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Past articles by Kristi:

How to Handle Change When You're the Boss (and You Didn't See it Coming)

Let’s face it, no one loves change—especially the kind that’s forced on you. It’s even worse when you’re a manager and are surprised by, or even in disagreement with, an organizational shift. Here's how to break the news and keep your team motivated, even in the toughest of times. → Read More

5 Ways Smart People Use Meetings to Boost Their Credibility

Meetings don't have to be a complete waste of time—here are five ways to use them to boost your reputation as a leader (and also get stuff done). → Read More

4 Ways Leaders Approach Their Personal Brand (That Don't Feel Forced)

Personal branding is so much more than a generic LinkedIn profile—here's how to define your own in a way that feels authentic (and not jargon-filled). → Read More

5 Leadership Moves All Good Bosses Make (Even on the Hard Days)

Seasoned leaders will tell you that managing gets easier the longer you do it, because you’ll learn as you go. But you can also learn what smart bosses do now. → Read More

3 Rookie Mistakes Smart Managers Avoid

Being a leader isn't as straightforward as you might've hoped. In fact, here are three seemingly smart strategies that always end up backfiring. → Read More

3 Rookie Mistakes Smart Managers Avoid

Being a leader isn't as straightforward as you might've hoped. In fact, here are three seemingly smart strategies that always end up backfiring. → Read More

How Old Is Too Old At Work?

Workers are staying in their jobs longer, and that creates more opportunities for age discrimination. Here are four ways to make sure you are viewed by your contribution, rather than your age. → Read More

The Real Secret To Success Is Not What You Think

Want to get more out of yourself or your team? Turns out, it's not what you do or even what you think -- but how you think that makes the difference. → Read More

Competition At Work: Positive Or Positively Awful?

Leaders believe competition spurs productivity, but employees hate it. Here's how to foster healthy competition and ensure you don't stress out your people. → Read More

Four Reasons We Don't Ask For What We Want

Most people have a hard time asking for what they want at work. Here are four common reasons we hold ourselves back -- and how to overcome them. → Read More

How To Manage Conflict

Many managers hate dealing with all the conflict that comes with the job. Here's how to manage conflict well -- even if you'd rather avoid it entirely. → Read More

Why You Stay In A Job You Hate

Studies show that 70% of people are open to leaving their jobs, yet many stay stuck in unfulfilling -- or even hated -- positions. Here are the common excuses why people stay -- and how to overcome them. → Read More

Six Ways To Confidently Say "I Don't Know"

It's hard to be put on the spot at work and not have an answer. If it's a superior asking you, it can be career jeopardizing. Here's how to confidently say "I don't know" and maintain credibility. → Read More

Here's How You Show Too Much Passion At Work

Passion in the workplace is a sought after commodity. But showing too much passion can sometimes backfire. Here's how to strike the right balance between go-getter and overly eager. → Read More

New Rules! How Managers Can Be Friends With Employees

Conventional wisdom says that managers can't be friends with employees, yet in real life, it happens all the time. Here are four ways to find the balance for yourself. → Read More

How To Change Your Employee's Behavior

Managers must help their employees to change and grow, but change is hard to affect in others. If we take the wrong approach, it can backfire. Here are five ways to help drive successful change in your employees. → Read More

Four Ways To Challenge Employees To Reach Their Potential

Good managers try to find the balance of challenge and support to encourage their teams to grow and develop. Here are four ways to blend both to get higher performance from others. → Read More

The Do-Over: How To Correct A Bad First Impression

We know that first impressions matter, but what do you do when you bomb one? Here are five ways to correct a bad first impression. → Read More

Seven Types Of Stories Every Leader Should Tell

Leaders know they should tell stories to engage and inspire -- but what kind and when? Use this guide to create your own simple list of leadership stories. → Read More

Four Ways To Be A Better Listener Today

For leaders, listening skills are critically important and, too often, underdeveloped. Here are four simple ways to improve the way you listen that encourage openness and clarity. → Read More