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Recent articles by Taryn:

A Simple Daily Habit That Anyone Can Adopt to Keep Their Home More Organized, Around the Clock

Set up a welcome zone—we call it a landing strip—near the front door (or garage door, or wherever you most often enter your space). You can compile this together from pieces and things you already own. Raid the kitchen for a bowl, for example, or borrow decorative items from other rooms. → Read More

Follow These 10 Steps For a Cleaner Bedroom This Weekend

Give your bedroom a thorough cleaning. What constitutes a “thorough” cleaning will be different depending on the amount of clutter in your bedroom and your standards of cleanliness, but here’s what I would try and do in my space. → Read More

Decluttering Is Hard—But There’s One 2-Minute Way to Make it Easier

Your outbox is like a decluttering purgatory. Throughout the Cure, as you declutter different areas of your space, you can put things you’re getting rid of, or just thinking about getting rid of, into the outbox. → Read More

The First Thing You Should Do Before You Take on Any New Home Projects

Before you get too far into the year, or into the Cure, you're going to take an hour to craft a roadmap for your home. Grab a pen and paper or your notes app and make a list of the home projects you want to complete in 2021. → Read More

Want to Get Your Home Clean and Uncluttered? The January Cure Starts Today—Sign Up Now!

The first assignment of the January Cure is to declutter a drawer, but if you're new to the Cure, let me tell you a bit more: Apartment Therapy's January Cure is part-decluttering, part-cleaning, part-decorating, and all about loving your home. → Read More

Sign Up for the January Cure and Enjoy a Cleaner, Happier Home for 2021!

The January Cure is a (free!) 20-day program all about loving on your home and preparing yourself and your space for the new year. All you have to do is sign up with your email and we’ll send daily assignments straight to your inbox each morning. → Read More

We’re Wrapping Up the Holiday Cure With One Simple Thing You Can Do Anywhere

Find a quiet, comfortable place and sit by yourself without distractions. Once you're there, spend a few moments thinking about what you're thankful for in your life. → Read More

One Thing You Have to Do for the Holidays Every Year, So Might As Well Get it Done Today

If you are like me, let's resolve to get it together a little sooner than "the night before" this year. Or if you're more of a BIY (buy it yourself) type, consider this your prompt to buy the gift wrap you'll need for the holiday season. → Read More

One Kitchen Decluttering Task You Might Put Off Too Late This Year

If you audit your kitchen gear today, you'll have the time and space to declutter and clean the supplies you need to finish all your holiday cooking. → Read More

Follow Through on Your Plan to Made Homemade Gifts This Holiday Season

You did the leg work on the first part of this task earlier this week by gathering or ordering the supplies you need. Today is the day to buckle down and get crafty! I promise it'll be fun, and as a bonus, you get to check a couple of giftees off your shopping list. → Read More

One Sure Way to Make Time for The Things You Love About the Holidays

You can do this the old-fashioned way with a notebook and a pen. Or keep a digital note on your phone or laptop. Whatever makes sense. Just find a place to start and maintain a holiday season bucket list. → Read More

One Way to Save Money AND Spread Love This Season (If You Start Right Now)

This year, as part of the Holiday Cure, you're going to make homemade gifts. And to make sure you (and I) stay on track, I broke this task up into two parts. Today, you'll plan what to make, and shop for what you need. That's it! → Read More

The Un-Sexiest (But Most Satisfying) Thing You Can Clean Before Thanksgiving

A spotless oven is going to set you up for all the cooking you need to tackle this holiday season, feeling more confident in the kitchen the whole way. → Read More

Finish This Simple Cleaning Routine Before You Put Up Holiday Decorations This Year

Today, let's make sure the spaces you intend to decorate are clean. It's going to save you from covering yourself and your decorations in dust, and make sure those twinkle lights aren't spotlights for all your dust bunnies. → Read More

There’s One (Free) Thing at The Top of My Wish List This Year—And It’s a Gift I’m Giving Myself

I am issuing a decree that every single person reading this needs to make time for some totally selfish holiday festivities. Here are some ideas for ways to celebrate by yourself, or with your household or family. → Read More

There’s One Year-End Kitchen Cleaning Task You Don’t Want to Put Off Past Today

I asked people what holiday-prep tasks they always try (and maybe sometimes fail) to finish once the holidays get going. And by far the number one answer was cleaning out the fridge and pantry. → Read More

Sign Up for the (Free!) 2020 Holiday Cure and Make the Season Bright—From Home or Anywhere Else

Apartment Therapy's first-ever Holiday Cure includes 20 daily prompts: We'll incorporate stress-free prep, seasonal cleaning reminders, grounding mindfulness exercises, and plenty of excuses to create small festive moments for yourself or the people you live with. → Read More

5 Reasons Your Home is the Best Spot for Your Engagement Photos

I really love when couples have professional engagement photos taken before the wedding. Besides the fact that it gives you photos to include on a save-the-date announcement or wedding website, it’s also just a really great excuse to get some good photos of you and your soon-to-be spouse without the grand wedding garb. Just you and your sweetheart in a snapshot of your life. → Read More

Who Not to Invite To Your Wedding

When it comes to planning nuptials for post-pandemic times, you might be thinking, “The more the merrier!” That is, until you get the bill. After adding up catering, rentals, and favors, you’ll start to see the simplest way to cut your wedding costs is to cut the guest list. And if you’re stuck on where to start snipping, here are a few suggestions of people who you don’t really need to invite… → Read More

Ina Garten’s Been Breaking this Major Dishwasher-Loading Rule for Years

Ina Garten shocked fans on Instagram when she revealed Wustof knives inside her dishwasher. But when it comes to knives being dishwasher-safe, other cookware experts aren't on the same page. → Read More