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Past articles by Yascha:

America Is Headed For Disaster

Donald Trump is on course to reconquer the White House. To save the republic, we need a radical change of direction. β†’ Read More

The Doom Spiral of Pernicious Polarization

The U.S. is more dangerously divided than any other wealthy democracy. Is there a way back from the brink? β†’ Read More

Jonathan Haidt on Why Public Discourse Has Become So Stupid

🎧 | Yascha Mounk and Jonathan Haidt discuss how the internet has made "the discourse" more polarized, angry, and simplistic (and what to do about it). β†’ Read More

We are not at war with the Russian people

A witch hunt against ordinary Russians would be immoral and counterproductive. β†’ Read More

Dictators Aren’t Pretending Anymore

The democratic recession is so severe that autocrats now openly stage coups, steal elections, and invade other countries. β†’ Read More

Omicron Is the Beginning of the End

No matter the severity of the variant, the appetite for shutdowns or other large-scale social interventions simply isn’t there. β†’ Read More

The Faltering Fight for Democracy

Biden is failing to live up to his promise of democratic renewal, but many of the obstacles are beyond the president's control. β†’ Read More

Four Measures That Are Helping Germany Beat COVID

And why we’re failing to do the same things in America β†’ Read More

Democracy on the Defense

To address the threat of resurgent authoritarians, the world’s democracies need to commit to bold action. β†’ Read More

Your Individually Rational Choice Is Collectively Disastrous

Stopping the virus from spreading requires us to override our basic intuitions. β†’ Read More

Hate Wokeness? Vote Biden.

Removing the president from office should be a top priority for any voter who is genuinely concerned about the rise of illiberal forces. β†’ Read More

American Passports Are Useless Now

I can go just about anywhere with my German passport. But almost no one wants to let in Americans these days. β†’ Read More

Cancel College

Reopening universities will accomplish little and endanger many. β†’ Read More

The Virus Will Win

Americans are pretending that the pandemic is over. It certainly is not. β†’ Read More

United States will pay a heavy price for its incompetence over coronavirus

Yascha Mounk is an Associate Professor at Johns Hopkins University, in Washington DC, in the USA, and he believes the country is woefully unprepared for the epidemic β†’ Read More

Coronavirus: The Case for Canceling Everything

Social distancing is the only way to stop the coronavirus. We must start immediately. β†’ Read More

About That Corona Poll ...

A misleading survey reveals how misinformation spreads, and how Americans are desperate to believe the worst about one another. β†’ Read More

The Dictators’ Last Stand

It has been a terrible decade for democracy. According to Freedom House, the world is now in the 13th consecutive year of a global democratic recession. Democracies have collapsed or eroded in every region, from Burundi to Hungary, Thailand to Venezuela. β†’ Read More

When Exerting Power Means Abuse

Dissecting instances where Trump crosses the line. β†’ Read More

Brainstorming Ways to Rekindle Democracy

Would reorganization help people feel involved? β†’ Read More