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Recent articles by James:

The case for why Santa Claus should've been in 'The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special'

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, which premiered on Disney+ last week, introduced somebody very special to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, for as holly jolly as Kevin Bacon might be, the Marvel Studios Special Presentation failed to canonize one of the greatest characters from Marvel Comics. → Read More

'Godzilla 2000' kind of has the same plot as Jordan Peele's 'Nope.' Kind of.

Is Nope a kaiju movie? You could make the case that it is. While at first blush it has the premise and aesthetics of an alien invasion movie, the eventual twist reveals that it’s more of a monster giant movie. Still, it doesn’t feel quite right to classify Nope as a kaiju movie. Luckily, there is a movie — one unquestionably of the kaiju genre — that kind of has the same plot as Nope: Godzilla… → Read More

'Battleship,' now streaming, is one of the stupidest movies ever made. It's perfect.

Have you ever played Battleship? It’s a classic board game. You and an opponent take on the roles of two rival naval admirals in what appears to be roughly World War II-era combat. You take turns trying to attack your opponent, attempting to guess and surmise where on the ocean grid their ships are hiding. If you sink all your opponent's ships, you win. → Read More

'Wakanda Forever' demonstrates the power and limitations of live-action superhero stories

They say nobody stays dead in superhero comics. Whether through resurrection, multiversal duplicates, or a good old-fashioned ret-con, superhero characters never stay gone for long. At worst, this revolving door of death undermines the stakes. At best, though, the fact that anybody can, in theory, come back at any time means there are tons of surprises, and that not even the grave can stop old,… → Read More

Thank goodness people realized that 'Starship Troopers' is actually a masterpiece

When Starship Troopers came out 25 years ago today, it bombed at the box office. The ruins of Buenos Aries after the Bugs destroyed it have nothing compared to what a critical and commercial bomb Starship Troopers was. Thank goodness that, a quarter-century later, society has come around and hailed Starship Troopers as a sci-fi classic. → Read More

Namor actor Tenoch Huerta doesn't take playing the 'bad guy who destroys' Wakanda lightly

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, is a movie that will grapple with the death of T’Challa, the Black Panther — and in the process, attempt to help fans in the real world process the untimely death of Chadwick Boseman, who made the character iconic in the first film. → Read More

'Q: The Winged Serpent' is a slasher movie disguised as a kaiju movie

King Kong and Godzilla are the Eighth Wonder of the World and the King of the Monsters, respectively, but they’re not the only kaiju around. → Read More

'Star Wars' is not a space movie. Prove me wrong.

This is an opinion piece. Star Wars is, famously, set in a galaxy far, far away. It features all sorts of spaceships and characters traveling from one planet to another. It has “star” right there in the name. And yet… Star Wars is not a “space movie.” → Read More

There is truly no better time to watch 'Mad Monster Party,' the 'Rudolph' of Halloween

If you’ve celebrated Christmas — or have even a passing awareness of the holiday — you’re probably familiar with Jules Bass’ work. Bass, who died yesterday at the age of 87, was one half of Rankin/Bass Productions alongside Arthur Rankin Jr. → Read More

'The Birds' is terrifying because it doesn't explain anything

The Birds, Alfred Hitchcock's suspense masterpiece now streaming on Peacock, doesn't give the audience answers. → Read More

How strong is Black Adam? He raged a one-man WWIII in the comics

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is joining the DC Extended Universe this week when he stars in Black Adam, the live-action film debut of one of DC Comics’ most powerful characters. Black Adam, a longtime foe of Shazam since the ‘40s, is typically a supervillian, though he has dabbled in antiheroism, which seems to be the route that the new movie is going to take. → Read More

Is the Stranger Gandalf? 'Rings of Power' actor Daniel Weyman is learning along with us

Sauron’s true identity wasn’t the only secret revealed in the Season 1 finale of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power. We’ve learned who the Stranger — a bearded man who fell from the sky in the series premiere — really is. → Read More

Sauron revealed! 'The Rings of Power' actor explains the twist and the Dark Lord's motives

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power Season 1 finale finally revealed the identity of Middle-earth’s ultimate big bad. Now, everybody watching knows who Sauron really is. But, the actor who plays Sauron didn’t know at first, shooting two episodes before getting confirmation that he was the Dark Lord. **SPOILER WARNING! There are big spoilers for The Rings of Power season finale ahead.** → Read More

The first 10 minutes of Zack Snyder's 'Dawn of the Dead' are perfect horror

George A. Romero’s 1978 film Dawn of the Dead is an acclaimed horror masterpiece. It’s a grim, gory, and moody zombie story that makes the mind-numbing complacency of consumerism out to be as deadly a threat as the walking dead. So, the bar was high when Zack Snyder, who was making his feature film debut after an early career directing music videos, remade Dawn of the Dead in 2004. → Read More

'The Visitor' goes from haunted house to folk horror, director says

The Visitor, a new horror film set for digital and on-demand release on Friday, might make you think twice about moving to a small town. However, both the director and the star tell SYFY WIRE that they love small towns — Justin P. Lange actually lives in one, but he understands the somewhat eerie pull they can have, as seen in the new movie. → Read More

Iron Fist actor Finn Jones on the possibility of an MCU return: 'There's always hope'

Street-level heroes are patrolling the Marvel Cinematic Universe once more. Daredevil and his arch-foe Kingpin have both made their return to the MCU, with Charlie Cox reprising his character from the (former) Netflix series in Spider-Man: No Way Home and an upcoming episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, and Vincent D'Onofrio appearing in Hawkeye. → Read More

Why 'Andor' Is Devoid of Star Wars Easter Eggs

The new Disney+ 'Rogue One' spin-off 'Andor' is refreshingly devoid of Easter eggs. It's a tactic the whole franchise could use more of. → Read More

'La Brea' stars tease the ‘80s, wishing they had Penicillin, and more in Season 2

Season 2 of La Brea, which debuts on Sept. 27, promises to be an exciting time — or rather, exciting times, as the sophomore season of NBC’s sci-fi drama has some of the characters thrown into a whole new time period, jumping from the present day to 10,000 BC or from the distant past to the 1980s. → Read More

How Shudder determined 'The 101 Scariest Horror Movie Moments of All Time'

It’s honestly kind of scary how many horror movies there are. Obviously, it’s scary because that’s the point of the genre, but it’s also daunting to try to comprehend the sheer number of horror movies out there. Which ones are essential viewing? What at the hidden gems? And, which ones are the best? → Read More

Peacock's 'Vampire Academy' showrunners want to do the beloved book series justice

The new Vampire Academy TV show — Peacock’s adaptation of the hit YA book series of the same name — has its origins in a place not commonly associated with vampires: On a beach in Cabo. → Read More