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Past articles by Susan:

Inside Callisto: A spaceship Alexa to help astronauts work and phone home

Amazon, Cisco, and Lockheed Martin will try out their new AI voice-command and videoconferencing system on the imminent Artemis I test flight. → Read More

The first photos from NASA’s Webb telescope are already changing how we view the universe

NASA’s $10 billion space observatory images exceed expectations, promising to reveal more secrets of the universe over the next two decades. → Read More

How the Mayflower became the first autonomous ship to cross the Atlantic Ocean

A robotic ship seven years in the making, the Mayflower successfully landed in Canada after navigating a transatlantic journey on its own brainpower and pushing the boundaries of AI in marine research. → Read More

NASA’s Capstone mission will test-drive Gateway’s lunar orbit

The $30 million mission is an initial step in returning humans to the Moon and a case study in NASA’s efforts to embrace small business diversity. → Read More

Too poor for space? Ballooning to the stratosphere is the next best thing

Space Perspective and World View promise the same heavenly views for a fraction of the cost of Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, and SpaceX. Weightlessness not included—but there are cocktails. → Read More

3 million square feet, 70,000 seats, and 80 million pixels: Inside the Rams’ stadium for Super Bowl LVI

The 2022 Super Bowl will take place at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, the most expensive, technologically advanced, and immersive stadium ever built. The designers gave ‘Fast Company’ a backstage look at how they pulled it off. → Read More

After 35 years, NASA’s amazing new space telescope is ready to launch

Garth Illingworth, the last original architect still involved with the James Webb Space Telescope, reflects on its long, strange trip from idea to reality. → Read More

These NASA Lego figures are getting kids excited about careers in science

Kate and Kyle star in problem-solving lessons designed to spark a love of STEM in grade schoolers–actual Lego kits not required. → Read More

These NASA Lego figures are getting kids excited about careers in science

Kate and Kyle star in problem-solving lessons designed to spark a love of STEM in grade schoolers—actual Lego kits not required. → Read More

This unbelievable video shows what the inside of a hurricane looks like

For the first time, a surface drone captured footage of a Category 4 hurricane’s 50-foot waves and 120-mph winds. → Read More

Elon Musk’s ‘Teslas in tunnels’ are a $52 million bet on the future of transit

Musk is gambling the future of the Boring Company on its debut project in Las Vegas. Could the tunneling startup pave the way for new technological breakthroughs? Or is it more hucksterism from the “master of distraction”? → Read More

NASA has a mind-blowing plan to map rising sea levels from space

Two new satellites in a joint U.S.-European mission will spend the next decade gathering the most precise climate change data yet, measuring sea surface levels down to the centimeter. → Read More

Tesla is on a roll. Are million-mile batteries and self-driving cars next?

With the company’s first “Battery Day” tomorrow, the Teslasphere is debating the company’s true worth, next-generation battery technology, and claims for fully autonomous cars. → Read More

Earth’s last undersea lab is a proving ground for future astronauts

Florida’s Aquarius Reef Base is remote, cramped, and potentially dangerous—making it ideal for NASA training as well as critical environmental research. → Read More

HeroX’s new hub helps you find crowdsourced COVID-19 projects that need your skills

COVID-19 Central is a single place you can find challenges that aim to stem the pandemic and assist the world’s economic recovery. → Read More

NASA’s amazing space telescope will peer 13.5 billion years into the past

After nearly a quarter-century and several delays, the $9.6 billion James Webb Space Telescope is in the home stretch for a 2021 launch. → Read More

How Poppy Northcutt cracked NASA’s boys’ club and became a feminist icon

It was easier to put a man on the moon than accept women as rocket scientists. A half-century after the Apollo missions, the first female Mission Control engineer is still fighting for women’s rights. → Read More

NASA will enlist these firms to return to the Moon at “unprecedented” speed

NASA is returning to the moon with a mix of potential firms to share the costs. “This time, no kidding, we’re going to go,” said the agency’s chief. → Read More

“We don’t do Star Trek”: How NASA landed on Mars, unlocking a new era of science

Backstage at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, you could hear a pin drop as the InSight lander descended to Mars without a hitch. → Read More

Mars’s buried secrets: What NASA’s InSight lander will search for inside the Red Planet

After an earlier attempt, the probe landing on Mars on November 26 will explore what’s inside the Red Planet to better grasp our Solar System’s history. → Read More