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Past articles by Jacqueline:

Maddie asked a Facebook group what to make her husband for lunch. The response was vicious.

A woman asked about alternatives to making a sandwich for her husband's lunch. Suddenly we have sandwich feminism with a social media backlash. → Read More

Is a ‘smarter’ baby monitor really the answer to our parenting worries?

Are baby monitors necessary? Baby monitors seem to have become must haves now, but does the thing that is meant to calm your nerves, just exacerbate them? → Read More

A very different kind of beauty story. This one has a happy ending.

This year changes to us military grooming laws meant black women could wear dreadlocks, cornrows and twists and it is literally changing their lives. → Read More

The truth about Saturday morning netball.

These are the netball lessons my three girls and I have learnt from a whole Saturday spent playing netball. We wouldn't have it any other way. → Read More

Julian Cadman was a little boy who looked like love. Now he's dead.

Julian Cadman is seven and he's dead. He was killed on the world famous Las Ramblas in Barcelona. This is a Julian Cadman tribute. → Read More

Anti-aging: Allure Magazine asks, is it time for these words to go?

Allure magazine announced it will no longer use the words "anti aging". But how do we embrace and appreciate getting older? → Read More

Mums everywhere are sharing this story about teens and smartphones with good reason.

New technology has set brand new challenges on how we can best watch out for our kids safety, this is how to protect your kids with smartphones → Read More

'I thought Tony Robbins could change my life, but it didn't work out.'

A man has been following me on Facebook about a Tony Robbins self help book, so I bought one to change my life. Only, it was the wrong one. → Read More

FASHION HACK: The new neutral that’ll make dressing so much easier (and so much more fun).

There are fun fashion neutrals. You don't have to stick to black, navy, white and all those sensible colours. Try leopard and camo print as a neutral. → Read More

This is what happens when someone who loves fashion tries not to buy it for a year.

Money is tight, the environment is being destroyed, marketers are ruling the earth so this writer asked what would happen not buying clothes for a year. → Read More

“I’m so over the vagina.”

Contouring, highlighting, tightening, labiaplasty, vagina cosmetic surgery... is anyone else sick of the vagina? Why is it so needy? → Read More

“What I learned watching The Handmaid’s Tale with my teen daughter.”

Jacqueline Lunn discusses watching the Handmaids Tale with teens and how the show can spark important discussions at home. → Read More

‘My tween woke me up to hand over a list. It made my heart expand and shake.’

Jackie Lunn's 12-year-old daughter wrote a list about the issues close to her heart. It melted Jackie's, reminding her of the wise things kids do. → Read More

When was the last time someone told you they were happy?

Jackie Lunn has noticed everyone in her lives is complaining about being unhappy. When did we all start living life with the glass half empty? → Read More

“When I travelled to Dubai, there was a very important thing I forgot to pack.”

It was the family-friendly holiday Jackie Lunn wasn't expecting. → Read More

Why does nobody want to know the woman at the centre of the Melbourne terrorist attack?

She is a sex worker and she is human like all of us. → Read More

The man who posted this photo is not a monster. He’s something far more frightening.

The Australian man behind the men's Facebook group revenge porn images is not a monster. He's something far more frightening. → Read More

The forgotten middle children of Generation X have something to say.

What is Generation X? According to Jackie Lunn, it's the forgotten generation of people who have it just as hard as millennials and baby boomers. → Read More

Nobody ever wants to talk about ‘mummy rage’, but it’s time we started.

No one likes to talk about mummy rage, but maybe it's time to. Because if we ask why it is happening maybe we can lessen the anger. → Read More

“Eyebrows have officially jumped the shark. There, I’ve said it.”

Eyebrow trend: Eyebrows aren't the first thing you should notice when you look at a person's face. Coloured-in, sculpted brows are stealing the show. → Read More