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Soucheray: Phase 2 (or 3): You can get half your hair cut in a salon. No, wait

Dining outside isn’t a problem. In fact, Minnesotans, who stare out the window at the color gray for six months a year, are the most eating outside people in the world. We will take that two-top in… → Read More

Soucheray: At last, a window office

Working at home has given me for the first time in my life an office with a window. When I think back over the years, I never had an office and that never bothered me. If anything, my car has been … → Read More

Soucheray: We can fish, but only half a tank away. Too risky.

The fishing opener caught me between cars. I don’t have one, or I should say I don’t have one that I have ever put through a full tank of gas in one day. My newest old car is 40 years old, British,… → Read More

Soucheray: In a time of simple mask-making, the mayor and council demand satin

Our elected worthies in the city of St. Paul had a great opportunity to demonstrate financial discipline brought about by a virus crisis, but chose not to. I believe this is called being tone deaf.… → Read More

Soucheray: Some solace, if we can look up

The roar of a gasoline-powered leaf blower never sounded so good as it did the other morning. Landscape crews and golf course horticulturalists are back on the job, and perhaps by the time this app… → Read More

Soucheray: With wipes, masks, the Elephant and Dracula, thus we are gusseted

We have some masks, apparently coming out of the sewing parlor downstairs. They are a bit foo foo if you ask me and remind me of doilies. If I am going to wear a mask, I much prefer something on th… → Read More

Soucheray: The salon wants us stacked and packed. It’s all wrong. – Twin Cities

By the sound of it, by the sound of Dr. Fauci and other experts, we are only just beginning to understand the craft of social distancing. The coronavirus might very well become seasonal and the day… → Read More

Soucheray: Into the world with a dusty old mask, wipes and a juice box mission

Getting out and about in a vehicle suggests either adventure or defiance in these uncertain times. Getting out at the top of an hour for a blast of local radio news, weather and traffic is just the… → Read More

Soucheray: Have you not read your history, Bernie believers?

In 1981, on the occasion of having just been elected, by 10 votes, mayor of Burlington, Vt., Bernard Sanders was interviewed on NBC’s “Today” by Phil Donahue. Jane Pauley, then a &#8220… → Read More

Soucheray: What we witnessed was the best weekend of sports in the 20th century

It was a Friday afternoon game in Lake Placid, a 4 p.m. Eastern start time, on Feb. 22, 1980. ABC was televising the Winter Olympics from Lake Placid, N.Y., and they had sent their people to the Wh… → Read More

Soucheray: They reel us in. The price goes up. They forgot some stuff. It’s the St. Paul Way – Twin Cities

The price tag for improving Ayd Mill Road in St. Paul has nearly doubled, to $9.8 million, just since last August. In April 2019, the cost was estimated to be $3.5 million for mill-and-overlay work… → Read More

Soucheray: Light rail is an even bigger disaster than we thought

It is bad enough that light rail is a complete failure in terms of generating revenue — it can never pay for itself — but it becomes increasingly difficult to keep sweeping under the rug the dreadf… → Read More

Soucheray: Keep an eye out for the wily urban coyote, worked up and looking for love

Without much fanfare we are to understand that coyotes are in the throes of their mating season, with most urgent admonitions addressed to pet owners. Basically, your little dog would be a goner. A… → Read More

Soucheray: First of all, it’s none of my neighbor’s business who I vote for – Twin Cities

We have given too much to the political class and I am inclined to now draw a line in the sand, if the trucks would ever drop any on this stew of slush that bedevils us. I won’t vote in the upcomin… → Read More

Soucheray: Mayor Carter’s vision for St. Paul is an expensive one – Twin Cities

In St. Paul Mayor Melvin Carter’s dizzying run up of city spending there is, beneath the layers of college savings accounts, financial empowerment initiatives and the ever-growing mayoral Cabinet, … → Read More

Joe Soucheray: St. Paul’s residential streets are bad. Embarrassingly, so. – Twin Cities

It was charitable of the Minneapolis newspaper to editorialize on our behalf the other day. They pointed out, perhaps because somebody on the staff got loose, drove to St. Paul and returned to Minn… → Read More

Soucheray: This year is different. All fears of winter are on hold

Prior to 24-hour-a-day hysteria about the weather, prior to Doppler radar, prior to your phone serving as your own forecasting center, there were ways to predict an oncoming winter by studying the … → Read More

Soucheray: We’d have a lot more money for safety if we spent less on social engineering – Twin Cities

The timing is certainly awkward, considering the shootout at the Minnesota State Fair on closing night, the murder of an off-duty St. Paul firefighter in his home and a total of six people having b… → Read More

Soucheray: There’s a price for all this big thinking – Twin Cities

Apparently, to many people — I have been reading some blogs — taking away the eastern half of Ayd Mill Road and devoting the two lanes to bicyclists and pedestrians is an example of Mayor Melvin Ca… → Read More

Soucheray: There they go, boardsplaining this 10% Ramsey County tax-levy increase

Dozens of readers, many of whom said they are on fixed incomes and are worried, have wondered how they can contact the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners to weigh in on the proposed 10 percent le… → Read More