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Past articles by Jessica:

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Hospice Workers Conduct a ‘Life Review’ for Every Dying Patient—Here’s Why You Should Do One Now To Find Purpose and Live Regret-Free

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​​5 Telltale Signs You Grew Up With a Defensive Parent—And How to Handle Them This Holiday Season

While fun, spending time with family can also bring up a lot of stuff, particularly if don't know how to deal with defensive parents. → Read More

5 Mental Health Resources for Men Interested in Learning More About Therapy Without Judgment

Despite research showing that men experience mental health issues at equal, if not higher, rates than women, men are less likely than women to go to therapy. → Read More

Health Benefits of Submerging Your Face in Ice Water

Submerging your face in ice water is a random, albeit refreshing, hack to relieve anxiety by activating the body’s mammalian diving reflex. Here’ s how it works. → Read More

Camel Pose Benefits, How To, and Form Tips

Ustrasana, or camel pose, is a yoga position that can help with back pain, constipation, and posture, for starters. → Read More

5 Brain Hacks a Neuroscientist Uses Herself

Tara Swart, MD, PhD, says she prioritizes a few brain hacks daily to reduce stress, improve her mood, and help her achieve her goals. → Read More

5 Exercises To Prevent Feet Swelling While Flying

A podiatrist shares a handful of easy exercises to do in flight to combat your feet swelling while flying and boost blood flow. → Read More

8-Minute Pilates Arm Workout To Sculpt and Strengthen

Bookmark this 8-minute Pilates arm workout (no equipment necessary) for days that you’re short on time, but still want an effective training session. → Read More

How To Do The 'Wet Foot' Test And Find Out Your Arch Type

What kind of arches do you have? Here, a podiatrist walks you through how to do the 'wet foot' test in order to find your arch type. → Read More

5 Carry-On Luggage Rules You Don't Want to Miss Well+Good

Whether you are deciding to travel light or avoiding your luggage being lost, here are 5 carry-on luggage rules you don't want to miss. → Read More

How To Prepare for a Recession, According to Finance Pros

Now is the time to get your financial wellness in order and have a plan in place to prepare for potential changes due to a recession. → Read More

5 Face Massage Techniques That Help Relieve Built-Up Stress and Anxiety

Learn easy face massage techniques that you can do at home. Includes 5 DIY facial massage ideas that help reduce tension and stress. → Read More

Discover If You're A Procrastinator or Not With this Test

While some procrastination here and there may be harmless in the grand scheme of things, it may affect your relationships in a way. → Read More

Year-Round Allergies Are Becoming More Common

An allergist explains why allergy season isn’t just spring to fall—plus, tips for how to deal with the symptoms of year-round allergies. → Read More

Why Going Outside Is Good for Vision in Childhood

An eye doctor explains why going outside is for vision health as a kid, and the best practices for protecting your kiddo’s eyes from the sun. → Read More