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Past articles by Frida:

Learning to Haggle Set Me Free

When I moved into a studio apartment last year, the only piece of furniture I brought with me was a bed. I would love to say it was my hardheaded anti-materialism, but it was just easier to move with less stuff. Horoscopes and pithy self-help Instagram accounts always say you should let go of what no longer serves you, but when you’re packing up your entire existence and laying in the dark the… → Read More

Fuck Equinox, Join the YMCA Instead

For anyone who is so upset about SoulCycle and Equinox owner Stephen Ross turning out to be an old friend (horrifying) of President Trump and throwing a fundraiser for his reelection campaign, I have some good news for you. You can just join the YMCA. It’s easy. It’s probably (definitely!) cheaper. It’s probably also more fun, as you don’t have to worrying about how you look on the treadmill… → Read More

Bernie Sanders Will Not Scream and Take Off His Clothes

It’s raining. Have YOU hugged your anti-umbrella friend today? → Read More

How 'Alone' Can the Home Alone Reboot Be?

On a recent earnings call, Disney reportedly confirmed that it is planning to reboot the 1990 home invasion classic, Home Alone, for a “new generation” of viewers. This is clearly a weird idea for multiple reasons, the most obvious being smartphones. Let’s get mad together! → Read More

Candace Bushnell Calls Tinder What It Is: Absolutely Miserable

Candance Bushnell, who catalogues what it was like to start dating again as a divorced 50-something, is now very familiar with the depressing experience of being on dating apps, specifically Tinder. In an interview with Vanity Fair promoting her new book, Is There Still Sex in the City?, Bushnell says: → Read More

Tyrese Gibson Was Right All Along?

A long, long time ago (2017), Tyrese Gibson embarked on what seemed like a mostly one-way feud with his Fast & Furious co-star Dwayne Johnson for daring to star in a spin-off movie with Jason Statham. That movie, Hobbs & Shaw, is here, and it is not doing well—at least in Tyrese’s eyes. → Read More

CGI Stores Misunderstand the Fundamental Joys of Shopping

The next big thing in e-commerce could be entire stores that only exist online—not like Amazon, but websites that resemble physical boutiques that you can navigate using virtual- or augmented-reality technology, according to a new report from the Business of Fashion. → Read More

The Re-Victimization of Gun Violence Survivors on the Border

Among the most chilling details to emerge from the coverage of the deadly mass shooting in El Paso, Texas, were reports that some survivors and families were not seeking out medical assistance because they feared being detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. “Heard rumors that some El Paso victims drove themselves home because they were scared of ICE,” Cynthia R. Lopez, an El Paso-based… → Read More

Emma Watson Launches Free Legal Hotline for Sexual Harassment Questions

Emma Watson has launched a new hotline for women in England and Wales—which is, according to the actress-activist, the first hotline in the area to offer free specialized legal advice for women with questions about workplace harassment. → Read More

We Finally Beat the Soviet Union, Thank God

Today, I’m blasting Haim’s Days Are Gone and eating tacos de aguacate as a snack. How are you? → Read More

Ariana Grande's 'Boyfriend' Will Go Hard at Karaoke

Yas, I suppose: Ariana Grande and Social House, “Boyfriend” - Ah, yes, just what I’ve been waiting for: a song about adult relationships that don’t need a label but maybe sort of do, depending on the time of day and how much coffee you’ve had! Lame jokes aside, Ponytail Princess’s ’60s-meets-’90s hair-styling in the video works for me and the song is a nice ditty that will go hard at karaoke,… → Read More

Does Playboy Know Who Its Readers Are?

Playboy is apparently pivoting to slow journalism, according to a new profile in the New York Times. → Read More

Last Night's Debate Felt a Little Too Similar to Veep for Julia Louis-Dreyfus

I didn’t watch last night’s debate (sue me), but I have seen all seven seasons of the incredible Julia Louis Dreyfus-vehicle Veep, and isn’t that enough? Louis-Dreyfus, apparently, couldn’t watch all of it either—the whole thing felt too close to the show’s depiction of the toxic narcissism and pettiness of Washington, D.C. → Read More

Ashley Olsen's Goth Summer Style Is Inspiring to Me

In the summer, I want nothing more than to forget I reside in a meat sack and whenever possible, escape my corporeal form. This can be accomplished, in my limited experience suffering through sweltering summers in New York (summer is better everywhere else, bye!!!), by wearing very loose-fitting, breathable clothing. Anything mesh or viscose is a blessing. Crop tops and skorts are a godsend. → Read More

I Take Some Small Solace in the Fact That Trump Lives in a Print Version of Twitter

Find joy where you can. Here’s all the shit we couldn’t cover today: Here are some tweets the president was allowed to publish: This has been Barf Bag. → Read More

Megan Rapinoe Is Very Clear About What U.S. Women's Soccer Needs: More Money

Megan Rapinoe isn’t afraid of being mouthy. In an interview with David Marchese for the New York Times Magazine, Rapinoe tries to explain why her saying “I’m not going to the fucking White House” made her into an overnight celebrity. “Rather than being a regular white girl in the 1 percent, I have a totally different perspective on things,” she says, “and it’s the basis for all the activism that… → Read More

Minnie Mouse Is Dead

Russi Taylor, the longtime voice actor best known for bringing the character of Minnie Mouse to life, died of colon cancer on Friday, according to Disney. She was 75. → Read More

Bernie Sanders Also Supports Mommy Cardi, Bitch

Bernie Sanders appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night to talk about Medicare for All, all the weird fan merch with his face on it, and his powerful ally Cardi B. → Read More

Personally I'm Shocked That Antonin Scalia's Son Is a Total Piece of Shit

Eugene Scalia is the son of the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and President Trump’s nominee to head the Department of Labor in the wake of Alex Acosta, who handled the federal case that led to almost no jail time for Jeffrey Epstein. I apologize for that load-bearing sentence but I had to get it out of the way. → Read More

You Have to Name the Problem First

When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez arrived in El Paso, Texas in early July as part of a congressional delegation to visit two border facilities, her name was in the news for a different reason. That same day, ProPublica reported that a secret Facebook group for Border Patrol agents had shared sexually explicit, violent images targeting her. Ocasio-Cortez said she and her colleagues visiting the… → Read More