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Past articles by Samantha:

Reddit CEO Says Keeping Explicit Content on the Site Is a ‘Constant Fight’

Steve Huffman said in an announcement that starting July 5, Reddit will "limit access to mature content via our Data API." → Read More

People Were Unwittingly Implanted With Fake Devices in Medical Scam, FBI Alleges

Stimwave allegedly told doctors that the plastic implantable rods would help ease patients' chronic pain. → Read More

A 24/7 Twitch Stream of AI-Generated Celebrities Is Even Weirder Than It Seems

The mesmerizingly freakish, constant live stream of AI-generated versions of Joe Rogan, Amourath, Alinity, PewDiePie, Hasan Piker, and more is run by a group that's been called a "cult" and “pseudo-religion.” → Read More

Arkansas Proposes Requiring ID to Watch Porn Online

After a similar bill became law in Louisiana last month, seven more states have introduced copycat legislation that force users to show identification. → Read More

Netflix Made an Anime Using AI Due to a 'Labor Shortage,' and Fans Are Pissed

A new short film called 'The Dog & The Boy' uses AI-generated art for its backgrounds. → Read More

Weed Makes People Cum Harder, Study Says

Results of a new survey show that most people who use cannabis every day report better sex while high. → Read More

M&M's Says Its 'Spokescandies' Are Retiring Amid Conservative Culture War

"Now we get it—even a candy’s shoe’s can be polarizing," the company said. → Read More

Scientists Are Getting Eerily Good at Using WiFi to 'See' People Through Walls in Detail

The signals from WiFi can be used to map a human body, according to a new paper. → Read More

‘My AI Is Sexually Harassing Me’: Replika Users Say the Chatbot Has Gotten Way Too Horny

For some longtime users of the chatbot, the app has gone from helpful companion to unbearably sexually aggressive. → Read More

A DIY Coder Created a Virtual AI 'Wife' Using ChatGPT

“I became obsessed with decreasing her latency," he said of his simulation waifu, before he tearfully euthanized her. "I've spent over $1000 in cloud computing credits just to talk to her.” → Read More

'I Don't Believe You:' Artist Banned from r/Art Because Mods Thought They Used AI

Moderators for the 22 million member forum banned someone for making an illustration that too closely resembled AI-generated art. → Read More

NYC Bans Students and Teachers from Using ChatGPT

The machine learning chatbot is inaccessible on school networks and devices, due to "concerns about negative impacts on student learning," a spokesperson said. → Read More

You Now Need a Government ID to Access Pornhub in Louisiana

Viewing Pornhub while in Louisiana now requires providing a driver's license to verify your age. → Read More

Tumblr Brings Back Nudity, But Not Porn

"We’re not here to judge your art, we just ask that you add a Community Label to your mature content," the updated guidelines say. → Read More

You Can Now Become Twitter’s Main Character for Literally Anything

The last few days on the social media platform have been harder to keep up with than ever—and say something deeper about how we interact online. → Read More

NYC Congressional Candidate Releases and Stars in Porn Video For Some Reason

Mike Itkis is running for Manhattan's 12th Congressional District, and thinks a 13-minute Pornhub video will help get him there. → Read More

The Mythical 32-Pound ‘Subcontrabassoon’ Is Now a Real Musical Instrument

Richard Bobo’s subcontrabassoon weighs 32 pounds and is taller than most adults. → Read More

Instagram Says Pornhub’s Account is ‘Permanently’ Banned

Pornhub claims its account was “fully PG,” and cites the uneven treatment of mainstream celebrities like Kim Kardashian who post nudity to the platform, compared to adult creators. → Read More

Chaotic Genius Plays ‘Trombone Champ’ Using a Fleshlight as a Controller

Programmer Kyle Machulis combined the viral song "Cbat" from a Reddit post with a trombone simulator and a Fleshlight-style toy, and the result is hilarious. → Read More

Why Does This Keep Happening: Another Teen Got a USB Cord Stuck Up His Penis

There are a surprising amount of medical cases involving cords threaded into urethras, for "sexual curiosity" purposes. → Read More