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Recent articles by Reed:

The Facebook whistleblower’s case was a big gamble for the nonprofit supporting her

Whistleblower Aid, a nonprofit aimed primarily at protecting government whistleblowers, was initially unable to convince its wealthy donors to fund its representation of Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen. It did it anyway, a big gamble for the nonprofit. Since taking on Haugen, the firm racked up legal fees it could barely afford. Things are finally starting to look up. → Read More

Apple fires employee who raised awareness of workplace misconduct allegations at the company

Apple on Thursday fired Janneke Parrish, who helped raise awareness about workplace misconduct allegations at the company. → Read More

She pulled herself from addiction by learning to code. Now she’s leading a worker uprising at Apple.

Cher Scarlett is willing to risk a dream job at Apple to blow the whistle on alleged labor violations at the iPhone maker. → Read More

Judge orders Apple to change its App Store practices in long-awaited decision in antitrust trial with Fortnite maker Epic Games

In a long awaited decision, a federal judge has ordered Apple to substantially alter its business model, forcing Apple to allow its developers to “steer” customers away from Apple’s payment processing service, which collects a 30 percent fee on all digital transactions. → Read More

Apple’s effort to court ‘ethical’ hackers draws poor reviews

Apple's bug bounty program was launched to great fanfare in 2016, but security researchers are frustrated with the program. → Read More

Apple delays the rollout of its plans to scan iPhones for child exploitation images

Apple said Friday it would delay the rollout of its controversial plans to scan iPhones for child exploitation images. The plan drew the ire of security experts and privacy advocates, who felt Apple had crossed a line in looking for the images on its customers devices. → Read More

Apple agrees to give some App Store developers more control over customer relationships

Apple said on Wednesday that it would allow developers of "reader" apps, such as digital publications and streaming services, to provide links to customers who can sign up for services outside of the App Store. → Read More

Independent research firm sued by Apple now wants to help vet the phone maker’s child sexual abuse scanning system

Corellium, a security research firm that was sued by Apple in a recently-settled lawsuit, announced it would offer $5,000 grants to security researchers to help analyze Apple's new software that scans iPhones for child sexual abuse material. The Corellium grants, which came two days after an Apple executive called on security researchers to hold the company accountable by verifying its claims,… → Read More

He predicted the dark side of the Internet 30 years ago. Why did no one listen?

Philip Agre earned his PhD in 1989 in computer science, but his greatest impact came when he left the technical side of the field and helped create the field of social informatics, or the study of how technology and humanity interact. Then he disappeared, leaving behind a legacy of work that was eerily prescient in predicting how technology would impact society. → Read More

Apple drops intellectual property lawsuit against maker of security tools

As part of a confidential settlement, Apple has dropped its federal lawsuit against Corellium, which makes software that helps security researchers analyze iPhones. → Read More

Apple is prying into iPhones to find sexual predators, but privacy activists worry governments could weaponize the feature

Apple unveiled new software Thursday that scans photos and messages on iPhones for child pornography and explicit messages sent to minors in a major new effort to prevent sexual predators from using Apple's services. → Read More

Judge dismisses bribery charges against Apple’s head of security

Thomas Moyer, Apple's head of security, was accused by the Santa Clara district attorney of bribing the sheriff's office with a donation of iPads in exchange for concealed weapons permits. Citing a lack of evidence, the case was thrown out by a judge Tuesday → Read More

The blockbuster trial between Apple and the maker of ‘Fortnite’ goes out with a ‘hot tub’ session

The 16th day of a hard-fought trial between Epic, the maker of “Fortnite,” and Apple went out with a debate session between the company’s lawyers as they were peppered with tough questions from U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers. → Read More

Apple is going to court with Fortnite, and it could forever change how apps work

Epic, the maker of the popular video game Fortnite, is set to take Apple to trial Monday. Apple’s App Store hangs in the balance.. → Read More

Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google became big tech companies by acquiring hundreds of smaller companies

For decades Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google gobbled up their competition to become behemoths of the tech industry, which has drawn attention from Congressional leaders and other critics who claim they’ve stifled innovation in the industry. → Read More

With AirTags, Apple launches a new product — and invites antitrust scrutiny

Apple's long anticipated AirTags, a small gadget that that will help iPhone users find their lost items, launched Tuesday. But Apple's entrance into the new product category has also drawn antitrust scrutiny from U.S. and European regulators. Tile, which makes a similar device, says Apple has given itself an advantage and made it more difficult for competitors to offer the same service. → Read More

He believed Apple’s App Store was safe. Then a fake app stole his life savings in bitcoin.

Apple says it needs tight control over the App Store to ensure it is safe and highly curated. Recent scams show there are holes in Apple’s safety net. → Read More

Maker of keyboard apps for the blind sues Apple, claiming anticompetitive behavior

The developer behind FlickType, an Apple Watch keyboard, alleges the company used its power over the App Store to stymie its progress. → Read More

She brought diverse skin tones emoji to the iPhone. Now she’s suing Apple.

Apple’s new $100 million Racial Equity and Justice Initiative aims to help the Black community. But it was too late for Katrina Parrott, a Black woman who helped Apple invent diverse skin tone emojis, before the iPhone maker came out with its own designs. → Read More

On iPhones, Facebook and Apple begin a war of pop-up messages

Facebook has been going to battle with Apple a new App Store policy that requires apps to ask for permission to track their users across the web. Facebook think prompts Apple plans to implement are misleading and will counter them with its own prompt. → Read More