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Recent articles by Keith:

Some Frightening Covid Hospitalization and ICU Numbers

As of this writing Covid hospitalizations in the United States total over 100,000 with the trend line facing almost straight up. You can see how we compare to the next closest nations, who are at… → Read More

A Challenge To Trumpers. Say This.

Dear Trumpers, I really want you to think about this. According to the various conspiracy theories advanced by Trump and his team the following people and entities colluded together to rig the… → Read More

Bagel Bites and the Law: Does Pennsylvania’s Constitution Really Prohibit No Excuse Mail In Voting?

In this election made bitter by a President who refuses to conceded, despite needing to win futile challenges in multiple states, the vote in Pennsylvania is among the most contested. The Trump Team… → Read More

Will “Q” Survive Trump’s Election Defeat?

Will “Q” Survive Trump’s Election Defeat? One would think the QANon conspiracy could not survive the election. After all, the entire foundation of the theory is the belief that the enigmatic “Q” is a highly placed official of the Trump Administration whose ultra super secret “Q clearance” allows him access to the uber secret plan (that he tells the world) to round up and incarcerate the massive… → Read More

So Who Are The Proud Boys?

In last night’s Presidential “debate” moderator Chris Wallace challenged Donald Trump to condemn white supremacy. Trump said he would, but when it came down to it failed to do so. He pushed back with… → Read More

My Criminal Referral Against the President of the United States

I have filed a criminal referral with Josh Stein, the Attorney General for North Carolina. I did so at this website:… The criminal referral read as follows. → Read More

“The Oath I Swore . . .” Military Officer Exposes Trump’s Lies Behind Violent Bible Photo-Op

Around 6:30 in the evening on June 1st confused media reporting from the area on Lafayette Square in Washington D.C., began reporting about an inexplicable escalation of violence by Federal law… → Read More

Department of Homeland Security Caught Lying To Federal Court

Allow me to explain this incredible letter filed in United States District Court on July 23d. The Trusted Traveler Program (TTP) includes programs like “Global Entry” that allows Americans who apply… → Read More

America’s Coronavirus Story: Wasted Pain.

On Facebook I regularly post graphs of my own creation relating to Coronavirus issues. On Sunday I told friends on Facebook that: “The coming week could see new national records in new cases per… → Read More

Trump Supporters Dress As Empty Seats At Tulsa Rally

NAP has learned that thousands of Trump supporters came dressed as empty seats to the President’s Tulsa rally last night. Further, all of those doing so were women! They were all part of a new… → Read More

The Nazi Symbolism In Trump’s Ads Deleted By Facebook

In a breaking story Facebook has deleted several Trump Campaign advertisements for violating its policy against “organized hate.” The ads, attacking the Antifa boogeyman, included a symbol used by… → Read More

Culling The Herd: The Coronavirus Death Rate And The Conservative Herd Immunity Con.

What is the death rate from Coronavirus, or for that matter any disease? The traditional formula for this is quite simple. → Read More

The Greatest Scandal In American History: The Trump Cover Up Of A Looming Public Health Crisis.

This should be the scandal of the century. In a rational world it would destroy Trump’s Presidency and end the Republican Party as a political force for years. For weeks the President of the United… → Read More

While We Wait For Republicans To Come Around, People Die.

On a forum called “AgTimes” I was told to “be nice, everyone is coming around to this at their own speed.” Waiting to come around can kill. 60% of Republicans believe it’s not a significant problem… → Read More

Are Flights From China Really Banned?

In bragging about his oh so quick response to the coronavirus Trump has repeatedly bragged that he quickly acted, against supposed opposition from Democrats, to ban flights from China. I was curious… → Read More

Suppose You Heard A Tape Where “This Man” Said . . .

Suppose you heard a tape. You are accurately told this tape is of a powerful man who has twice had major businesses shut down because they were fraudulent enterprises. You are further told many of… → Read More

Trump Stalks U.S. Ambassador

Lev Parnas is a close associate of Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani had lunch with him on the day Parnas was arrested at the airport attempting to flee the country. Parnas was indicted, charged with trying… → Read More

A Serious Question For Those Quickly Marching To The Drumbeats Of War

Dear Trumpers, I have a serious question for you. You believe Soleimani had to be killed because he was one of the worst enemies of America, responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Americans. You… → Read More

Trump’s Planned War Crimes Are Impeachable

The President of the United States targeted a specific high official of the Iranian government in a military strike, killing Iran’s Qasem Soleimani, commander of Iran’s notorious “Quds” division… → Read More

On Twitter, Trump and “Christianity” Are Mostly Strangers, “Jesus” Is Barely Mentioned

When the Evangelical Christian magazine Christianity Today published a scathing editorial making clear the moral imperative of removing President Trump from office, the President responded with his… → Read More