberspace. The reason: the spectacular ways in which the Nobel → Read More

Tokyo’s big Olympics bet backfires badly

TOKYO – If an Olympics falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? This philosophical thought experiment is raising → Read More

Asia stays calm amid US inflation jitters

TOKYO – It’s safe to say Jerome Powell had Asia investors at “wait.” Markets in the region rallied on cue Wednesday as the Federal Reserve chairman made → Read More

Are Asia’s FX reserves enough to weather a storm?

TOKYO – Asia, it seems, learned one of the biggest lessons from the region’s 1997 crisis: an economy can almost never stockpile too many foreign exchange → Read More

China straining as world’s inflation shock absorber

Since the 1990s, China has been a one-country check on global inflation. The intense competition from its factories drove a race to the bottom for costs → Read More

Wall Street bulls charge into China’s opening markets

The 27-year bet Goldman Sachs has been running on China’s financial sector isn’t just paying off. It’s suddenly becoming a remarkably crowded trade. True → Read More

Be careful what you wish for as yuan nears 6 mark

Beijing mouthpieces like China Daily are working overtime to warn yuan bulls not to take this year’s rally too far. A case in point was a headline this → Read More

Asia’s gasping economies run out of breathing space

TOKYO - It’s beginning to feel a lot like 2013 in Asian markets again. That was the year of the notorious “taper tantrum,” when just a whiff of the → Read More

US, China in the right kind of tech war

TOKYO - Having just announced a massive US$450 billion investment plan in its semiconductor sector, South Korea is looking deadly serious about raising → Read More

China’s global inflation dam won’t hold forever

Reopening the world after a once-in-a-century pandemic sure is proving expensive. The 0.8% jump in the US consumer price index in April propelled the → Read More

Asia on the front lines of US inflation threat

TOKYO - First to recover, first to overheat? South Korea is suddenly grappling with this most dreaded of economic questions as inflation accelerates to → Read More

Jack Ma re-emerges on the digital yuan vanguard

Months after his run-in with Beijing authorities, one that scrapped history’s biggest initial public offering, Jack Ma’s true whereabouts have finally → Read More

The myth of China-Japan decoupling

TOKYO - Yoshihide Suga isn’t known for his acrobatic skills. Nor is kabuki theatre the Japanese prime minister’s thing. But Suga is proving his → Read More

Ready or not, Chinese bonds are going global

TOKYO - Depending on how one looks at it, 2021 is either the very best or absolute worst moment for China's bond market to go global. The bullish camp → Read More

Beijing’s be-careful-what-you-wish-for dilemma

As 2021 heats up, China is grappling with what might be seen as an enviable problem: more foreign capital zooming its way than Asia’s biggest economy → Read More

Buffet fires up stake in Land of the Rising Sun

In a year in which China is zooming ahead of the pack, what’s with Warren Buffett and Japan? Eight months ago, the “Oracle of Omaha” overcame a long-held → Read More

Japan’s financial hub dream deflated by a rising China

TOKYO - The latest news from London isn’t going down well in Tokyo financial circles. The inclusion of Chinese sovereign bonds in the FTSE Russell’s flagship World Government Bond Index had long been expected. But this week’s confirmation of that tectonic shift – and news that China will have the sixth-largest weighting – came just as Tokyo thought its moment back in the financial spotlight had… → Read More

Biden tests the limits of America’s Asian bankers

TOKYO - The good cop-bad cop routine that Jerome Powell and Janet Yellen attempted on Tuesday is aimed at an obvious audience: America’s bankers in Asia. → Read More