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Recent articles by Marissa:


Is swallowing gum bad for you? Here's what it actually does to your body

Let's be honest — at some point or another, you've swallowed your gum, whether on purpose or by accident. Some of you might've immediately panicked about how that piece of gum could somehow become a sticky, hard wad that'd rot in your gut and… → Read More


Cover letter mistakes that could cost you the job, according to career experts

Few aspects of the job application process are as awkward as writing a cover letter. You have to strike the perfect balance of talking yourself up while not seeming egotistical, all while capturing your wide breadth of talents and skills in an… → Read More


How to recycle plastic bags and other trash-sorting tips everyone should know

Despite our good intentions to protect the environment, many of us are making matters worse by making a variety of recycling mistakes. But if you've ever stared down at your refuse bins wondering if there's too much grease on your pizza box, how to… → Read More


What type of IUD is better? The copper and hormonal options have very different benefits

If you're someone who constantly forgets to take your birth control pill, the intrauterine device (IUD) might sound like a dream come true. But even if you're totally on-board with the device, it can be tough to figure out which type of IUD to get,… → Read More


What to ask your financial advisor during your very first meeting, according to experts

Making money is only half the battle — managing it is another. Using a financial advisor, however, can make tasks such as drafting a monthly budget, paying back your student loans, and navigating a major purchase like a home or a car considerably… → Read More


How bad are screens for your eyes? Here's what happens to your eyes and brain when you scroll

Whether you work a desk job or simply can’t peel yourself away from Netflix, many of us spend the majority of our waking hours looking at screen. But face it: few of us have little intention of changing our habits. Given what we know about how bad… → Read More

What’s The Difference Between Canola Oil And Vegetable Oil?

Canola oil and vegetable oil can often be used interchangeably in cooking, but which one is healthier? An RD weighs in on the more safe and nutritious oil. → Read More


Does weed make workouts better? Science points to yes.

If you thought you were the only one who paired your pre-workout shake with a joint, it turns out you're far from it. A recent study of marijuana users living in states where recreational cannabis is legal found that 82 percent of people say they… → Read More


4 resume tips that could save you from the rejection pile

Resume writing comes with quite a bit of pressure. It’s basically a one-page audition without being able to call upon dance moves or a wide vocal range to impress recruiters. And instead of having the judge’s undivided attention for an entire song,… → Read More


The highest-paying internships in the U.S. offer salaries that nearly double the national average — but there's a catch

We often associate internships with hours of unpaid labor, but as backlash has risen over the years, more and more companies have begun providing their interns with livable wages. And according to a recent Glassdoor report on the 25 highest-paying… → Read More


How bad Uber ratings affect drivers' careers — and why you shouldn't be scared to report bad behavior

Whether done as a full-time job to make a living or a part-time gig just to earn some extra cash, driving for a rideshare service has become an increasingly popular career route for professionals. But drivers' wages are inextricably linked to the… → Read More


Paying off debt and buying a house by 30 matter way less than you think

We've all been there: the family dinner that's going great until some relative asks, "When are you finally going to get a real job?" or "Did you really need to spend money on that?" While our parents might often get overbearing in their lines of… → Read More

Is Rotisserie Chicken Healthy? Calories, Nutrition, And Meal Ideas

Rotisserie chicken is a common dinner staple, but is it actually healthy? Here's everything you need to know about rotisserie chicken calories and nutrition, according to a nutritionist. → Read More

What Is Seitan And Is It Healthy? Seitan Nutrition, Benefits, Drawbacks

Seitan is a common meat alternative, but is it really healthy? Here's what a nutritionist has to say about seitan's nutrition, benefits, protein content, and more. → Read More


Heart failure in young people is on the rise, according to a startling new study

Heart failure was once a disease most commonly associated with older populations, but recent research has found that young adults are increasingly at risk of dying of heart failure, as reported by CNN. In a new study published in the Journal of the… → Read More


Addie Wagenknecht's beauty tutorials are actually cybersecurity lessons

If you happen to stumble across Addie Wagenknecht's beauty tutorials on YouTube, you may think you're in for a typical cosmetic review. But as Wagenknecht uses her ring finger to gently dab Sephora concealer under her eyes, she says, “Today we’re… → Read More


A pig cafe in Tokyo has opened, so you can swine and dine to your heart's content

Japan is giving new meaning to the term “pigging out” after Tokyo recently saw the opening of a coffee shop that serves not just your favorite matcha lattes, but the chance to interact with adorably tiny pigs. The cafe Mipig, located in the Meguro… → Read More


2019's best cities for job opportunities and pay growth, according to a new study

If you’ve been debating whether to leave your current home in search of a more lucrative future somewhere else, a new report from Glassdoor might be the incentive you need to pack your bags. After analyzing millions of anonymous salary reports and… → Read More


How to stop thinking about work once you leave the office, according to experts

As a remote freelancer whose office varies between my living room and bedroom, I’m never not thinking about work. Even when I try to take my mind off of it by scheduling in some Netflixing like it’s a medical prescription, I can’t help but glance at… → Read More

14 Ways To Use Turmeric In Your Cooking

Turmeric is a spice with all kinds of benefits, but how do you cook with it? Here are 14 inventive ways to use turmeric in dishes, including desserts, dinner, drinks, and more. → Read More