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Past articles by Rebecca:

Looking Back — and Ahead — to Set Your Team Up for Success

Learning and continuous improvement as a team require open discussion about what went well and what didn’t in the prior year, as well as realistically assessing potential pitfalls and opportunities that could lead to future failure or success. In this piece, the author outlines how to conduct both pre- and post-mortems to help your team increase its chances of continued success. → Read More

How to Get Better at Asking for Help at Work

The hesitance to ask for help can keep us bogged down in more work than is necessary and is a key contributor to feeling constantly overwhelmed at work. In this piece, the author outlines six strategies for unlearning old, unproductive patterns that prevent you from reaching out for assistance when you really need it. → Read More

8 Tips for Holiday Gift-Giving at Work

Giving gifts to your coworkers during the holidays need not cause you a lot of stress, break the bank, or even cost any money. In this piece, the author outlines eight factors to consider when giving gifts at work. She also notes minefields to avoid (give food and alcohol carefully) and offers suggestions for thoughtful gift ideas, such as making a donation in your colleague’s name to a charity… → Read More

Facing the Fears That Hold You Back at Work

Common fears that hold people back include the fear of failure, the fear of letting others down, the fear of looking bad or losing others’ respect, but also include more primal fears, such as that of being marginalized, rejected, or unable to support oneself. Often, these fears are not rational, but are visceral at their core. While they often operate below the surface, they are an active force… → Read More

Avoid these 4 phrases that make you sound 'fake and unprofessional'—here's how successful people communicate

With the average working person receiving 121 emails a day, word choice and tone can impact your professional relationships significantly. A career coach and public speaking expert shares the common phrases that make you sound "fake and passive aggressive" — and what to say instead. → Read More

10 Red Flags to Watch Out for in a Job Interview

While no one can perfectly predict how a new job will turn out, staying alert to potential red flags during the interview process can help weed out sub-optimal employment options. Being observant in your interviews as well as attuned to how the process is managed, asking good follow-up questions, and doing your due diligence can help mitigate the chances of making a bad decision. Here are 10 red… → Read More

How to Respond When an Employee Quits

Someone giving notice doesn’t have to be the end of the world or the end of a relationship. In this article, the author offers advice for how to respond in a constructive and professional way when someone says they’re quitting. First, take a moment to digest the news. It’s okay to show you’re surprised or to say something like, “Wow, I wasn’t expecting that.” The last thing you want to do is… → Read More

How to Write a Goodbye Email to Your Colleagues

Leaving a job is hard. Despite the “not-so-good” parts, you likely had good moments as well. How do you gracefully say your goodbyes and exit? A farewell email is not only a way to acknowledge and thank your team before you go, but it is a best practice that most people send around their last day of work. Share what you valued or appreciated most about working at the organization. The goal of… → Read More

Leave the Door Open for Employees to Return to Your Organization

Leaving an organization doesn’t have to be seen as the end of the relationship with a former employee. It’s often a natural evolution of an employee’s career in the context of a larger economy of talent, which could potentially lead them back to your company at some point. The author presents several strategies — inspired by companies that have taken steps to welcome employees back — to… → Read More

How to Respond to an Unreasonable Request

Six strategies to help you set boundaries without burning bridges. → Read More

How to Motivate Your Team When People Keep Quitting

Six strategies for managers. → Read More

Ask These 5 Questions to Decide Your Next Career Move

Taking a step back can help you find the right path forward. → Read More

Returning to the Workforce After Being a Caregiver

Six strategies to help you through the re-entry process. → Read More

How Much Time Can I Take Off Between Jobs?

Six factors to consider when negotiating your start date. → Read More

Breaking Free from a “9 to 5” Culture

Seven strategies to smooth the transition to asynchronous work. → Read More

How to Re-Onboard Employees Who Started Remotely

Six strategies. → Read More

6 Strategies for Leading Through Uncertainty

Start by embracing the discomfort of not knowing. → Read More

When You Lose Your Job — and It’s Your Whole Identity

Six strategies to help you regain your sense of self. → Read More

How to Follow Up With Someone Who’s Not Getting Back to You

You’re probably not being ghosted. → Read More

How to Follow Up With Someone Who’s Not Getting Back to You

You’re probably not being ghosted. → Read More