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Recent articles by Keith:

The Ultimate Political Advertisement Parody That Is Not A Parody.

Brilliant concept, don’t you think? Alas, it is not a concept, it is not a parody. It is a real life, honest to God advertisement by Michele Fiore who seeks to become the real life, actual, honest to… → Read More

Executive Privilege v. Witness Tampering

Under Trump’s direction, Steve Bannon is refusing to comply with the 1/6 Committee’s subpoena. Bannon claims (as Trump told him to do) the documents and testimony sought are protected by “executive… → Read More

“The Greatest Texas A&M Football Fraud Ever!”

For my fellow Texas Aggies upset at last night’s loss to Arkansas, don’t worry, Trump’s got this. A forensic audit, already ordered by the Texas Governor, will find the Aggies won. The scoreboard has… → Read More

Team Kraken Suffers Major Defeat In Dominion Defamation Lawsuit

Dominion voting machines sued Sidney Powell, her law firm, Rudy Giuliani and Mike Lindell along with his company, My Pillow, alleging they defamed Dominion through numerous comments challenging the… → Read More

“Just Say The Election Was Corrupt & Leave The Rest To Me”

On December 27th Donald Trump had a teleconference with his Acting Attorney General, Jeffrey Rosen, and his Deputy Richard Donoghue. Donoghue kept hand written notes of the call. Earlier this week… → Read More

Third Oath Keeper Flips. Mark Grods is the third member of the…

Mark Grods is the third member of the Oath Keepers to plead guilty to conspiracy charges and agree to cooperate with the investigation. You can read his statement of information, stating what he will… → Read More

Rudy Giuliani’s License To Practice Law Suspended For Lying About Election Fraud

Rudy Giuliani’s license to practice law has been suspended by the New York Bar Disciplinary Grievance Committee for his repeated lies claiming election fraud. Per the court filing: It’s worth reading… → Read More

Sidney “The Kraken” Powell With Yet More Legal Troubles

Sometimes Trump Attorney Sidney Powell filed many of the failed lawsuits challenging the election. Her Trumpian believers were so convinced the lawsuit would reverse the Biden election victory that… → Read More

The Real Witch Hunts. The Trump Department of Justice was…

The Trump Department of Justice was weaponized to pursue political enemies. They futilely pursued Andrew McCabe, presented his case to a grand jury, which to the humiliation of Trump DOJ refused to… → Read More

The People Conducting The Arizona Recount

See that picture of the man counting the ballots in the Republican Arizona Kangaroo Recount? His name is Anthony Kern. You can also see him in pictures with the mob storming the Capitol on January… → Read More

Court Finds Barr Lied About Mueller Report

On March 22, 2019 Mueller submitted his report to then Attorney General Barr. Rather than immediately release the report Barr sat on it for weeks. However, on the very day Mueller gave him the… → Read More

Giuliani Home Raided By Feds

Today Federal investigators executed a search warrant of the home of Rudy Giuliani resulting in the seizure of his electronic devices including computers and phones. This is a monumental act by… → Read More

Treasury Department Establishes Trump Campaign Collusion With Russian Intelligence

Today the Treasury Department announced sweeping sanctions against the Russian government and individuals “who attempted to influence the 2020 U.S. presidential election at the direction of the… → Read More

Swalwell’s Lawsuit Against Trump et. al., and the 5th Amendment.

Representative Eric Swallwell (who served as one of the House impeachment managers) has sued Donald Trump, Trump Junior, Rudy Giuliani and Representative Mo Brooks. I invite you to read the full… → Read More

Congress Does Not “Certify” Presidential Elections

A recurring theme among the seditionists seeking to overturn the election of President-elect Biden is that one more Constitutional step remains. Congress must “certify” the election on January 6th… → Read More

Trump’s Extortion Plain and Simple.

On Saturday, January 2d 2021 President Trump (along with others) participated in a conference call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. During this call the President of the United… → Read More

Some Frightening Covid Hospitalization and ICU Numbers

As of this writing Covid hospitalizations in the United States total over 100,000 with the trend line facing almost straight up. You can see how we compare to the next closest nations, who are at… → Read More

A Challenge To Trumpers. Say This.

Dear Trumpers, I really want you to think about this. According to the various conspiracy theories advanced by Trump and his team the following people and entities colluded together to rig the… → Read More

Bagel Bites and the Law: Does Pennsylvania’s Constitution Really Prohibit No Excuse Mail In Voting?

In this election made bitter by a President who refuses to conceded, despite needing to win futile challenges in multiple states, the vote in Pennsylvania is among the most contested. The Trump Team… → Read More

Will “Q” Survive Trump’s Election Defeat?

Will “Q” Survive Trump’s Election Defeat? One would think the QANon conspiracy could not survive the election. After all, the entire foundation of the theory is the belief that the enigmatic “Q” is a highly placed official of the Trump Administration whose ultra super secret “Q clearance” allows him access to the uber secret plan (that he tells the world) to round up and incarcerate the massive… → Read More