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Past articles by Jan:

[Column] Where will Europe's new mojo come from?

Europe today is the continent of the solid 15-20 percent party which means loads of energy gets absorbed just by keeping coalitions together and majorities stable. → Read More

[Column] Taking the aether out of the EU universe

The Aether theory made a lot of sense, it was beautiful, even poetic. Its only problem was that it was wrong. There is no such thing as aether out there in the cosmos. → Read More

[Column] Western 'endarkenment' and the voodoo politics of Europe

The continent that gave the world the Enlightenment has collectively reverted to believing in fairy tales and the soothing power of cozy narrowness. Moscow and Beijing like what they see, and are doing everything to strengthen the trend. → Read More

[Column] What's Libya's impact on EU foreign policy?

The Libya case might finally give the EU some strategic clarity. This sounds like a small thing, but EU foreign policy is in such bad shape that it would be a big leap forward. → Read More

[Column] When trust is low, 'servant leadership' is the answer

Poland doesn't trust Germany on defence, the Germans don't trust the Italians on money, nobody trusts that France's nuclear weapons can become a pan-European deterrent. Croatia won't accept North Macedonia's new name, Spain wants Gibraltar back. The Irish... → Read More

[Column] Don't lead Europe by triggering its fears

For a long time, Europe's strategic chattering class has been wondering what would happen if you took the US out of Europe's security architecture. → Read More

[Column] Why the EU can't do security and defence

What if the EU can't guarantee European security? At a time when US physical presence does not make up for its mental absence, the question just got urgent. → Read More

[Column] These are the crunch issues for 2019-2024 EU commission

These developments will largely determine who will be running the world in the coming decades and perhaps generations. If the Europeans can't find an answer over the five years, they will be toast. And we haven't even mentioned climate change. → Read More

Pre-Reformation Europe and the Coming Schism

The division between countries inside and outside the eurozone is set to become a full-fledged rupture between supporters and opponents of a European political union. → Read More

Steinmeier’s Tragic Dance Around the Issues

A recent article by Germany’s foreign minister sidesteps the key foreign policy questions to which Berlin’s allies are looking for answers. → Read More

The EU’s New Global Strategy: Useful or Pointless?

The recently unveiled EU global strategy is an unusually thoughtful and rich document. The EU’s leaders would be well-advised to study it. → Read More

The Impact of Brexit Cannot Be Underestimated

Will the decision to leave the EU hurt Britain more than Brussels? → Read More

Refugees Will not Sink the EU, but the Euro Might

There is nothing particularly existential about the refugee crisis. The real threat to the EU remains the unreformed eurozone. → Read More

A World in Which Only Three Things Matter?

The pace and complexity of international politics has become truly dizzying. Is it possible to boil the world’s priorities down to just three big issues? → Read More

The Fundamental Flaws of Brexit Backers

Campaigners who want Britain to leave the European Union misunderstand the basic mechanics of globalization. → Read More

Sophisticated States Are Failing

If mainstream politicians do not start taking greater risks, less savory figures will take their place. → Read More

Nationalism Destroys Europe—or Does It?

Instead of dismissing the nation as a thing of the past, Europe needs to learn from it and emulate its ability to create solidarity. → Read More

Live From the Munich Security Conference

Carnegie Europe is on the ground at the 2016 Munich Security Conference, offering readers exclusive access to the debates as they unfold. → Read More

Yanis Varoufakis, Peddler of Snake Oil

A new political manifesto contains a decent idea for the future of Europe, but it is buried in ideological babble, conspiracy theories, and moral grandstanding. → Read More

EU Global Strategy: Defining Foreign Policy Interests

One reason for the EU’s foreign policy weakness is its inability to define the starting point of policymaking: the interests of those acting. → Read More