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Past articles by Jeremy:

GPT-4: OpenAI says its AI has 'human-level performance' on tests

An update to the AI behind ChatGPT has been released by OpenAI. The firm says other companies are already using it, including the language-learning app Duolingo, the payment service Stripe and Microsoft's Bing search engine → Read More

A massive power transformer shortage is wreaking havoc in the US

A nationwide shortage of power grid transformers is causing delays across the US for everything from infrastructure for electric vehicles to new homes → Read More

US president could get power to ban TikTok nationwide

A bill that would empower the US president to ban TikTok from all devices nationwide has advanced beyond committee for discussion by Congress → Read More

Artificial intelligence training is powered mostly by fossil fuels

Most AI training relies on electrical grids primarily powered by coal and gas rather than low-carbon sources, according to an analysis of 95 AIs → Read More

Ohio chemical spill: What could have caused the train to derail?

After a train carrying hazardous chemicals partially derailed and set fire in Ohio on 3 February, questions are being asked about what could have gone wrong → Read More

Stuffed dead birds made into drones could spy on animals or humans

Flapping-wing drones camouflaged with the bodies of taxidermy birds could help study flocks of wild birds or enable military spy missions, but they’re not yet the most efficient flyers → Read More

China, UK and US are all boosting their spy balloon programs

Military interest in balloon surveillance had been increasing even before a Chinese-launched balloon wandered across the continental US → Read More

How high-tech spy balloons became so popular for aerial surveillance

Military interest in balloon surveillance had been increasing even before a Chinese-launched balloon wandered across the continental US → Read More

Militaries are boosting spending on high-tech surveillance balloons

Military interest in balloon surveillance had been increasing even before a Chinese-launched balloon wandered across the continental US → Read More

AI is listening in on gamer chat for toxic and abusive language

Artificial intelligence is being used to detect harassment in verbal communications for gaming and VR platforms, but such AIs face challenges in keeping up with evolving forms of extreme speech → Read More

The US government is suing Google – again

A new US government lawsuit alleges that Google has harmed innovation and raised costs for internet users by attempting to monopolise the digital advertising industry → Read More

Largest plane yet tested with hydrogen-powered engine

Aerospace company ZeroAvia successfully tested using a hydrogen-electric engine to power one of the propellors in a 19-seat aircraft → Read More

Google has finally revealed how much water its data centres use

Google had previously kept its data centre water usage secret but it has recently revealed how many billions of litres it uses each year → Read More

US government lab is using GPT-3 to analyse research papers

A tool built using the AI behind ChatGPT can help extract information from scientific paper abstracts. It could help researchers identify important information across thousands of articles → Read More

AI is no better at detecting covid-19 than simple symptom survey

Artificial intelligence that analyses the sound of a cough to detect covid-19 had been reported to be 99 per cent accurate, but a comprehensive analysis shows it’s only about 60 per cent accurate → Read More

EU's Artificial Intelligence Act will lead the world on regulating AI

The European Union is set to create the world's first broad standards for regulating or banning certain uses of artificial intelligence in 2023 → Read More

DeepMind’s AI cuts energy costs for cooling buildings

Research firm DeepMind has built an AI to optimise cooling systems in buildings. In tests, it reduced energy usage by around 10 per cent → Read More

A noisy flashing drone could stop bats crashing into wind turbines

A drone equipped with lights and speakers can deter bats from wind farms to protect them from potentially deadly turbine blades → Read More

Melting sounds of an entire glacier recorded for the first time

A 9-kilometre fibre-optic cable that captured the sounds of melting ice across an entire glacier could improve how researchers measure ice loss → Read More

Robot guides needle into lungs more accurately than human doctors

A robot guided a flexible needle into the lungs of pigs, outperforming humans using straight needles → Read More