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Apartment Therapy

Atlanta, GA, United States

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Past articles by Taryn:

6 Easy Renters Fixes for Ugly Ceiling Lights

For many renters, it isn’t the blank walls or the basic carpets, or even the neighbors that can disrupt that feeling of home sweet home. Instead, it’s the lighting. Whether your rental sports flourescent light bars that cast a jarring light, or those much-hated flush mount lights that seem dated and unoriginal, ceiling lights in rental units aren’t exactly envious. But there’s a rental hack for… → Read More

Is Harry Styles Ushering in a New Homebody Era with “Harry’s House”?

Hunkering down at home and still grappling with it two years later: Celebs, they’re just like us!ICYMI on Wednesday, former boy-bander and watermelon enthusiast Harry Styles announced the title of his third album as a solo artist: Harry’s House. The album artwork features Harry standing puzzled in a sparsely decorated living room — turned upside down. → Read More

The Final Step of Your January Home Cure Is the Very Best (and Easiest) One

You’ve worked really hard this month to build a home you can be proud of all year. Even if you didn’t finish every assignment, even if your home isn’t quite where you wanted it to be… you did something, and that should be celebrated.So today, we celebrate! Your final assignment is just to enjoy your home. → Read More

If Your Living Room Feels “Naked” Right Now, It’s Time to Dress it Up

Go through the things that have been in your outbox for a week or more and decide where to send them. → Read More

One Last Thing You Need to Declutter to Kick Off Your Home’s Best Year Yet

We’re nearing the end of January, which means it’s almost the end of the Cure, and you’re about to embark into your home’s best year yet. You’ve spent the month thinking, doing, and cleaning, and I hope you have so many new tools and habits that will help you stay committed to working on your home all year long. → Read More

Try This Inside-and-Out Bathroom Cleanup Routine to Make Your Mornings Better

First, do a quick sweep of the storage areas; then clean up the bathroom surfaces and fixtures. → Read More

Your Home Needs a Clutter Gatekeeper, and Here’s How to Build One

We’re in the final week of the Cure! And I’ve already spent some of this time writing about how messes are just a byproduct of living life. So I hope you’ve taken that lesson to heart and learned that whatever the state of your home — at the start of the Cure, or even now as we begin to wrap things up — it’s just fine the way it is. → Read More

10 Short, Simple Steps to Having a Cleaner Bedroom

You'll do yourself a lot of good to check back in on the bedroom from time to time and get it all cleaned up to enjoy a movie, a book, or just a good night's sleep. → Read More

This Is the Best Habit to Start if You Want a Perpetually Tidier Home

I’ve come to learn that “clean people” don’t exist — everyone makes messes! We all stack dirty dishes in the sink, set mail down on the counter, and toss our dirty clothes off at the end of the day. The thing that makes a so-called “clean person” clean is that they approach those messes with the frame of mind that they can and will handle it when they need to. And then, they do. → Read More

You Can Make Your Sofa Feel Brand New in About 30 Minutes

It doesn't take long to make your sofa feel like new. Wash your throw blankets, remove the cushions and vacuum the sofa, rotate your cushions, and put it all back together. → Read More

Any Home Project Can Be Finished With Baby Steps

Spend some time tonight on your selected Cure project and move it forward, or even complete it, if possible. → Read More

Make Your Bare Walls Disappear with This 20-Minute Exercise

Find something you’d like to display in your home, then take whatever steps you need to get it framed and hung. → Read More

Does Your Kitchen Need “Inside” Help or “Outside” Help? Here’s How to Tell

If your countertop is spotless and you know exactly where your 8-inch cake pan is, congratulations! Your kitchen is basically pristine and you can relax today.As for the rest of us, I’m feeling like all of our kitchens could use a little love today. → Read More

If You Only Clean for Guests, You’re Not Alone — And You Can Totally Trick Yourself Into Cleaning

Planning a get-together is an easy (and fun!) way to keep yourself accountable in the second half of the Cure and to celebrate all your accomplishments! → Read More

You Can “Reset” Your Living Room — Here’s How to Do It

If your living room has become a depository for too many candles, books, and random odds and ends, it's time for a living room reset. Here's how. → Read More

Decluttering Your Closet? Here’s One Thing You Have to Remember

If you’ve ever decluttered your closet before — congratulations! You did it, and now it’s done forever! Right? Right??Actually, no. Chances are, you’ve lived a few more seasons of life, collected some new clothes, outgrown some old ones, and it’s almost time to declutter that closet again.The thing to remember is that “decluttering” isn’t a project that you can check off your list forever. → Read More

Try This Mini-Meditation to Reflect on Your Home (And What It Needs)

Humans are designed to become desensitized to things they see most frequently. So if you’ve been living in your home a long time — especially if things have remained unchanged for a while — you’re going to have to make an effort if you want to experience your home anew.Seeing your home from a fresh perspective is going to shine new light on your everyday experiences. → Read More

This Two-Step Routine Will Make You Feel Great About Your Space Again

For your first Friday clean & treat, you'll be cleaning the floors and treating yourself to flowers. → Read More

This 15-Minute Project Helps You Get Your Home Ready for the Year Ahead

The primary goal of the January Cure isn’t a perfect space — it’s a space that’s freshly renewed to carry you through another year. So while we’ll do plenty of looking ahead, there’s also a fair bit of looking back and clearing out things that could be holding you down — if not physically, then mentally. → Read More

One Box is All You Need to Get Started on Your New, Uncluttered Lifestyle

The first step of a less cluttered lifestyle is setting yourself up with the right tools — and one of the best tools is free. → Read More