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Recent articles by Joe:

Soucheray: Restore the expectation of punishment for a crime

On the night Terry Lorenzo Brown and Devondre Trevon Phillips shot up the Seventh Street Truck Park, Brown, at least, should have been in jail. → Read More

Soucheray: Context: The ivory-billed woodpecker was already scarce a hundred years ago

The woodpecker, clearly the least impacted by what is called climate change, got marquee billing because it would be hard to get too worked up about the disappearance of the flat pig toe mussel. → Read More

Soucheray: Leniency? Call it insanity instead

This teen should not have been on the streets and if he is let go with another wink and a nod courtesy of the woke ideology poisoning the Ramsey County Attorney’s office he will meet the police aga… → Read More

Soucheray: How does it help people to expect less of them?

Ramsey County Attorney Choi is the latest in a long line of politicians who are asking us to forgo an essential truth of human dignity. → Read More

Soucheray: We went too deep, people. Here’s where the State Fair gets its magic. – Twin Cities

For years the pundits and poets and various ink-stained wretches have struggled to unlock the Fair’s appeal, believing it had to be mystical. → Read More

Soucheray: More officials, more departments, more taxes. More safety?

How do you ask the property owner for more money when you are about to receive money the same property owner has been paying in federal income taxes? → Read More

Soucheray: But where will we put the charging stations?

Must it be me, a believer in automobiles and gas stations, who will reveal to the council the surprising flaw in their plan? → Read More

Soucheray: What we might learn from Canadian smoke

The lesson, even in smoke, is having the right mask, an N95 respirator. → Read More

Soucheray: We are allowed optimism. See you at the Fair?

Every time we think we are gaining on the pandemic another doomsday scenario is sailed out the windows from high places and it’s back to the drawing board of mitigation plans and deep conversations… → Read More

Soucheray: We are supposed to be in this together

What transgression would the Racial Justice Network accept as an approved occasion for an officer to stop a driver who happens to be Black? → Read More

Soucheray: Once in a while, you hear a sermon that sticks with you

A nattily dressed fellow has been playing his saxophone these hot summer days at the corner of Grand Avenue and Victoria Street. → Read More

Soucheray: This must be clarified. My mother is watching.

In his most recent column for the Catholic Spirit newspaper, headlined “The Eucharist and sinners,” Archbishop Bernard Hebda wrote: “I am told that I finally ‘arrived’ on the St. Paul scene, albeit not in any way that I would have anticipated. My name was brought up in a recent conversation between Joe Soucheray and Patrick Reusse on their Monday Night Sportstalk show.” Oh, oh. “No, it was not… → Read More

Soucheray: We are not done with oil

Until all vehicles are electric or run on solar power or magic unicorn dust we are not done with oil. And so long as we are not done with this miracle elixir it must be transported around the world… → Read More

Soucheray: If Minneapolis is doing it, then St. Paul shouldn’t – Twin Cities

As much as masks have had their day, it is one time when I wish Carter had held his ground. Life was better in this neck of the woods when St. Paul and Minneapolis were rivals. → Read More

Soucheray: The bullets are flying. Hard to tell what’s ‘low-level’ these days.

These commissions and study groups and community gabfests are all born of the same ideological fault. → Read More

Soucheray: An homage to colossal egos, stupendous blustering and unique newspapering

Jim Klobuchar was 93 and Jerry Burns was 94, which means that a combined 187 years of riotous Minnesota history was taken off the books in one sad day last week. → Read More

Soucheray: Closing roads? OK, let’s look at light rail through the same lens. – Twin Cities

An effort should be made to at least reschedule trains so that they make the most economic sense for the current conditions. → Read More

Soucheray: What will happen to George Floyd Square, and to us?

Right now, it is the most famous intersection of any city in the world, known to school children from Belfast to Bahrain. → Read More

Soucheray: The freedom equation includes risk — and responsibility – Twin Cities

A murderer in a grocery store cannot be considered the price of freedom. → Read More

Soucheray: As we crawl out of isolation we will be different people

We have been in suspended animation for one year now, having turned over the keys to our lives, unprecedentedly, to governors, health departments and suddenly famous actors on the pandemic stage, s… → Read More