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Past articles by Steve:

Gillmor Gang: Culture Clubs –

I’ve spent the last few weeks diving into the world of crypto, and lo and behold, there might be something to it. Part of the problem is I rarely sense an innovation that revolves around the inevitability of people making big money. Instead, I become aware of something that might be bubbling up, like a […] → Read More

Gillmor Gang: Director’s Cut –

Politics and tech are certainly strange bedfellows. The Gang loves to talk about filibusters and the fall of democracy, but forget it when I try to bring up my fascination with live audio. That is understandable; we never talk about the little stuff until there’s a battling billionaire angle. So it was that Jack Dorsey’s […] → Read More

Gillmor Gang: State Your Name –

Here we go with the last show of 2021, recorded in mid-December. It was Frank Radice’s last show from New York before he returned to London. It was nice to bid the year goodbye, but we were careful not to say good riddance like we did in 2020. It was nice to feel good about […] → Read More

Gillmor Gang: Beatlesverse –

Well, it turns out the Beatles didn’t get broken up by Yoko after all. But Peter Jackson may have gotten closer. His Get Back movie seemed to be so far over the top that even Beatlemaniacs like myself had had enough. But no. On this edition of the Gang, we still can’t stop talking about […] → Read More

Gillmor Gang: Get Better Back –

In a discussion about culture versus history on this edition of the Gang, Denis Pombriant invokes the Beatles as examples of agents of change that used rock and roll to alter the arc of history. “Just understand that four kids from Liverpool changed the entire culture of the world. Not immediately, but over time.” With […] → Read More

Gillmor Gang: Film @ 11 –

Nowhere is the mess we’re in more volatile than the media war on its rationale for economic survival. As broadcast television gives way to cable and now subscription television, the news networks are caught in a market crash. Trump’s loss in the election and social excommunication has made it super hard for the 3 main […] → Read More

Gillmor Gang: Old Brown Shoe –

My favorite show right now is Succession, the fictionalization of the Murdoch family and its media empire. It’s relentlessly funny, as the patriarch and children vie for being the most reprehensible. It’s a big tie; each of the principals vacillates between nervous self-doubt and over the top belief that they are somehow close to omnipotent […] → Read More

Gillmor Gang: Trick or Treat –

On the last Gang recording session in early October before the birth of our first grandchild, I tried to stir the pot by attacking Democratic Progressives for capsizing the second of two Infrastructure bills. The moderates, led by the recalcitrant Joe Manchin and his silent sidekick Kyrsten Sinema, were successfully gumming up the Democrats’ best […] → Read More

Gillmor Gang: All Things Must Pass –

It’s been several weeks now, and Clubhouse still hasn’t enabled record/replay. Neither has Twitter Spaces. Facebook just announced a live audio entry too, but no record. With all the drama about Facebook, I’m not expecting much soon, but c’mon guys, let’s get it done. I’m loving Youtube TV, which lets me cherry pick hours of […] → Read More

Gillmor Gang: Wooo Wooo –

No matter how much I rationalize the new iPhone, I always feel like I’m not fooling anyone. Do I need it? No. Do I want it? Probably. Do I have a plan for how to justify it to my family without triggering a new round of upgrades? There’s where my sales pitch becomes the script […] → Read More

Gillmor Gang: Work In Progress –

Mostly friends and sometimes family have encouraged me to tell stories about my days in the comedy, music, and tech businesses. And for all of this time I’ve been reluctant. However, with the Pandemic and the impending birth of my first grandchild, I’ve reconsidered. My wife’s passion for genealogy has reminded us that stories get […] → Read More

Gillmor Gang: Off the Wall –

Most of us count the golden age of Michael Jackson’s career with the Quincy Jones produced global smashes of Thriller and Bad. Fueled by the stream of videos and multi-single releases (5 on Bad), the records dominated the charts, radio, and MTV. But the real breakthrough came just before with Jackson’s first solo record Off […] → Read More

Gillmor Gang: Life Goes On –

When we imagine what it will be like when we exit the pandemic, what we’re really wondering is what we want from the digital transformation we’ve seen overturn our understanding of work and living safely. As much as we long for the days of the office and collaboration with our peers, some of that is […] → Read More

Gillmor Gang: Half a Loaf –

When Salesforce announced its streaming platform Salesforce+, the CRM Playaz’ Paul Greenberg and Brent Leary interviewed Colin Fleming, SVP of Global Brand Experiences at the CRM company (disclosure: I work at Salesforce). Later, I asked Brent about his show on this episode of the Gang. Brent: With all the things going on with data privacy […] → Read More

Gillmor Gang: Cryptonomics –

Twitter seems on an aggressive path to putting pedal to the metal. From its earliest days as a failwhale generator and a ransacker of third party successes, the company under Jack Dorsey’s stewardship has become an acquirer of tools to support the creators it hosts. Twitter Spaces, its Clubhouse clone, has steadily improved its UI […] → Read More

Gillmor Gang: Who’s On First –

On this edition of the Gillmor Gang, Brent Leary shows off his new wireless adaptor for his live streaming studio. The result is a captivating view of his console as he switches between closeups and incoming feed from the rest of the Gang, all captured in a widescreen cinematic view. The underlying message is that […] → Read More

Gillmor Gang: Time Delay –

Writing our way out of the place we’re in is tricky. The words come easily enough, each measured for its emotional weight in the stream of issues we face. It’s possible this paragraph will disappear as I find my ground. Mandates, Cuomo, Olympic mental gymnastics, where we were two weeks ago and how it relates […] → Read More

Gillmor Gang: Social climbing –

Fear is back with the deadly combination of pandemic politics and a vicious variant. The good news is that if enough people took the shots we could cut the damage to something manageable. The other good news is progress on the twin issues of Trump and social media. In both cases some semblance of balanced […] → Read More

Gillmor Gang: Who Knew –

The Gillmor Gang recording session is nestled on Friday midday on the East Coast and midmorning out West. Streamed live on Twitter, Facebook Live, and Youtube embed, the show is then edited, sweetened with titles and music, and released on Techcrunch. It’s a kind of hybrid between podcast, Zoom collaboration meeting, and work-from-anywhere encounter group. […] → Read More

Gillmor Gang: Play It Again –

For the past several months or so, I’ve been writing an accompanying post to editions of the Gillmor Gang. Due to production issues, I’m usually at least a week behind the recording session for the target show. This originally seemed like an impediment to the process of enhancing the impact of the show, but over […] → Read More