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Past articles by Michael:

This CPU Exploit-Safe Version of 'Doom' Runs at .00003 FPS

One way to defend against Spectre and Meltdown. → Read More

How Funny Robots Can Help Stall Dementia

What the uncanny valley offers that VR doesn't. → Read More

Energy Neutral Drone Swarms Can Spy on You Without Taking a Break

Researchers imagine a self-sufficient internet of drones. → Read More

Why Machine Learning Needs GPUs

Last summer, I spent a week at a conference dedicated to graphics-processing units—GPUs. It was presented by GPU big name Nvidia, a brand that is largely associated with gaming hardware. At the conference, however, gaming was a sideshow. For that matter, graphics themselves (excluding VR) were a sideshow, despite being in the actual name. In general, this was a machine learning conference, and,… → Read More

The Clever Engineering Behind Intel's Chipocalypse

When computer security collides with computer efficiency. → Read More

AI System Detects ‘Deception’ in Courtroom Videos

Analyzing facial micro-expressions yields almost 90 percent accuracy in detecting lies. → Read More

Should Robots Have Legs? An Investigation

Arguably, for most applications we might imagine, wheels are the way to go. → Read More

New Study Finds That Anti-Vaxxers Are Way Into ‘Purity’ and ‘Liberty’

A look at the moral foundations of an anti-science movement. → Read More

New Study Finds That Most Redditors Don’t Actually Read the Articles They Vote On

And the world makes a little more sense. → Read More

Following a Google Map to Nowhere Is Easy. Getting Out Is Hard

The connected map, the GPS dot, is a different sense of safety than the static map. → Read More

Unselfish People Are More Likely to Wind Up With Depression

New research links elevated responses to unfairness to later appearance of depression markers. → Read More

Physicists Imagine a Supercomputer Based on ‘Magic Dust’

If it scales, the polariton-based computer could leave everything else in the ... dust. → Read More

New System Knows How Hard You’re Thinking Based on Thermal Imaging

No privacy implications here. Move along. → Read More

New Supernova Analysis Questions Dark Energy, Cosmic Acceleration

Timescape cosmology offers a way around one of the universe's best mysteries. → Read More

Coders In Wealthy and Developing Countries Lean on Different Programming Languages

But does it matter? → Read More

'No-Reply' Email Addresses Are a Plague

"If you’re allowed to send me an email, I’m allowed to send you an email." → Read More

Mystery Gravitational Lens Hints at Possible Primordial Black Holes, Dark Matter

At the very least, the new discovery offers a novel way of magnifying the distant cosmos. → Read More

Asciidots Is the Coolest-Looking Programming Language

Beats Java, at least. → Read More

Google Wants to Keep 'localhost' Local

A quirk in IETF standards potentially leaves private IP addresses exposed. → Read More

SMALT Is an Alexa-Integrated Smart Salt Shaker Because of Reasons

AKA what happens when all of the ideas are gone. → Read More