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Past articles by Michael:

The time for incrementalism in Ukraine is over. Send in the tanks.

The Goldilocks approach to weapons transfers has worked. Now it's time to send the tanks. → Read More

Is Pelosi's visit to Taiwan a risk? Yes, but she can deliver strong messages to China.

Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan may raise tensions with China. But it also could be an opportunity for her to deliver clear messages about U.S. policy. → Read More

Everyone’s talking about the endgame in Ukraine. Here’s how it might look.

The West shouldn't dictate terms, but it ought to be contributing ideas. → Read More

Saying Ukraine won’t be in NATO anytime soon isn’t a concession. It’s reality.

Taking NATO membership off the table, for now, could end the current crisis — and lead to peace in the separatist regions of Ukraine. → Read More

A Preliminary Verdict on Afghanistan Strategy

The key challenge was in trying to help rescue an Afghan society and political system that was badly broken, in the face of an insurgency that was supported by a neighboring country. → Read More

America Failed Its Way to Counterterrorism Success

For 20 years, Washington has struggled to reduce global terrorism. Yet, the U.S. has achieved its objective: preventing attacks on the homeland. → Read More

How to Avert A Disaster in Afghanistan

There is another possible future for Afghanistan, and while not pretty, it is strategically far preferable for the United States: a military stalemate, in which the Taliban holds some of the country and the government while friendly militias hold another big chunk. → Read More

Ukraine wants to join NATO. Letting it in would just provoke Russia.

Admitting a former member of the U.S.S.R. is a bridge too far. It would also dilute the alliance. → Read More

The U.S. has very little to gain by overdemonizing China

The attacks against China in American foreign policy are trending toward dangerous groupthink. → Read More

Why staying in Afghanistan is the least bad choice for Biden

The administration should make the hard choice to keep troops there — because the alternative is even worse. → Read More

Start preparing National Guard personnel to backfill police forces — now

It might be the most prudent thing we can do to reduce the risk of deteriorating social stability and security. → Read More

The next president needs a clear plan for Afghanistan: 5,000 troops for five years

Should we stay or should we go? That's the question every 2020 candidate is asking themselves about Afghanistan. Moderation is the key. → Read More

Qassem Soleimani and Beyond

What's done is done. The United States needs to set priorities for what comes next. → Read More

What the Washington Post Gets Wrong About the United States and Afghanistan

The Post's claim that successive administrations deliberately lied to the American people goes too far. → Read More

President Trump's instincts on Ukraine have been bad, but he's right about one thing

U.S. policy for years has been to add key adversaries of Russia to NATO and the Western political stage. But is that wise? → Read More

Can America Still Protect Its Allies?

Trump or no Trump, the United States’ contemporary security problems cannot be solved by traditional military deterrence alone. The United States must begin rethinking its deterrence policy in order to reduce the risk of inadvertent great-power war. → Read More

Mattis won't attack Trump in book 'Call Sign Chaos,' but you might want to go easy on him

Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis did a lot to temper the president. Attacking him in this instance may not be the right move. → Read More

Is the Afghanistan Deal a Good One?

It could work, if U.S. troops don't leave too soon. → Read More

Donald Trump might have found the art of a deal with North Korea

Trump administration has a new idea on how to negotiate with Kim Jong Un. → Read More

The Space Force is a misguided idea. Congress should turn it down.

Yes, there’s lots of military work to do in space. But a Space Force isn’t the way to do it. → Read More