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Past articles by Steven:

FIFA’s Dirty Wars

A corruption trial in Brooklyn reveals the deep connections between the old dictatorships of Latin America and soccer’s global governing body. → Read More

How Hurricane Maria Could Change Puerto Rico’s Political Future

The storm has caused untold devastation. But it might also be an impetus for long-overdue change. → Read More

Colombia: Searching for an alternative to coca

Colombia seeks alternative crops for areas where coca has been king. → Read More

Colombia: Searching for an alternative to coca

Colombia seeks alternative crops for areas where coca has been king. → Read More

Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen is the editor of Colombia Reports. He lives in Medellín, Colombia, and tweets at @SD_Cohen. → Read More

What Narcos Still Gets Wrong About the War on Drugs

The Netflix series prides itself on telling hard truths. But it really doesn't have a clue. → Read More

Fidel Castro is still alive, and so are the old politics of U.S.-Cuba relations.

President Obama traveled to Cuba last week to “bury the last remnant of the Cold War in the Americas,” but Fidel isn’t dead yet, which means removing “the shadow of history from our relationship” won’t be as easy as Obama might like. In an op-ed published Monday in Granma, the Cuban Communist Party’s official newspaper, Castro unloaded on Obama in farmliar terms. “We don’t need the empire to ... → Read More

History is not being kind to President Obama’s decision not to prosecute the crimes of the Bush White House.

The Guardian’s Spencer Ackerman is reporting that the CIA regularly stripped and photographed individuals detained through its “extraordinary rendition” program. The naked photographs—which one former intelligence official described as “very gruesome”—were intended to induce “psychological discomfort,” in the words of a declassified Justice Department memo, and establish that any lasting… → Read More

The Ugly Cynicism of Obama’s Declassification Diplomacy

The president used his trip to Argentina to declassify documents related to the country's dirty war. Why did he wait so long? → Read More

President Obama’s pitch for democracy in Cuba would be more convincing if our politics weren’t such a complete mess right now.

“I’m here to bury the last remnant of the Cold War in the Americas,” he told the audience at the Gran Teatro in Havana. But Obama was really there for the “young people.” He played up the cultural and familial ties between the United States and Cuba, pointing to Miami as a glitzy monument to what the free market has in store. He regularly invoked the words of legendary Cuban poet an... → Read More

Why Bernie’s Foreign Policy Is More Important Than Ever

Sanders has a new responsibility to drive the politics of national security in a better direction. → Read More

When Castro Came to Harlem

The Cuban leader’s last visit to the U.S. before the 1961 diplomatic fallout can tell us a lot about our present historic moment. → Read More

Ted Cruz had a bad night.

Any logic there was to the delegate strategy Cruz honed in the week leading up to Super Super Tuesday (or whatever it’s called) has been rendered virtually irrelevant by another dominant performance by Donald Trump. Were it not for Marco Rubio and John Kasich, he might have won North Carolina, and may even have taken Illinois. Now Trump is running away with delegates, and Cruz may no lon... → Read More

Donald Trump’s new insult for Megyn Kelly bodes well for Hillary Clinton.

Say this for the Donald, he has a rare talent for emasculation. Jeb “Low Energy” Bush. “Lying Ted” Cruz. “Little Marco” Rubio. Each of these derisions stuck because they worked, simultaneously, on two levels: at once bolstering Trump’s own virile image and identifying real weaknesses in his opponents. Jeb Bush was boring. Ted Cruz does lie—constantly. And Marco Rubio is, well, little.&nb... → Read More

North Carolina’s voter ID law is working just like it’s supposed to.

On the eve of Super Super Tuesday, some 218,000 state residents do not have any of the valid forms of government identification needed to vote, as called for by a 2013 ID standard being implemented for the first time this election cycle. A last-minute corollary to the ID law, added in an apparent attempt to improve its chances of surviving a pending federal lawsuit, exempts voters with “reaso... → Read More

Today’s Donald Trump rally in St. Louis is a sign of the apocalypse to come.

Toward the end of last night’s presidential debate, Trump was asked why it is that people seem to get punched in the face and pushed around and spat on and dragged to the ground with such alarming frequency at his rallies—and why those people so often seem to be black or brown or reporters. Trump answered that while he “certainly” does not condone violence, you can’t forget there are a lot of… → Read More

Donald Trump: It’s wrong to beat up protesters, unless of course they’re “bad dudes.”

At tonight’s Republican debate, CNN moderator Jake Tapper asked the presumptive nominee a testy, sadly pertinent question: whether he has in some way encouraged the slew of racially charged assaults at his campaign rallies, the most recent example having occurred Wednesday in North Carolina. “I hope not. I truly hope not...I certainly do not condone that at all,” said Trump. He then gave an e... → Read More

Where did Ted Cruz get the idea that Republican voters want to move “beyond rhetoric”?

It’s strange to listen to a politician whose campaign is built on such wonkish planks as defending religious liberty and restoring the Constitution criticize his opponents for a lack of substance. But after declaring he will shut down the Department of Education and identify, hunt down, and fire bureaucrats in Washington, Cruz went after Donald Trump for talking loose on t... → Read More

Bernie Sanders Is Not a One-Issue Candidate

Whether he knows it or not, the Vermont senator has laid the groundwork for a vital reimagining of American foreign policy. → Read More

Latin America’s leftist movement is on the ropes.

Brazil’s sprawling fraud and corruption scandal reached the doorstep of the country’s most prominent political figure this morning, when police raided the Sao Paolo home of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and took the former president in for questioning. Lula has been implicated, including by a senator from his own Workers’s Party, in a massive graft and vote-buying ring involving the state-ow... → Read More